part one


Part One  ::
When you start your game, you will be near a town. This town is Cornelia, a castle town. Enter the castle.

Cornelia Castle  ::
Upon entering, head straight forward and take the stairs to the second floor. Head up again and speak with the guard in front of the door. After the conversation he will escort you into the room behind him so that you ma speak with the King. The King will give you your first quest: save his daughter, the Princess. Exit the castle and enter the town.

Cornelia  ::
Make your way to the Weapon shop and buy the best equipment for your party. Afterwards, head next door to the Armor shop and buy the best armor for each character. Exit the Armor shop and head north to find the White and Black Magic shops. Inside you can buy Level One magic spells. Refer to the Magic Lists to decide which spells you would like. After all of this exit the town.

Outside  ::
Once outside it would be well advised to level up your characters using the goods you just purchased. When you feel adequately leveled, head north, past the cave entrance, ad enter the decrepit looking castle.

Chaos Shrine  ::
Check out my maps section to get through this place. When you are done collecting as many items as you can head to the middle room to confront Garland.

After the battle you will automatically talk to the Princess and she will transport you to the castle. After speaking with the King, speak with the Princess before you leave. She will give you a Lute. It is a Key Items that will come into use towards the end of the game. Head out of the Castle to see a scene containing some workers and a bridge. After the scene, exit the castle again and head across the bridge. Use the World Map to make you way to Pravoka. (Notice: If you die often then maybe you should level up some more. Hmm...not a bad idea...almost seems like common sense...but you'd be surprised.)

Pravoka  ::
Usual town business here. Buy weapons and armor. Grab some spells from the magic shops. When this is done, stay the night at the Inn if needed and head to the north-west part of town. Speak with the middle guy you find there to engage in a battle with some Pirates. The battle is simple enough. Each Pirates has a whopping 24!!! health points. Head outside and you will see a ship docked nearby. Use the World Map to find Elfheim and sail there in your new boat.

Elfheim  ::
The items available for purchase in this town are very expensive, especially if you have mages in you party. Be sure that you are fully stocked with all the best equipment before you venture onward. If you need some quick Gil, buy the Thundara spell for your Black Mage and battle on your ship. One casting should eliminates an entire group of foes. Quick and simple.

Marsh Cave  ::
Once you are fully stocked and ready to battle on head over to the Marsh Cave. By looking at the map you can see that the path north leads to treasure if you want, or take the southern path and make your way to the Crown. You must do some battle with a foe called Piscodemon. The number of foes you must battle can be anywhere from one to six. these guys are easy and no explanation is necessary. Once the Crown is in hand, head out of the cave and make your way to the Western Keep.

Western Keep  ::
Make your way over to the throne room and speak with The King. With Crown in hand, The King will identify himself as Astos, a vile, evil, and despicable person...I guess.

Matoya's Cave  ::
After defeating Astos he will give you the Crystal Eye. Head over to Matoya's Cave and speak with her. She will give you a jolt tonic that can be used to jolt someone out of their eternal slumber maybe. Head on over to the Elven Castle to find out.

Elven Castle  ::
Head over to the Sleeping Prince's room and give the tonic to the Healer there. He will use it to awaken the Prince. As a reward, the Prince will give you a mystic key. Before leaving the castle open the locked door here and grab the chest. Head to Cornelia Castle.

Cornelia Castle  ::
Once you arrive at the castle head around the perimeter wall to reached the locked rooms on the first floor. Inside the rooms you will find various treasures along with some nitro powder. Leave the castle. The next destination is Mount Duergar, but since you have a mystic key, a great memory, and balls that clank, you can get the contents of all the locked rooms you past by earlier. Nothing in-depth for this. The location of the rooms are Chaos Shrine, Western Keep, and Marsh Cave Level 3. Now head over to Mount Duergar.

Mount Duergar  ::
Collect the many chests lying around this mountain, then head all the way south and give your nitro powder to the dwarf standing there. He will use it to blow a rock loose. After the explosion though, the wall looks the same. What a jip. Head outside to find that a chunk of land is missing. Sail through and on to Melmond.

Melmond  ::
Melmond is a town long lost. Speak to the various townsfolk and purchase the regular necessities. The only thing you do not need to purchase before continuing is the Knight's Armor as it is very expensive. You can come back for that. After you have finished up here, Head over to the Cavern of the Earth.

Cavern of the Earth  ::
Reference my map for this area to find the treasures and your way through. Eventually you will reach the Vampire on basement floor three. After defeating him, grab the Star Ruby from the chest and exit the cave. Once you finally get outside, head over to the Giant's Cave. Feed the Giant the Star Ruby and he will let you pass. Head down and grab the four chests in the room there then exit the Giant's Cave and head over to the Sage Cave.

Sage Cave  ::
Speak with the Sage Sadda and he will give you the Earth Rod. Exit his cave and head back through the Giant's Cave to the Cavern of the Earth.

Cavern of the Earth  ::
Head back down to where the Vampire was dwelling and go through the door in the back of the room. Head over to the stone slate on the ground and use the Earth Rod to remove the slate, revealing a set of stairs. Continue on deeper into the earth. On floor five you will find Lich. He is your first main boss. Save and heal...then fight!

After the fight, make your way back to the surface by taking the portal behind the crystal and make your way across the ocean to the town of Crescent Lake.

Crescent Lake  ::
Grab the usual necessities from the shops around town, then head over to the Circle of Sages. Speak with the Sages to learn about the Fire Crystal. Also, one of the Sages will give you a Canoe. With Canoe in hand head out of town and over to the Cavern of Ice.

Cavern of Ice  ::
Referencing my maps, make you way to the second part of B2. Enter the room there and grab the chests. Now, step on any of the cracks to fall through to the second part of B3. Make your way across the ice spikes to grab the treasure and eventually take the stairs to reach the other side of B1.Grab the chests in this room and step on the single crack in the large room to fall back to B3. Grab the Levistone by defeating the Eye who blocks it. Now, make your way out of the cavern and head through the winding rivers to the desert south of Crescent Lake. Upon entering the desert, an airship will rise from the sands. You are now able to use the airship, a quick and safe way to travel. You first destination is the Citadel of Trials.

Citadel of Trials ::
Once inside, speak with the old man directly north of you. After the conversation is over and he has disappeared, head into the only room and sit on the chair you see. Make your way through the rest of the Trials (not too difficult). Be sure to grab the Rat's Tail form the last chest before you sit on the throne. The throne takes you back to the first floor. Exit the Citadel. Head over to the Dragon Isle. Find the island with two holes on it and is also covered with trees. Land on this island and enter the easternmost hole.

Dragon Caves  ::
Make your way to Bahamut, the Dragon King on the second floor and show him the Rat's Tail. In exchange for that he will permanently change the class of all your party members. Head out of the cave. You can explore the rest of the caves for treasure if you want. After you are finished exploring, head back to all the earlier towns to stock u on magic for your new classes, then head over to Mount Gulg.

Mount Gulg  ::
In here is lots of magma covering most of the flooring. It will injure your party with each step but only for 1 health point. Make your way to Marilith, and fight her for the Fire Crystal.

After the fall of Marilith, take the transporter to reach the surface.  Heal in town if needed then head over to the (hidden) Caravan.

Caravan  ::
Enter the tent and speak with the man there. He will sell you a Bottled Faerie for 40000 Gil. Buy it and leave. Fly over to Gaia on your airship.

Gaia  ::
As soon as you enter town the bottled faerie will escape and fly away. Wander the town and buy some goods with the Gil you have left. Then head over to the pond at the north end of town. Speak with the escaped faerie there. She will grab something from the bottom of the pond and give it to you. Turns out it is some Oxyale. Oxyale isn't a combination of two excellent colleges, instead it is a mysterious form of water that produces air, allowing you to breathe underwater. Great, now leave town. Head back over to the previous continent and enter the Waterfall Cavern.

Waterfall Cavern  ::
Making your way through this cavern could prove to be quite difficult if you do not use my map. Make your way to the only room here and speak with the robot inside. He will give you the Warp Cube. Grab the chests here and make your way back outside. Now head over to Onrac.

Onrac ::
No weapon shop or armor shop in this town. Buy any magics that you desire and head over to the submarine. Take it down to the Sunken Shrine.

Sunken Shrine  ::
You start out on floor three. Head over to the stairs going up to reach the fourth floor. Collect all the treasures on this floor and head over to the stairs to reach the fifth floor. This floor is free of monsters but is occupied by a few mermaids. Grab the contents of the various chests and head back done to the third floor. From here you will be doing a lot of up and down running between the same floors. View my map to make it through to the first floor. This floor is where Kraken is camping at. Make you way over to him, save and heal, the fight. After you defeat him, head back to the surface via the transporter. Head back to town if you need anything, if not, just head to Melmond.

Melmond  ::
Head over to Unne and show him your Rosetta Stone. He will teach you the language of the Lufein. I bet you can't guess your next destination.

Lufenia  ::
In this town you can by the best? magic in the game. The other thing to do here is to obtain the chime from the local townsfolk. With the Chime in hand, leave Lufenia and head over to the Miraage Tower.

Mirage Tower  ::
On the first floor is several items. Grab them all and head up to the second floor. This floor is just a giant circle made to make you battle hordes of foes before you reach the stairs to the third floor. When you do, head up to the third floor. This floor is small. Head into the room to fight a Blue Dragon. Not hard. If you have the Warp Cube, stepping on the portal will make you appear in the Flying Fortress.

Flying Fortress  ::
Grab all the chests on this floor and then take the portal to the north to reach the second floor. On the second floor is even more great items plus the Key Item Adamantite. If you want, you can take this to the dwarves in Mount Duergar and they will make the Excalibur for you. Continue on to the third floor. Grab the treasure here and take a look out the window in the center of the floor. Quite interesting. Let's log this into memory for later. Head to the fourth floor. This floor tries to be a maze but fails. Head to the fifth floor. The mighty Tiamat dwells on this floor. Fight him to the death to obtain your final crystal. Step on the portal to return outside. Head back over to the Chaos Shrine.

Chaos Shrine  ::
When you enter head north and touch the Black Crystal there. When it disappears, step where it used to be to travel back in time. When you appear make your way to the third floor. Head to the room here and play the Lute in front of the stone tablet that is blocking your way. Head down the newly revealed passage. Make your way to floor one and, eventually, to basement floor one. Lich is on this floor, only he is more powerful so be careful. When he is dead take the stairs to B2. Marilith block the stairs on this floor. She is also more powerful. After defeating her, take the stairs to B3. This floor houses Kraken, the steroid version. After defeating him take the stair to B4. B4 hides super Tiamat, but also contains the incredible Masamune blade. Great for any class. Head to B5 for some real fun. This floor is filled with pillars that, if you haven't looked at my map and figured it out yet, form a pentagram. Very satanic indeed. Anyway, head to the middle room to challenge the ultimate of ultmates, Chaos.

After the credits role you can save your game data. If you choose to do this, you can load the saved data to start a new game with your Bestiary data intact. This is the only way to get a 100% completed Bestiary, with Chaos of course.