Naroom & Weave

 Upon starting the game, you will begin in this room. The right door will be lit if you have a saved game. In any case, enter the left door to start a new game. Watch the intro. Note about reading conversations: Do not repeatedly mash the A button to advance the text. Holding the button will suffice if you read that fast. If you don't read that fast, you shouldn't run into many problems anyway.

 You will eventually enter this screen. Run through the cave; the passage isn't that hard to navigate. Try to learn the path through, as it will be important in a moment.

 This is your immediate goal. Examine the crystal (with A) to pick it up. Doing so will start an event, and give you a reason to learn the path. You will fall in no matter what, but how for you get affects something later on, so try your hardest.

 A long, humorous scene ensues. Eventually, you will be told to follow someone. Don't worry, he's supposed to walk off and leave you behind. If you get off course, you will be told so. When you make it to this screen, go toward the clearing.

 Another scene follows. Make your way up the stairs and to the top right of the third screen. Up these stairs is your destination. Enter the house at the very top.

 Eventually, you will be told to explore the town. On your way out, nab the chest for an Archaic Leaf. Exit Orwin's house and go down the stairs until you enter the town proper again.

 Go into this house at the top right of the screen and take the Baloo Leaf from the Chest in the back. Examine some of the objects here for some funny comments.

 Go up the stairs on the left side of the screen and enter the first house. Rob the chest of its Remedy Drink, then talk to the person in the back. Go back into the main area and into the right house in the back. There's a chest here with a Baloo Leaf. The left house has another person you'd like to meet.

 Back in the main area, go down the stairs into the lower area. Here take the left path and enter the second door. you can talk to the person here to save your game. In the back, raid the chest for a Baloo Leaf. Exit the inn and go right to the lower area. Go right again and enter the first door here. The chest in the top right holds a Baloo Leaf.

 Exit the house and enter the second door. Talk to the person behind the counter and answer 'Yes" when prompted to learn about Animite and Ringsmiths. The conversation contines, and Tony will receive a Furok. Depending on how far you got in the cavern, the level of your Furok my vary. The closer to the entrance you got, the higher the level of the Furok, up to Level 5. You will also receive 50 Animite.

 Exit the Ringsmith, then go left, up, and left. Enter the second door this time. Examine the fireplace here to receive a Remedy Drink. Behind the person here, examine the bottom-facing counter and hold B as you walk up to jump over the stool. The chest here contains a Baloo Leaf. Talk to the person here to meet the Historian in all his glory. Well, maybe not.

 Go back to the Inn (out, right, down, left, second door) and talk to Poad. Go back to the Historian's (out, right, up, left, second door) and talk to Evu again. When the screen says "They're mine! Okay, share" arrow down to the second choice. You will receive the spell Leaf Cut.

 Exit the Historian's, then go to the shop by going to the lower area, going left, then going in the first door. There's a trick you can use to max out your money with no effort. I actually suggest it, as you won't get much otherwise. Talk to the person behind the counter and buy as many Strength Gems you can. Then, sell them back. They sell back for more than you buy them for, thus giving you an unlimited source, as long as you have a shop nearby. Once you finish, try to exit town by going down from the lower area.

 A scene will ensue. You will receive an Eldritch Awl, one of the most helpful items in the game. It will teleport you to the place you last saved, or to the entrance of a dungeon. Answer 'No' when prompted to meet Yaki, the trainer. Talk to him to learn about the battle system of Magi-Nation. Talk to the person pacing to start a training match. This is a good way to act on whatever Yaki tells you. When you've had enough, try to leave, or talk to Eidon again. Another scene follows.

 Go back to the shore area (the place where you "dropped in") and at the last screen go up. These chests contain a Rune of Might and a Bark Thimble. You can get in a few battles in the previous screen. Try to get at least three pieces of Leaf Chogo animite. At the same time, try to get at least one piece of Furok animite. This will take a while, but it is well worth it. If you get sick of it, you don't have to. A note about battles: When it shows the animation of one Creature attacking the other one, it can be paused with the Start button, or skipped with the B button. This will help quicken battles.

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