Status and Status Effects

This section is for those who were confused by the names of some status categories and don't have the instruction manual(like me when I first played the game), or maybe someone new to RPGs. Enjoy.

Status Explanation

HP--Life measured in numbers. If a character's HP reaches 0, then they faint.

LP--Somewhat like HP, only a tad more important; If your character faints OR gets hit while they're fainted, they will lose a Life point. If they are hit by a combo attack while fainted, they will lose LP equal to the level of the combo. If a character loses all their LP, then they will not be able to fight anymore until you rest at an Inn. If your main character's LP reaches 0, then it's "Game Over" for you.

WP--Points for non-magic abilities. If you use a non-magic ability(Like Thrust, Backfist, Sharpshot, Etc.),then it will consume WP. If you don't have sufficient WP, then you can't use the ability.

JP--Points for Magic abilities only. The same rules apply as the rules for WP.

Strength--Your power with physical attacks. Higher strength means stonger physical attacks(Swords and firsts).

Quickness--Agility. The higher quickness is, the faster the character will carry out their command. Higher quickness also raises the character's chance at evading attacks.

Intelligence--The most important stat, Intelligence affects your ability to learn new Techs(Higher=Easier), and it raises strength with Magic and Gun attacks.

Will--Affects Weapon accuracy(Swords and Guns ONLY) and it also affects how strong ALL Techs are(Kinda confusing, eh?)

Psychic--Affects your resistance to status effects. Higher Psychic also means Higher recovery from status effects.

Vitality--Higher vitality means higher resistance to sleep. It also raises defense.

Charm--Affects resistance to Charm, status recovery from Charm, and success rate of your Charm attacks(If you have/use any).

Defense--Reduces damage from attacks. It varies from what armors your character has equipped.

Now for the status ailments...

Sleep--Puts your character to sleep. Th will not get a turn until they are woken up(This will happen after getting hit by a physical attack, or after a few turns).

Angry--The equivalent of Berserk; your character just attacks random enemies, or sometimes does not attack at all. Characters in an "Angry" state cannot be effected by "Mess" or "Charm" attacks. "Angry" secedes over time.

Mess--There are 3 different types of "Mess", and they all affect your character slightly differently. Blue: Your character might not perform their action. Yellow/Orange: You cannot choose who your character attacks, and they might not perform the action. Red: You have no control over the character. They might attack a party member, or perhaps, not do anything at all. Mess goes away with time.

Charm--Your character attacks allies with all different types of attacks. People that are Charmed cannot be affected by Angry or Mess attacks.

Blind--Lowers accuracy with non-magic attacks (and some Techs).

Stone--Your character cannot move until you use an item on them the cures "Stone".

Venom--The equivalent of Poison. The character's HP goes down a bit each turn.