Name WP cost Effects/Side notes Type
Stun Slash 0 Causes Stun Sword
Double Slash 1 Sword
Hard Slash 2 Sword
Swallow Swing 2 Sword
Thrust 2 Sword
Heaven/Hell 3 Causes Stun Sword
Smash 3 Sword
Wheel Slash 4 Sword
Willow Branch 4 Sword
Bear Crush 5 Sword
Gale Slash 5 Sword
HeadWind 5 Sword
Dead End 6 Causes Faint Sword
No Moment 7 Sword
Rising Nova 7 Sword
Still Stream 7 Sword
Triple Thrust 7 Sword
Turbid Current 7 Sword
Rosario Impale 8 Extra Damage To Undead Sword
Haze-to-Wheel 9 Sword
Life Sprinkler 10 Sword
Cross Slash 2 2x Swords
2Gale Slash 5 2x Swords
Moonlight Cut 4 Swordtech(Katana)
Shadow Counter 4 Swordtech(Katana)
Blizzard 6 Swordtech(Katana)
Tres Flores 9 Swordtech(Katana)
Deflect 1 Sword Counter-attack
Kasumi 4 Sword Counter-attack
Godless 5 Command-counter Sword Counter-attack
Cross Deflect 1 Command-counter 2x Sword Counter-attack
Kick 0 Fists
Air Throw 1 Causes Stun Fists
Chop 1 Fists
Backfist 2 Causes Stun Fists
Rolling Cradle 2 Causes Stun Fists
Sliding 2 Ineffective Against Flying Monsters, Causes Stun Fists
Fist 3 Fists
Rotation Kick 3 Fists
Crush Beat 4 Fists
Scuffle 4 Fists
Suplex 4 Causes Stun Fists
Babel Crumble 5 Causes Stun Fists
Locomotion G 5 Fists
Ogre Run 5 Fists
Giant Swing 6 Causes Faint Fists
Gold Hand 6 Fists
Triangle Kick 7 Fists
Corkscrew 9 Fists
LastShot 9 Causes Faint Fists
Sky Twister 10 Fists
DSC 18 Acquired Automatically By Equipping Sliding, Suplex, Babel Crumble, and Giant Swing Fists
Sway Back 1 Fists Counter-attack
KO Throw 2 Punch Attacks Only Fists Counter-attack
Dragon Turn 3 Kick Attacks Only Fists Counter-attack
Stun Shot 1 Causes Stun To All Enemies Guns
Sharp Shot 2 Guns
Trick Shot 2 Guns
Focus Shot 4 Guns
Total Shot 4 Guns
Bound Shot 5 Guns
Cross Shot 5 Effective Against Undead Guns
Reaction Shot 3 Command Counter-attack Guns Counter-attack
Quick Draw Enables First Attack Guns Miscellaneous
Two Guns 0 Doubles Damage With Two Guns Guns Miscellaneous
Dodge Deathgrip 0 Dodge Tech
Dodge Drain 0 Dodge Tech
Dodge Flash 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Gale 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Gaze 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Needle 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Net 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Powder DodgeTech
Dodge Rock 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Seduction 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Smash 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Tackle 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Tail 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Thunder 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Touch 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Tremor 0 DodgeTech
Dodge Wing 0 DodgeTech

Please tell me which ones I forgot, if there are any. I am also trying to get a complete tech list of Mec and Monster abilities, as well as abilities absorbed from Mystic Weapons. I want to try and have at least 20 to list for each category before I put up a list for any of them. So if you've got me some info (I also want the monster it was absorbed from),Then tell me,ok? Thanks.