Chams and Cupil Evolution

Chams are required to evolve Cupil into more powerful weapons. To find Chams, you need a VMU that has sound and/or rumble capabilities. The closer you get to a hidden Cham, the more frequent the beeps will become on a VMU with sound. Just go around pressing A, and you'll eventually find the Cham. There are three types of Chams. There's the regular Cham which slowly evolves Cupil. There's the Abirik Cham that automatically evolves Cupil to the next form. Then there's Choms. Choms make Cupil regurgitate all of his Chams and Abirik Chams. They are there so you can experiment with different Cupil forms.

Cham Locations

1. It's near the underground crane on Pirate Isle.
2. It's on the third level of Shrine Island.
3. It's at the top of the lighthouse on Sailors' Island.
4. It's on the balcony of the inn in Maramba.
5. It's in the center of the second hall with the falling boulder in the Tymple of Prynn.
6. It's in the very first area of Horteka.
7. It's near the silver pot in the King's Hideout.
8. It's in the left path of the very first fork in Moon Stone Mountain.
9. In the first room that you can see the below levels in Moon Stone Mountain, take the left path then circle around and search behind the center square.
10. It's to the left of the left statue in the Rixis Entrance.
11. It's at the top of the broken stairs in the area with the floating platforms in Rixis.
12. Defeat Gordo in the North Ocean.
13. You get when you get your paycheck in Nasrad.
14. It's near the Aika and Fina entrance.
15. It's in the room with many bridges in the Aika path in Daccat's Island.
16. It's on the deck of the Delphinus.
17. It's near the fountain in the ruined Nasrad.
18. It's near the barrels in Gordo's Bistro. Gordo's Bistro is in North Ocean.
19. It's in the area below the ladder in the main part of Esperanza.
20. It's near the Tub Boat dock, waterfall, and arguing girls in Yafutoma.
21. After the drop in the room with 4 passages, take the path to the fork. It's barelly off to the side in one of the paths.
22. It's on the circular platform after the platform with the roof on Exile Island.
23. It's behind the building with the big cannon in it on Crescent Isle.
24. It's near the flagpole on Crescent Isle.
25. It's at the entrance to the Ruins of Ice.
26. It's past an intersection after the final save point in Glacia.
27. It's near one of the machines on Ilchymis's Island.
28. It's on Hamachou Island near the partying Hamachou. Hamachou is one of the Downloads.
29. It's near the exit in the circular maze area in Soltis.
30. It's in Soltis Tower. Just follow the path to the transporter until you reach the Cham.

Abirik Cham Locations

1. Find the fisherman that flies near southern Ixa'taka near the Sky Rift. Talk to him and give him 10 Sky Sardis. If you can't find him at first, you may need to get alonf further in the story. The Sky Sardis can be found near Pirat's Island.
2. Speak with the old man that you escorted earlier in the Weapons Shop in Nasrad. I suggest doing this before Nasrad gets destroyed.
3. This one takes a while to get. Go to the Secrets page to find out how to get it.

Cupil Evolution

Cupil Name Attack Hit Chams Needed Notes
Cupil 58 120 0 Chams, 0 Abirik None
Cupil Blade 67 115 2 Chams, 0 Abirik Can Silence enemies.
Cupicone 73 120 4 Chams, 0 Abirik None
Cupil Cannon 86 105 2 Chams, 1 Abirik Feed Cupil an Abirik Cham while he is in the Cupil Blade form.
Cupil Sword 90 115 8 Chams, 0 Abirik None
Cupil Club 99 110 8 Chams, 1 Abirik Get the Cupil Cannon then feed Cupil 6 Chams.
Cupil Star 103 120 12 Chams, 0 Abirik None
Cupil Lance 110 120 12 Chams, 1 Abirik Get the Cupil Club then feed Cupil 4 Chams.
Cupil Hammer 122 110 8 Chams, 2 Abirik Feed Cupil an Abirik Cham while Cupil is in the Cupil Club form.
Cupil Cutlass 127 115 16 Chams, 0 Abirik Can Silence enemies.
Cupil Spike 141 105 16 Chams, 1 Abirik Feed Cupil an Abirik Cham while he is in the Cupil Star form or feed him 8 Chams once he is in the Cupil Lance form.
Cupil Pan 145 110 12 Chams, 2 Abirik Feed Cupil an Abirik Cham while he's in the Cupil Lance form.
Cupil Spear 147 120 20 Chams, 0 Abirik None
Cupil Claymore 157 115 24 Chams, 0 Abirik Can Confuse enemies.
Cupil Weight 172 105 24 Chams, 2 Abirik Get the Cupil Pan then feed Cupil 12 Chams. Gives a 15% Dodge increase.
Final Cupil 500 100 30 Chams, 3 Abirik Just feed Cupil 30 Chams and 3 Abirik Chams.


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