Downloads are not essential to finish Skies of Arcadia, but they do give it an extra flair. To get the Downloads, put in the first disk then choose to go to the homepage. Before you go online to get the downloads, you need to set up an account. To do this, you need to insert your Web Disk that came with your Dreamcast. It explains itself, so I'm not going to go into any detail.

1. This Download adds an additional Ship Battle. You get to battle a Giant Looper at the coordinates 3,9 which is just North of the Looper's Nest Discovery. I'm not sure if it's neccessary, but I suggest that you defeat the Giant Looper all on one turn or he'll run away. If he runs away, you can't battle him again unless you have a save before you engaged in battle. After you win, you get another Captain's Stripe.

2. This Download adds Hamachou Island which is found above the Clouds over the Dark Rift. On it, you'll find the 30th Cham along with a bunch of Hamachous and a man dressed as a Hamachou that will rate your performance so far into the game. He'll tell you the number of battles you've fought, enemies defeated, times each character's been knocked out, the number of times you've run away, percentage of treasure found, number of fish caught, and the total value of the fish.

3. This Download adds two additional Weapons found in Maramba. You need to talk to the Mystery Merchant who is found in the building with the Sailor's Guild. If at first you don't see him, just exit the area then come back until you find him. The two Weapons you can buy are the Tuna Cutlass and the Swirlmerang. For their stats, go to the Weapons page.


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