Elcian is the Black Looper. He appears in the Dark Rift near the Save Point in the room where you fought Anguila but not until Galcian has been defeated. He is a tough fight, even tougher than the final boss. You should change your Weapons so they have a Green attribute. When fighting him, always cast Delta Shield. If you have Gilder, have him cast Aura of Denial. Enrique should cast Justice Shield. Drachma should use Spirit Charage. Fina should guard. Vyse is the only character that should attack, but only Cutlass Fury or Pirate's Wrath. He may be a looper, but he is one tough fight. His Pyri can do around 2000 damage if you don't use Delta Shield. When he does physical attacks, he can possibly fatigue one of your members so they don't gather Spirit Points. He can also cast Slipara. The fight is tough, but the more you fight him, the easier he becomes. One of the best things about Elcian is that you can repeatedly fight him. You just need to leave the Dark Rift then come back in. He also gives good stuff when defeated. He gives 7500 Experience, 20 Magic Experience, 15,000 Gold, and possibly four items: a Moonberry, a Dexus Seed, a Valuan Medallion, or a Black Map.

Funny Banter

Put either Skies of Arcadia Disk in a CD player and you can hear a few of the Skies of Arcadia Characters talk about the Disk being made for the Dreamcast only.

Hidden Scene

This is a funny scene that occurs early on in the game. After arriving at Pirate Isle for the very first time, Aika leaves to freshen up. When this happens, go to her house near the back of the village. On the left side, there is a washcloth. Go up to it and press A. A humorous scene will then happen.

Kabal Quest

After returning from Yafutoma, head to Esperanza and speak with the female barkeeper. You'll then go on a few trips back and forth from Esperanza to Maramamba and Maramba to Esperanza. Finally, you will be asked to find three ingredients: Gentum, Khale, and Kabal. Kabal can be gotten after talking with Gordo at Gordo's Bistro. Gentum is got by talking to the Item Shop Merchant in Nasrad. Khale is found when you discover the Spice Island Discovery. After a few more trips back and forth, you will receive a Abirik Cham as your prize. I suggest doing this quest once you can fly above the Clouds.

Optional Ship Battles

There are three optional Ship Battles with giant beasts besides the Giant Looper one. Each of them are basically freebie battles. There's a Giant Squid near the Giant Squid Nest Discovery at 11,1. There's a giant spider to fight in the Lands of Ice. Above Ixa'taka there's a giant bird called the Roc that you can fight.

Skies of Arcadia Wallpaper

Put either SoA Disk into your computer, and click on the CD drive. You can find a Skies of Arcadia Wallpaper on it.

Vorlik Blade

The Vorlik Blade requires many things to be got. First, you must have Ryu-Kan in your Crew. Second, you must have upgraded Ryu-Kan's Forge on Crescent Isle. Thirdly, you must have both pieces of Velorium found in Deep Sky where you found Fina's Ship. One piece is found in the second column on the very left in the third square either counting up or down. The second piece is found in the right most column and three down. After finding the Velorium pieces, head to Crescent Isle and have Ryu-Kan forge you a new blade. You may have to go defeat Galcian before Ryu-Kan finishes the Vorlik Blade. Once done, it is the best Weapon in the game except for Final Cupil. It boasts an Attack of 200 and a Hit Rate of 200.


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