Swashbuckler Rating

You Swashbuckler Rating determines what some people say to you and if they respect you. It is even neccessary to have a high Rating to get some Crew Members to join. Throughout Skies of Arcadia, you will be given choices to make. If you choose correctly, your Rating goes up. If you choose incorrectly, your rating may go down or stay the same. Given those choices, it is best to always make the choice that is courageous yet not foolhardy. Before a choice is made, sometimes the characters will talk about it. It is best to go with what they agree on. Never choose an "I don't know" option. Always think of your friends and crew. When you face an unstoppable foe like Ramirez or Rhaknam, it is best to surrender or run away. To put it simply, choose the option that will make people respect you unless it means certain death. Running away from battles also decreases your Ranking, but conversely, fighting increases it. The order in which your Ranking progresses is:
Vyse the Unimpressive
Vyse the Blue Rogue
Vyse the Competent
Vyse the Determined
Vyse the Respected
Vyse the Admirable
Vyse the Bold
Vyse the Valiant
Vyse the Daring
Vyse the Dashing
Vyse the Fearless
Vyse the Hero
Vyse, King of Rogues
Vyse the Legend


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