Tips & Secrets

Your bombs don't damage you in this game like other Zelda games. So feel free to use them in tight spaces without worrying about blowing yourself up.

Unlike the original Legend of Zelda, Pols Voices are immune to Arrows. However, playing the Ocarina will instantly kill them.

If you ever notice a rock or bush or on an island (like screens B-4 and D-5), boomerang it to reveal a Fairy. This also works on the tombstone on screen E-3.

Take adventage of the Clock. Get the second of a pair of Triforce pieces when you have infinite bombs to carry that over, for example.

Since you'll be playing this game on an emulator, it's really easy to take advantage of the Money Making game. Just save before you make your choice, and if you lose money, reload and try again.

You don't need all 8 Triforce Pieces to face Ganon, just 6. You still need to wait until :45 is on the clock and you still need the Silver Arrows from Dungeon 8, though.

Don't bother looking for the Master Key. It's not in this game. Neither is the Gleeok or Lanmola.

This game tends to give you more Rupees than the original, especially toward the end of the game. Also, you no longer are limited to just 255 Rupees. Use all this extra cash to take full advantage of the Bow, which is a better weapon than many players think.