Beyond the Beyond

An Evil Force, shackled for centuries, throbs like a heartbeat within the Earth as it seeks open air! And in the body of a youth beats the soul of a poet and the heart of a lion. Stride into Darkness with young Finn and his vigilant firebreathing dragon as they hunt down the Evil that threatens to annihilate the world. Launch into a quest Beyond imagination - and possibly Beyond endurance!

Welcome to the Beyond the Beyond game shrine!!! Here you'll find absolutely all the info you could ask for this game. This place is growing, so watch as it evolves enormously on the upcoming months before its final release :)


03/14/2004 - After such long interval, a new update... For anyone who's reading this (yeah, you two), don't fear, as this will be finished yet this year, no more long absences!
As of now both main and supplementary scripts have been transcribed! Missing a few (half-dozen) lines of text, but those will soon be filled. I'll now finish the game again to gather missing info on items, equipments and magic. Those sections will be available as soon as possible, or as soon as college/work permit.

06/08/2003 - Long time without updates, but I was busy. Forgot to point the main script has been uploaded, and is complete. Auxiliary script will be soon available.

04/25/2003 - The main map was included in the Maps section. My plan was to use the actual game graphics to make it, just like the other maps, but since the World Map is viewed on a pseudo-3D diagonal perspective, it seems impossible to properly assemble its different parts. If you have any idea on this matter, please help me out. For now we'll stick to the in-game map as reference.

04/23/2003 - The map section was updated with all the info I wanted to put on it. Currently working on a decent world map. If you think anything could be done differently, please email me.

03/21/2003 - The shrine opens, finally! It surely looks pretty much lame at this momemnt, but keep in mind it's just the first release, so you people can follow the shrine's progress. At least the most helpful part is up, a section with all the game maps. I'm sure the rest of the work from now will have a boost since I'll have some more time to dedicate (hopefully). Hope you all enjoy your stay. :)

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