The Rogue is the only female class in the game, and in my opinion, is the funnest. There is one main way to play her, which, of course, is with a bow. There are other ways to play her, some of which are more interesting than the others, but that will be covered later.

Rogue/Bow Equipment Setup:

Windforce - Dmg: 1-14, Durability: 60, Requirements: 45 Str/80 dex.

Unique attributes: +5 strength, +200% damage, knocks target back.

Windforce is the dream bow for all Rogues. The +5 strength is a great attribute to have if you want to wear a heavier bit of armor. +200% damage makes Windforce the highest damaging unique bow in the game, and the knockback attribute can be a lifesaver in higher difficulties, as it keeps your enemies at bay.

Plate Mail - Defense: 40-44, Durability: 75, Requirements: 60 str.

Magical attributes: +111% to +130% to AC, +12 to +15 to all attributes.

When it comes to armor, there is no single one choice for a Rogue. The best you could probably hope for is a Saintly Platemail of the Heavens. This will probably extremely difficult to find. Plate mal is the best reasonable choice of armor for a Rogue due to the strength requirements, though if you find enough strength mods, you might be able to wear a stronger armor class.

Overlord's Helm - Defense: 6, Durability: 16, Requirements: 25 str.

Unique attributes: +20 strength, +15 dexterity, +5 vitality, -20 magic, altered durability.

Ohhhhh, now here we go. It seems like this sucker was designed for the Rogue. The +20 strength is an awesome attribute that'll let you equip the heaviest of armors, if you have other strength mods. The dexterity is also a great addition that'll up the damage of your bow, as well as your accuracy. Since a Rogue doesn't depend on magic, the -20 magic doesn't matter.

Ring - No requisits or natural attributes.

Magical attributes: Well, that's up to you.

I really can't give a specific ring's attributes for you to use, but I can give a few examples. You'll most likely want "of the Zodiac", and if possible, you'll want a good prefix to go with it.

Amulet - No requisits on natural attributes.

Magical attributes: Again, it's up to you.

Just as with the ring, there is no specific amulet you should use, because the uniques are all crap. But what you'll want to be looking out for is one with the suffix "of the Zodiac", and if possible, one with a good suffix to go with it.


A Rogue with a bow isn't the only way to play, however. Though it's the most common combination (and probably the best), there is another option. She can go the way of a warrior and wield a sword and a shield, though she won't fare as well as a Warrior would. Her melee attack is slower, making her less effective with an edged weapon.


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