The Sorcerer is probably the most played class on Battle.net. He's an absolute killing machine, and can easily take on hordes of monsters by just standing back and flinging fireballs. But such power doesn't come without any problems; his early levels are an absolute pain, because he has very little defense and hitpoints, and weak spells as well. It takes about 20 levels until he really starts to become a viable character, but when you get him there, he is completely unmatched.

Sorcerer/Weapon-Shield Equipment Setup:

Dreamflange - Dmg: 1-8, Durability: 32, Requirements: 16 Str.

Unique attributes: +30 magic, +50 mana, resist magic 50%, +20% light radius, spells are increased 1 level.

Not enough can be said about the Dreamflange. It is the dream weapon for a sorcerer. You get +30 to magic and +50 to mana on the same weapon, when added together, that's about 110 mana. Couple that with the resist magic 50% and spells increased by 1, and you have the ultimate weapon for a sorcerer.

Stormshield - Defense: 40, Durability: Indestructible, Requirements: 80 str.

Unique attributes: +4 damage from enemies, +10 strength, Fast block.

Probably the greatest thing about this shield for a warrior is its +10 strength, and then the fast block. When you're in the middle of combat and you're surrounded by enemies, you'll be glad to have fast block, because it'll reduce the time you're stunlocked by the enemy, allowing you to teleport out quick.

Naj's Lightplate- Defense: 44-47, Durability: 75, Requirements: None.

Unique attributes: No strength requirements, +5 magic, +20 mana, resist all 20%, Spells are increased 1 level.

Naj's Lightplate is ideal armor for a sorcerer. First off, it has no strength requirements on it, so you can wear it at any level. It has decent mana and magic additions, but the real kicker is the +1 to spells. You will probably never find better armor than this for a sorcerer.

Royal Circlet - Defense: 40, Durability: 40, Requirements: None.

Unique attributes: +10 to all attributes, 40 mana, +10% light radius.

Once again, an item that seems like it was made for a sorcerer. The +10 to all attributes has multiple effects; you get a good mana increase, you don't have to max out your strength to wear heavier armors, and you get more hitpoints from it. The +40 mana of course, is an insanely great attribute to have along with the +10 to all attributes; that's about +60 mana total!

Ring - No requisites or natural attributes.

Magical attributes: Well, that's up to you.

I really can't give a specific ring's attributes for you to use, but I can give a few examples. You'll most likely want "of the Zodiac", and if possible, you'll want a good prefix to go with it.

Amulet - No requisits on natural attributes.

Magical attributes: Again, it's up to you.

Just as with the ring, there is no specific amulet you should use, because the uniques are all crap. But what you'll want to be looking out for is one with the suffix "of the Zodiac", and if possible, one with a good suffix to go with it.


The other option a sorcerer has is to use a staff. Though you may find a decent one, even with the arch+angels prefix isn't really good enough to deem them usable. There are just too many good one-handed items that a sorcerer can use that beats out any staff.


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