The Warrior is probably the class everyone used the first time they played the game. They are unmatched in hand-to-hand combat, able to wield a strong blade with a shield, or a heavy axe in both hands. Their melee attack speed is the quickest, and they get more bang for their buck out of adding a point in strength. Of course, since he has to engage monsters face-to-face, he'll need some pretty strong armor to take all of the damage.

Warriorr/Weapon-Shield Equipment Setup:

Grandfather - Dmg: 10-20, Durability: 100, Requirements: 75 Str.

Unique attributes: One handed sword, +5 to all attributes, +20% to hit, +70% damage, +20 hitpoints.

The Grandfather is probably the best sword you're going to find. That's not to say that it's the only sword you should use; in fact, you could probably find a better magic sword, but that would take a long time. The Grandfather's +5 to all attributes is great in all directions, not to mention to to hit bonus and the damage bonus. The +20 hitpoints is a great addition when you're caught in a melee war.

Stormshield - Defense: 40, Durability: Indestructible, Requirements: 80 str.

Unique attributes: +4 damage from enemies, +10 strength, Fast block.

Probably the greatest thing about this shield for a warrior is its +10 strength, and then the fast block. When you're in the middle of combat and you're surrounded by enemies, you'll be glad to have fast block, because it'll reduce the time you're stunlocked by the enemy.

Demonspike Coat - Defense: 100, Durability: Inestructible, Requirements: 90 str.

Unique attributes: Armor Class 100, -6 damage from enemies, +10 strength, resist fire +50%.

The Demonspike coat isn't really a necessity to a successful Warrior; in fact, just as with the shield, you may find better magical armor. But for the Demonspike Coat, the +10 strength will up the damage you do, and the armor class is the highest you can get. The fire resistance isn't anything to sneeze at, either.

Gotterdamerung - Defense: 60, Durability: 60, Requirements: 50 str.

Unique attributes: +10 to all attributes, 40 mana, +10% light radius.

As with the armor and the sword, you may find a better helm than this. But this helm is a great addition for any warrior who doesn't want to attract an entire mob of enemies. The +20 to all attributes is always a nice thing to have, and the armor class and damage reduction is a good addition. The -40% light radius is great for stealth play, but the major detraction may be all resistances are 0.

Ring - No requisites or natural attributes.

Magical attributes: Well, that's up to you.

I really can't give a specific ring's attributes for you to use, but I can give a few examples. You'll most likely want "of the Zodiac", and if possible, you'll want a good prefix to go with it.

Amulet - No requisits on natural attributes.

Magical attributes: Again, it's up to you.

Just as with the ring, there is no specific amulet you should use, because the uniques are all crap. But what you'll want to be looking out for is one with the suffix "of the Zodiac", and if possible, one with a good suffix to go with it.


If a sword and a shield isn't for you, you can always go the two-handed route and go for an axe or a maul. They offer greater damage, though there aren't very many helpful uniques for their item classes, and you'll take a lot of hits without a shield.


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