Main Characters

Age: 19
Characteristic: Chain Combo
A young man born with a mark on his hand known as the "Crest." He is destined to join the others as one of the "Four Swordsmen of Solta." Both his father and mother, along with his childhood friend, were murdered by assassins hired by Morea. Miraculously, he was able to survive and was taken in by Ruyan's father in Seclue. His anger towards Morea resulted in his rapid development in both offensive and defensive skills as a swordsman. He trained religiously as a soldier for the sole purpose of revenge against Morea.
He's skilled at direct attack, inflicting great damage with Physical PA. The growth of his Palmira is fast, however he does poorly with magical PA, inflicting minimal damage with slow growth, being the slowest of the three. He's strong with Fire, weak with Ice. He can't equip Ice Armor or any types of spears, and is limited with two-handed weapons. Darius' characteristic is the Chain Combo, and, if timed right, can hit the enemy up to three times. The third attack forces the enemy into the air allowing PA attack to begin. Note: This is only possible from a vertical attack.

Age: 18
Characteristic: SG Absorb Guard
A young man from Seclue who has grown up with Darius. He later became one of the "Four Swordsmen of Solta." He is gifted with a sword, but his personality prohibits him from hurting others. He is a good companion for Darius. As soon as he is deemed an adult, he leaves home with Darius in order to join the Solta Army, hoping to put an end to the prolonged war and restore peace to the people's lives.
He possesses average skills in Physical and Magical PA. Ruyan has moderate damage output, Palmira growth, and movement speed. He has no weaknesses or strengths in his attributes, however he is unable to equip heavy weapons such as axes, but he can equip spears with ease.
Ruyan's characteristic, SG Absorb Guard, recovers the Soul Gauge (SG) when enemy attacks are successfully defended using the R1 button. This is a very helpful skill, especially when SG is depleted or very little supply left of Life Extract.

Age: 18
Characteristic: AP Absorb Attack
A young girl that was discovered by Darius and Ruyan unconcious in the outskirts of Seclue shortly after the "Eve of Disaster" that happened almost a year ago. She has lost her memory, remembering only her name. Faeana spends her days with Darius and Ruyan, the two that gave meaning to her life and relief from her never ending nightmares. She decides to follow them on their journey, to be among friends and perhaps find out who she really is.
She is skilled in Magical PA but weak with direct attacks using weapons and Physical PA, with proportinate Palmira growth. She has the best movement of the three. She does well with Earth attributes but is weak against Thunder and is unable to equip any armor with that attribute. She isn't strong enough to carry heavy weapons such as swords or axes.
Faeana's characteristic, AP Absorb Attack, shares the AP value she absorbs when she attacks with Each Party Member. Handy when AP values are low or in battle using ??????????

Secondary Characters (Party Members)

Age: 20
Characteristic: AP Absorb Attack
Replaces Faeana in Mist Shrine
A young man who is the son of the current leader of Solta. For this reason he has animosity toward Morea. He respects his brother Drumhort, but he has an inferiority complex towards him.
The Solta army is finally recovered and forces are gathering from the Eve of Disaster that happened one year ago. They need Drumhort, who was referred to as the Hope of Solta. Felk is on a quest to find him and later becomes one of the "Four Swordsmen of Solta."

Other Characters (Non-Party Members)

A magician who travels with Drumhort. He has taken a deep interest in documents that were discovered during his research. He is currently seeking Solca because he feels there is a direct link between her and his overall purpose. Darsul was also the one who cast the forbidden curse known as the "Soul Bind" upon Darius and his party during their travels to Solta.

A swordsman of Solta with a piercing gaze and overwhelming prescence. He is exceptionally skilled with a sword, but it is rumoured that he can no longer use his left arm.

He has doubts about the war between Solta and Morea. He is currently travelling with Darsul for some unknown purpose.

A young girl who is sought after by both Darsul and Drumhort. While being chased by them she is discovered by Darius and his party on their way to Solta. Faeana encounters some strange feelings when she first meets Solca. Perhaps she holds the key to Faeana's past.

An attractive and long-haired lady who accompanies Darsul. She carries with her a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. If you look beyond the beauty, into her eyes, they tell a tale of sadness. Whatever sadness this may be is known only to herself.

A nomadic warrior from a foreign continent that eventually becomes one of the "Four Swordsmen of Solta." He wields a great sword. saris has the extraordinary strength to use his sword with ease and demonstrates fighting skills that are not commonly practices within this continent. Saris is a mercenary who accepts any job, that is if the price is right. He is presently employed by Felk.


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