Abandoned Village
Chasm of Tranquility

Abandoned Village

Abandoned Village Crystal Pillar Location:
Directly north of the starting position
Monsters in Abandoned Village:
Yellow Pig
Items in Abandoned Village:
Antidote, Life Extract (2), Mushroom, Revive Gem
Equipment in Abandoned Village:
Pumpkin Head (Helmet)
Quest Items in Abandoned Village:
Holy Gem, Storage Key
After the game's opening sequence, you'll be in this village. As the name suggests, there aren't any people here... or are there? Anyway, for now head north and enter the Crystal Pillar to save your game. Make sure you save often, it's very easy to die in this game. After you save, head north again and you'll come across the girl from the intro. She'll pass through the Chasm Gate, but if you follow her, the gate will close in your face. Go west after it closes and cross the bridge, where you'll meet your first monsters. They don't put up much of a fight, so just kill them and go south until you see a doghouse. Talk to its resident. This is the only conversation in the game I will put in this walkthrough, as I don't want to spoil the game, but try to make sense of this.

Dog: *howls*
Faeana: Don't be scared. We won't hurt you.
Ruyan: It doesn't look too scared, Faeana.
Faeana: What? What do you mean?
Darius: Something with the windmill...?

There, you see how smart Darius is, he figured that out somehow. :P Anyway, now go behind the large house and open the southern chest and ONLY the southern chest. (It's the second one you come across as you come towards the chests.) If you open the other by accident, hit the thing that comes out with Faeana's PA quickly, or it will probably kill you at your current Soul Gauge level. (For future reference, I will call this thing a Little B. I use B because so many swear words start with that letter.) Now go back to the river and walk along the west bank until you see a Life Extract on the ground. Go north, but don't cross the bridge. Instead, go through the small valley to a windmill. To the south of the entrance to the mill itself, you can find a Mushroom. To the north of the entrance, you can find a Life Extract between two crates. Enter the mill and climb the stairs onto the elevator. Don't worry if your partners don't make it, you won't need them up top. Open the chest to find the Holy Gem, which will open the Chasm Gate. However, don't just fall down, instead, look to the left of the chest (counterclockwise on the circle) and you will see a small board much lighter than all the others just a small ways away. Stand perfectly on this board then fall straight down the hole, and you should land on a ledge with a chest. Open it to get a Revive Gem. Now leave the windmill and return to the spot where you started the game. You'll meet the dog there, and he has a present for you! Take the Storage Key and go north, but rather than going through the gate, go east and open the east storage, then go south. This is the "Wall of Pigs." Pigs will fly (whatever) out of the holes, and there are a LOT of them. But don't just stand there, each pig is worth 60 Zoe, and you can easily earn a large amount of money very quickly here. After slaughtering the pigs, go across the field and use the Storage Key to open the door. The chest contains a Pumpkin Head. It's good against Earth, but overall the Flare Mask and Frosted Mask from the shop here are better. You've done everything to do here, so finally go to the Chasm Gate and open it to continue onward.
Best Equipment after Abandoned Village:
Soltan SwordSeculian SwordSeculian Loops
Flare MaskFrosted MaskFrosted Mask


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