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Chapter 1 - The Mystical Ghost



This one is a pretty simple stage, and a perfect example to put you in the monster beating mood.



You start in front of your house, the first thing you should do is walk in front of you house and bash everyone in the was so that you can get some money. Don't forget to catch the grey cats to upgrade your weapons.



Once you have some money (approx. $300) you should go to the shop and buy some goodies.



I suggest that you buy some straw sandals, they are really useful, they'll allow you to walk faster and jump further. The other items are good but not necessary, buy them if you wish to have them with you.



Now, go right (east) from your house, and follow the path to the north.



A lady tells you that something weird's going on. Look ! a Cloud is coming !



What's that ?? The town is now filled with ghosts and creepy creatures. But these ghosts are no match for you and your big pipe ! (flute)



Follow the way to the left (west) until you reach the enterance of the Horo temple. Don't be scared to enter the creepy place. (Suggestion: Do the level with both players if you are in 2P mode)



The monsters here are a little harder than usual, but the level is easy to complete. (note that is his in Side-Scroller Mode). Just look out for the Flame Monsters that can be harder to beat and the Zombies that can sneak attack.



This is a good place to get money, Just hit the bell and every monster will die. Keep going right.



You'll eventually reach the boss: The Ghost Lady, that has, like most bosses of the game, more life points than you do.



The only way to beat here is to hit the plates. This is easier to do with coins (shurikens)



You will free the purple cat. He'll give you some money. Now all you have to do is go back to where your house is. From there go left (west) to the path south. Once there, go right (east) until you reach the travel center.