The Aleph Boulder and the Mysterious People

isaac and dora Your character awakes to the sound of his mother's yelling. It seems that the Mt. Aleph boulder is about to fall. Get your tunic from your mother and head outside. After a brief talk between you and your parents you are told to go south to the plaza. However, your route will be blocked by small boulders and you must go north instead. You'll soon see Garet tugging on a chest like an idiot. Whether or not you talk to Garet, he will still join you near the bridge. I wonder exactly how he was able to pull the chest outside?
Head across the bridge and then south and west. I won't make any comments about all the grunting.
adepts holding back boulder
When you arrive in this area you may begin being attacked by monsters. They are not very tough or frequent so don't worry. When you come to the wounded guy you get a choice of what to say. If you say he'll die he'll continue laying there like an idiot. Other than that there is nothing to do here. Continue by going south and east.

Do remember this location though, as you will later receive an item that will let you lift the boulder.
Head east and then south and enjoy the short scene. When you regain control continue to head south.
After you join up with Jenna and the other guy head north to the area where Felix is holding on for dear life. After another scene, head east across the birdge and prepare for battle.
As you leave, Garet will suddenly decide to be brave and follow you. Then he blows your cover by shouting out your name like the genius he is.  Answer the question however you like the outcome will be the same. Don't worry about the fact that the two uber mysterious people totally waste you in a single turn, this battle is scripted and unwinnable.