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Reverse-Rebirth Bosses

Hollow Bastion Traverse Town Agrabah
Monstro Neverland Wonder Land
Olympus Coliseum Atlantica Halloween Town
Destiny Islands Twilight Town Castle Oblivion

*Just so y'all know the boss fights that appear between worlds are lumped in with the world that came before them.*

Hollow Bastion:


The Malifecent fight is just like the fight against her in Chain of Memories. She's much weaker though and since Riku's a powerhouse you'll have no trouble beating her. Just attack non-stop and she'll go down fast.


Ansem is extremely similar to his 3D incarnation in Kingdom Hearts. Aside from the basic physical attacks he has an energy bolt that runs along the ground (easy to dodge, just move out of the way). He has a tackle sleight where he shoots along the arena from side to side. The only way to dodge this one is to either card break it or stay out of his way. With Mickey now assisting you in combat as a summon card you'll have no trouble. Mickey heals Riku so don't hesitate to use his cards when you need them. This should be a very simple fight.

Traverse Town:

Guard Armor:

It's another repeat from Chain of Memories. The fight is the exact same as it was when you fought it with Sora. Just use the same tactics and the Guard Armor will fall with hardly any effort.



Another repeat of a Chain of Memories battle. Just use the same tactics again and the fight will be no trouble.


Another repeat fight. Just use the same tactics as you did with Sora and this battle'll be over quickly.


Parasite Cage

Well, it's another repeat. Use the same tactics as last time to defeat it. Just be a little more careful with the acid as you don't have as ready access to healing as you did with Sora.



Another repeat. Just use the same tactics as you did fighting him with Sora and he'll fall easily enough. Just be wary of his quick attacks, powerful projectile weapons, and the arena tipping.

Riku Replica:

It's...yourself...fresh from a cloning vat...or something. He's exactly like the early fights with him in Chain of Memories. Just attack constantly, keep your HP up, and he'll fall easily.

Wonder Land:


Another repeat boss, anyone starting to notice a pattern? Reverse Rebirth is 90% the exact same game as Chain of Memories. Same tactics you use last time and he'll fall easily enough.

Olympus Coliseum:

Hades: just like his previous incarnation in Chain of Memories. Fight him the same way and he'll die rather easily. Unless the game decided to give you a crappy deck last time you picked up an effect card. Then he's a kick in the seat of the pants.



Just like your previous encounter in Chain of Memories. Use those tactics again.

Halloween Town:

Oogie Boogie:

You know the drill by now, same strategy as last time.


FINALLY an original battle. He's big, he has insane attack and defense, and some really powerful moves. Aside from his basic attacks he has a sleight that fires a wall of bouncing rock from his position that is very hard to dodge. It's best to try to break this attack. His secondary main attack is to throw his axe around the area for medium damage. Your best bet for this fight is to use the Dark Powers. Lexaeus is a friggin' tank and the long range "Dark Firaga" sleight the Dark Form grants you is very, very useful. This fight will be hard won, but with the Dark Powers it shouldn't be too hard.

Destiny Islands:


Well, we're back to a repeat boss. Use the tactics you used with Sora and he'll fall.

Twilight Town:

Riku Replica II:

It's yourself again. This battle is pretty much the same as the final Riku battle in Chain of Memories. It's a difficult fight so stay on your toes. Keep your HP up and PRAY you have a good selection of zero cards. This battle is a win or lose type of fight. Sometimes you'll get your ass handed to you and sometimes you'll return the favor easily. It really depends on your deck, which you have no control over aside from levelling up to increase the deck's quantity. Try to survive until your Dark Powers activate, as they'll be very handy against Riku Replica since he's permanently Dark Powered.

Castle Oblivion:


Ansem is almost laughable. He guards constantly so you can usually only get one hit per combo. His sleights are the tackle attack from before and making his guardian erupt from below you, doing harsh damage. Other then that he's a total wimp. His normal attacks do next to no damage and are easily dodged. The only sleight usable against him is "Dark Firaga." His guardian makes "Dark Aura" near useless. Just be careful and he'll fall easily.

And that, as they say, is that. You've completed both games in Chain of Memories! Congrats!

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