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Sora is the warrior chosen by the light, he carries the Keyblade and uses it to destroy all darkness that stands in his way. After a harrowing battle against the Heartless and Ansem he has wound up in Castle Oblivion. Here he relives past events and works to not only save the worlds but to find his best friend, Riku, so he can return home to Destiny Islands where Kairi awaits him.

Donald is the King's most loyal subject. Along with Goofy and Sora he travels to defeat the Heartless, find the King, and save the worlds. He has a bit of a temper and often clashes with Sora over trivial issues even though the two are the best of friends.

As his name suggests, Goofy is a rather goofy individual. He's easy going, care-free, and often plays the role of balance between Sora's single-minded pursuit of justice and his friends and Donald's single-minded pursuit of the King. He is a non-violent person, even in times of crisis he defends himself with a shield and not a weapon.

Kairi is, argue if you want but it's true, Sora's girlfriend. As a child she spent all her time with Riku and Sora, but after the Hearltess devoured Destiny Island her heart took refuge in Sora's body. Whereas Sora had Kairi's heart, Riku would eventually find her body. This led to a struggle between Riku and Sora, resulting in Riku falling to the darkness and Sora claiming the Keyblade. Although Kairi was saved by Sora, she was returned to the regenerated Destiny Islands when Kingdom Hearts was sealed. She waits patiently for Sora and Riku to return to the island...or does she?

Namine is a girl who can alter memories. Little is known about her aside from her loneliness.

Riku is Sora's best friend and the one meant to hold the Keyblade, but due to his abuse of the Dark Powers the Keyblade took up a permanent residence with Sora. Riku was lost behind the door to Kingdom Hearts along with the King...he's back now...but there's something very odd about him.

Axel is a member of the Organization manipulating events in Castle Oblivion. Not much is known about Axel aside from his fierce power, mysterious actions, and smartass attitude.

Larxene is a member of the Organization manipulating the events in Castle Oblivion. Not much is known about her, but she's obviosly self-centered and weak-hearted.

Vexen is the nerd of the Organization, but he's also the highest-ranked member of the group present in the castle. He is very interested in the Dark Powers...could have have something to do with Riku's change in attitude?

Oddly enough, Marluxia is the lowest-ranked member of the Organization present in Castle Oblivion. His superiors put him in charge of the Castle to test his loyalty. He desires to warp Sora to his control so he can dominate the Organization. Little does he know Axel seems to have orders from higher up...

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