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Riku is a bit of a mystery. He's full to the brim with heroic aspirations but he uses Dark Powers to further his efforts. He is Sora's best friend and the person that was supposed to hold the Keyblade. However, due to his weak heart and abuse of the Dark Powers he lost the Keyblade to Sora. Riku, along with the King, walks the thin line between the light and the dark.

The King:
The King, better known as Mickey Mouse, is an enigmatic individual. He wields a golden Keyblade at times, although from what I've seen his Keyblade does not hold the power that Sora's does. What makes Mickey even more of an enigma is the speed at which he moves. His journey starts only hours before Donald and Goofy follow him, and yet he has travelled beyond their reach at an alarming rate. Mickey sticks with Riku, because Riku is in need not only of guidance but also a friend. At the same time Mickey is intrigued by Riku's ability to control the Dark Powers and not be consumed.

As a child, Sora was weaker than Riku. But now that Sora has begun to mature and has gained the Keyblade he is not only stronger than Riku, he also has greater potential and has a fiercely powerful heart. This won him true ownership of the Keyblade and also won Kairi's affection. Strangely enough Sora has what Riku always wanted. Sora is what Riku would have become if he had not abused the Dark Powers.

Kairi is, argue if you want but it's true, Sora's girlfriend. As a child she spent all her time with Riku and Sora, but after the Hearltess devoured Destiny Island her heart took refuge in Sora's body. Whereas Sora had Kairi's heart, Riku would eventually find her body. This led to a struggle between Riku and Sora, resulting in Riku's fall to the Dark Powers and Sora's claiming of the Keyblade and the restoration of Kairi. Although Kairi was saved by Sora she was returned to the regenerated Destiny Islands when Kingdom Hearts was sealed. She waits patiently for Sora and Riku to return to the island...or does she?

Namine is a girl who can alter memories. After Sora saved her from Marluxia, she watched Riku fight his way through the Castle Oblivion basements. Will she help him, or will he have to help himself?

Riku Replica:
Created by Vexen to kill Sora, the Riku Replica has taken on a life of its own after its master was defeated. He intends to murder Riku and take his life.

Guess who lives in Riku's head? That's right, it's Ansem! The Seeker of the Darkness. After Sora righteously kicked him around the worlds in Kingdom Hearts he lost control over Riku's body. Riku is back in the driver's seat but Ansem is still trying to gain control. Since his powers are far superior Riku's, will Riku be able to defeat him? Or will he fall to the might that only Sora has ever overcome.

He's big, he's bad and he carries one huge axe. Lexaeus is the second highest-ranked member of the Organization in Castle Oblivion. At the rank of five, he is in charge of the observation of Riku. It was his intent to twist Riku to his cause in case Marluxia succeeded in gaining control of Sora.

Zexion works with Lexaeus to control Riku. He's a trickster who dislikes soiling his own hands to get the job done.

DiZ is a mysterious individual. He leads Riku through the Castle Oblivion basements and is interested in how Riku will use the Dark Powers. Although his face is hidden he looks very similar in size, skin color, and eye color to Ansem himself. Could he be Ansem in disguise? Or is it all just coincidence?

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