The Hero's Spirit

Who is this enigmatic being? He resembles a Stalfos from Ocarina of Time.

Anyway, he is the only way of learning the 7 Hidden Skills.

I will tell you where to get the Skills, but only you can find the way...way...way...

Okay, enough crap.

The Hero's Spirit will first reveal himself to you after you clear the Twilight in the Faron Woods. He will appear in front of the Forest Temple, embodied as a Golden Wolf. He will "attack you" and transport you to an alternate version of Hyrule Castle. Then, he will transform and teach you a technique. Afterwards, you can send him to a location by howling as Wolf Link near a Howling, or Sheikah Stone and going to the shown location. Everything is in the chart that follows;*

Skill # Hidden Skill Where Howling Stone Is
Where Golden Wolf Is What the Attack Does
Ending Blow
Forest Temple
Finishes enemies and bosses
Shield Bash
Death Mountain Pass
Ordon Spring
Makes enemies flinch
Upper Zora's River
 East Castle Town Field
Attack enemies from behind
Helm Splitter
North Faron Woods
South Castle Town Field
Attack enemy's head, used with Shield Bash
Mortal Draw
Lake Hylia
Gerudo Desert
Powerful draw, MUST HAVE GOOD TIMING!!!
Jump Strike
Kakariko Graveyard
Double Jump Attack! AWESOME!
Great Spin
Hidden Village
Hyrule Castle
Supercharged Spin Attack

*NOTE: All Hidden Skills, except for the first, are optional, but are useful beyond words, so GET THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!