Letters indicate safe places and the dungeons inside them.
Numbers indicate places that contain dungeons alone. "A" dentoes entrance and "B" denotes exit.

Main Dungeons
1) Cave of Spirits
2) Border Cave Exit
3) Tree Maze
4) Cavern to Zalagoon
5) Mist Maze
6) Mist and Rainbow Valley
7) Water Shrine
8) Arawn Palace, Magic Beans Tower, Tower of Arawn
9) Cavern from Simone to Zalagoon
10) Dragon Cave
11) Bandore Volcano
12) Pity Island Dungeon
13) The Flying Palace
14) Final Tablet Shrine
15) Ice Cave
16) Sand Cave
17) The Abyss

Safe Places & Internal Dungeons
A) Isla Village
B) Marion Town, Graveyard Passage, Marion Castle
C) Border Church & Saint Baldrick's Garden, Border Cave Entrance
D) Zalagoon Town, Zalagoon Sewers, Zalagoon Castle
E) Ophera Village
F) Port Town Luna
G) Simone Village
H) Jonowan
I) Simone Mystic Shrine
J) South Bridge
K) West Bridge
L) Bandore Town, Bandore Secret Passage, Bandore Castle, Domino's Ship
M) Leave Village
N) Barbaros Castle, Barbaros Castle II
O) Discipline Town & Shrine, Training Labyrinth
P) Mistrall
Q) Merlin Cave
R) The Four Islands
S) Dragon Shrine
T) Zeal Village
U) Quamdar
MC) Mountain Cottage