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100% Map Completion

100% Map Completion
Some parts of this section will be repeats of what was already in the main parts of the walkthrough.  They will be put here again, in case you didn't or weren't able to accomplish them during your normal game play.  Some of these parts can't be completed unless you possess certain I.D. Skills or after Dracula's Castle has been resurrected.

Baljhet Mountains - Southern Region
From the Warp Room, head straight east to area 4.  Take the first right going south towards area 3.

In this section, use the first door on your left.  On the ledge to the left, you will recall that you optioned a Serum.  Now that you have the Glide ability, you can soar over ot the chest to collect a XS Potion.
Baljhet Mountains - Central Region
Travel all the way up north to area 5 of the Central Region.  Use the path to the north that leads to the Blood Skeletons that you were powerless to destroy earlier.  Summon your Magic Type I.D. with th Purify ability, and let him destroy these regenerating monsters. Enter the guarded room to claim a HP Max Up.

Go back down to area 5, and continue to the southern end of this region.  With the water level lowered, the bridge will span a dried-up plain.  Jump down.  Jump down into the new pit, collect the High Potion and enter the doorway into a new looping section.

There are a few meager Thieves in this looping section, but ignore them and take the left path.

Enter the first room on the right to receive an XS Potion... you second on this level alone!

Go back out, and continue north to the next room on the right that contains a Dark Crystal.

Follow the path as it loops around to the east, and enter the doorway on the left.  Inside, you will find a Dragon Scale and a Pachinko Chair.  Finish this loop by heading south and proceed to the Western Region.
Baljhet Mountains - Western Region
Journey to area 6, and go west to take the left part of the loop.  You will recall that at the top of the steps on the left was where you acquired the Boiling Ring.  Now that you have the Glide ability, fly across the long gap to collect a HP Max Up.
Garibaldi Temple - Western Temple
In the Western Temple is a room off to the west.  Near the bottom of the rear wall is a broken section that you can slide under with the Magic Circle ability.

Maneuver under this section to access a new hallway.  Enter the doorway on your right.  This room is filled with Armor Knights, Thieves and Dead Barons, but by now, they are half your level.  When the room is free of monsters, have a seat in the Coffee Cup Chair.

Continue on your previous course south, and enter the last room with an ornate staircase.  Be sure to grab the Ether in the back of the room, and head down into the hidden depths.
Garibaldi Temple - Basement
Fight your way through the spiraling, musty catacombs.  When you find the Blood Skeletons, just run past them, unless you are lucky enough to have the Magic Type ability Purify.  Without this spell, you can never defeat these level 75 undead.

Use the Save Room on the left... you'll need it!  The hallways are filled with Evil Cores, and this is one of the best areas in the entire game to level up your Innocent Devils.  The Evil Cores are not tough, and they drop lots of Evo Crystals.  Plus, you have a Save Room right next to them.  Attack with good ranged weapons to avoid their staggering touch, and you should be on your way to maxing your I.D.s.

When you're done leveling up your I.D.s, stock up on Potions, and enter the last room.  Something horrible is locked away in these depths; this could be the toughest fight of the entire game.
This is a classic Boss from previous Castlevania games who fans of the series will get a kick out of.  The Boss itself is not that tough.  In fact, this Boss doesn't attack you at all!  The trouble is the walking corpses that roam this area; they're a real pain.  As long as you hit them first, they will go down pretty easily, but if they touch you and explode, it takes a huge chunk of your life bar.

Pick a flying I.D., and try to lock on the Boss while you work your way up the ramp.  Do not stop to fight the corpses, or you will never defeat this thing.  Continue running until you are high enough that you can hit the Boss from the ledge.  After a few hits, a large chunk of the outer husk will fall off.

You will only be able to chip away at one section for each area of the spiraling ledge.  Jump inot the center, and attack to land back on the bottom level.  Climb back up the ramp to a lower height this time, and chip away another segment.

Repeat this pattern until all that is left is the exposed core.  This is your chance to steal from this Boss.  Climb back up one last time, and deliver the final blow to the necleolus to send it crashing down to the ground below.  This grand act does not finish the Boss; however, there is another form to contend with!
If you thought Legion was easy, this is the reason.  This Boss can be tougher to tackle than the final Boss.  The premature birth of this creature has made it cranky, and it is very tough.  Hopefully, you have the Void and Boiling Ring to help protect you from its attacks.

There are several attacks to look out for from this tall, white figure.  One of the most deadly is when it stretches out to grab you.  This attack will pull you in and do a ton of damage.  Quick Step this attack when you see its short but obvious wind up. If you can Perfect Guard against this attack, it will give you a small window of opportunity to steal from this Boss.

Another one of its ranged attacks consists of throwing corpses at you.  They can be tough to dodge, but try to get in close enough to set up for a combo after the bodies hit the floor.

Obviously, you will need to get in close to do some damage, and this is where the fight gets frustrating.  The Boss doesn't trade blows with you.  Instead, it 'melts' into the ground and emerges from a lava pool that can damage you.  This can make it tough to stay in contact with the Boss, but you must be persistent.

One other attack you must be careful of when you get close is its purple diagonal beam.  The Boss sucking in energy and then expelling it as it spins precedes this attack.  Quick Step through this attack.

The final attack of this first phase is a charging dash move.  You will see the Boss cross its arms, and then it will sprint toward you.  Dodge this attack, and use its recovery time to throw out a combo.

Use the short time after its attack to dish out a short combo.  When you see it fall over, attack it while it feasts on a corpse.  After it is done feeding, it will get huge!  You can attack its feet when it is not walking or trying to stomp you, but you won't be able to do very many hits in a row.

Attack its feet and use all the powers of your I.D.  Eventually it will reduce in size, and you can continue your previous assault.  This thing is really tough, so don't hold back and manually use up the attacks of your I.D.s to dish out damage.
Mortvia Aqueduct - Interior First Floor
From the Warp Room, go east into the area where you fought the Boss.  Now that the water is gone, the surrounding area where you fought the Boss is accesible.  Drop down and circle around to find a chest with an Angel Halo.  On the opposite side, jump on the large ledges and head back out of the Boss door going west beyond the Warp Room.

Completing the next part is a bit of work, no matter which way you go.  You will need to trek through several floors to reach the area where you found the Potion.  Go back up to the second floor, and follow the path leading up to the third floor.  Head back downstairs past the statue that raised the staircase.  Follow the path until you get to the room with a large pillar in the center.  From here, take the exit to the west.

Descend the long staircase, and continue on your way back to the first floor.  You are almost there!  Make a right turn, and enter the room that is now devoid of water.  Jump down the large steps, and enter this new section.

There are some tough Fishmen to contend with, but they cannot stand in your way to complete this level.  After a few more fights, you will have to remove the White Dragons on the walls to lower the barriers.  No problem.  When they are defeated, go out the door to the west (right), and in the next room, you will find an Aquamarine and the Sofa.  Go back the other way, and in this room, you will find a chest that contains Dark Matter.
Forest of Jigramunt - Southern Forest
It may have been possible for you to access several of the hidden areas, depending on which way you leveled up your Battle Type I.D.  Here is a quick run down of the two key areas in this region:

From area 6, go south where the trail appears to end at a section of black charred-looking ground.  Use the Battle I.D.s Hip Press ability to smash through to a hidden section below.

There are two paths to take, and each one ends in a room with an item.  Inside the first room will be a Rattan Chair you can sit in it for fun and a Carbon Steel that is great for making weapons and armor.

On the opposite side, you will have to contend with the same monsters.  This room will contain an Ether.  Travel to area 7, and go southwest to a long ramp with several statues, arranged like bowling pins, at the bottom.  You will need Iytei with the Shoulder Ride ability to break through these pins.  Hop on his back, and race down the hill to build up speed. When you hit the statues, they will shatter, and you can enter the room.

Battle through the monsters, and enter the door on the left.  Inside are the Woodman's Chair and the Rare Ring that will increase monster drops.

Go back out into the hallway, and continue south fighting more Great Armors and Ogres.  The last room on this route holds a Dragon Scale.
Forest of Jigramunt - Western Forest
To the southwest of area 2 was an open place that was filled with water.  Now that it is gone, you can fully explore this section to find the Western Toilet, which is a very elegant 'chair' and a chest that contains Devil's Vein.
Cordova Town - Southern Alleyways
Ther is only one small room that you need to go to here.  It might be easy to pass up, but the prize is well worth the small diversion.  Warp to Cordova Center and head south.

Continue east pasat the fountain where you found the map to the second door on the right side.

Half way down these streets is an iron gate on the lett.  Use the Magic Circle ability to slide underneath to grab a HP Max Up.  While you are in the secret room, be sure to check out the Park Swing, which is a unique 'chair.'
Eneomaos Machine Tower - Second and Third Floors
There is nothing tricky on this level.  Since the end of this level is where you acquire the Devil Type Innocent Devil, you should have the Magic Circle ability and can complete the entire level the first time through.  Using this ability can allow you to take a shortcut through this section as well as acquire the Earth Ring and Sacrifice Brooch.
Aiolon Ruins - Northern Ruins
There are two parts in this region that require special abilities.  To the east of the Warp Room is a vine-covered door.  Use a fire attack from your Mage or Bird type I.D. to burn through the living barricade.  A door will be revealed behind the trellis, and you an now enter the eastern section of this region.

The halls are filled with more Great Armors.  At the split i nthe road, take the right fork to enter a room with a Leather Chair and Frenzy of Wind.

Take the other path that leads t oa room with several goodies.  In here, you will find a chest with Damascus Steel, an HP Max Up and a Hilarious Chair.

Return back to the first room of hte Northern Ruins, and take the western exit this time.  The next corridor is loaded with White Dragons.  Halfway through the hallway is a small button on the top of the wall.  If you have a Fairy with the Press It & See ability, it will automatically press the button, revealing a new area to the north.

These halls are filled with Spirits that are great for leveling your I.D.  Take the path to the right, and enter a room that will contain the Director's Chair and the Megingelos.  When this magical band is equipped, the lower you are on HP, the more damage you will do.

Head back out to the hallway, and take the first exit on the right.  The top part of this road will lead to a doorway on your right, with a room that contains the Comedian's Chair and Orichalcum.  The metal is very tough to get, so be sure to use it wisely when making items.

Go back out and head west to the last room.  What, no chair!  I guess you'll have to setle for an XS Potion.  As you can tell, this is probably the best detour of the game!
Infinite Corridor - Third Floor
The room on the opposite side of hte large crystal hides some very valuable items.  From area 1, go north into the next room.  This will appear to be a room with a narrow ledge and a sunken floor.  You will quickly guess that the object of this area is not to descend into the pit below, but to reach the other narrow ledge on the opposite side.  This requires the Long Glide ability, and if you have it, fly across to the other side and go back down to the second floor.
Infinite Corridor - Second Floor
You will emerge in an open area that is filled with Blaze Phantoms.  There are a ton of these things in this open space, so use one of your best I.D., like a Battle Type, to deal out some serious damage.  Also, keep in mind that there is a Save Room to the right that you may need to restore your health.  When the long and difficult battle is won, go out the eastern door.

You'll come to a short L-shaped piece of road that stops at a dead end that contains the Void Ring.  This is a great tool that gives protection from dark attacks.  You must defeat all the enemies in this section to lower the bars back to the big open area.

Go back to the open battlegrounds, and take the exit on the opposite side.  The first segment will match you up against Gi-Lee and Ectoplasms.  Make quick work of them, and fight through the next two sections filled with Blaze Phantoms.  At the end of the road is a green bag worth $1000.
Infinite Corridor - Third Floor
From area 1, head south to the next room that also contains a puzzle of sorts.  Like the room on the opposite end, this one also requires a special ability of one of your Innocent Devils.  In this case, you will need a Battle Type I.D. with the Brute Force Lv.2 ability in order to open the huge metal doors.
Infinite Corridor - Second Floor
Like the previous sections, this has a wide-open battleground, but this time, it is loaded with Bone Soldiers and Undead Lords.  These are not as tough as the Blaze Phantoms on the other side, but they are rather numerous.

Use the exit to the left that leads west to explore this area.  The walls are lined with Thunder Dragons, and at the end of the path, is your prize, the Lightning Stone.  Grab this precious collectible, and go back through the exit on the other side of the open area.

A whole graveyard filled with Undead Lords swarm the first hallway.  Dispatch them, and take on the Ectoplasm and the Amduscias.  These advanced forms of Unicorns have the same type of lunging attack, but their spell creates a whirlwind of pages that can damage you.

Use the same strategy on these foes as you would on other spellcasters.  Get in close and attack.

The final segment of the hallway holds a Phlogiston that is a very rare find!
Dracula's Castle - First Floor Connector
This is not a secret or tough area to get to, but with your bloodlust for vengence, you might overlook this simple detour and miss that 100 percent goal.  Go out the east exit, and head down to the basement.
Dracula's Castle - Basement
Flea Men and Skeletons will assault you when you enter this secluded section.  The goal of this little diversion will be obvious when you enter the next room to collect the Miracle Egg.  Also, in the corner is another cookie chair: the Throne of Bones.
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