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100% Map Completion

Baljhet Mountains
FenrirLv.5Skeleton Blaze5
LizardmanLv.6Blood Skeleton5
Armor KnightLv.7Wyvern14

Southeast Region
A short jaunt down the very first corridor will take you past a door on the right.  Inside you will receive your second Innocent Evil, Magmard, a Battle-type I.D.

When you exit with you new pal, several Fenrirs will pounce.  They will be no match for the tag team of you and your Battle I.D., so finish them quickly and continue through the archway.  Head south, defeating the Lizardmen along the way and enter the doorway at the end of the path.

The next area is filled with low level Skeletons and more Fenrirs.  While they may outnumber you, they are certainly not your equals in strength.  There is a fork in the path that leads to your right (1), but continue down this trail to the south, clearing out the monsters and completing this section of the map.

Turn right into the next area, and you will encounter several Orcs and Skeletons.  The Orcs are essentially archers that shoot fire arrows at you from afar.  Close in on the Orcs using Quick Steps to avoid their shots and take out the long-range threat first.

This section splits off in two directions (2), but until you defeat all the monsters, the red gates will not budge.  Take the path leading southwest, and defeat the Fenrirs in the next area, as you begin moving north.  In the next area, several Zombies will halt your progress as an Orc tries to fire at you from afar.  Be sure to stop the Orc first to avoid taking an arrow in the back as you eliminate the Zombies.

This area has three exits (3), and for now, take the first path sloping down to the right.  This path will lead back to the area 2, and will complete the lower right-hand section of this mountain.  Remember that you only need to go far enough into the area to highlight the whole section on your auto map.  Once this section is completed, backtrack to the previous area (3) and take the middle exit.

You will find a lot more Skeletons lurking about, but more importantly, on a ledge to the left is a Serum.  On a higher ledge, you will get a view of a chest that will tempt you.  You cannot reach this without the Glide ability, so note this spot for later use and drop back down.

After battling a few Skeletons, the exit will be barred, and you must take down a Cyclops.  Avoid the large club it spins on the ground, and tag team this beast with your Battle I.D.  When it is gone, enter the room behind it, and you will receive the Perfect Guard Skill.  This ability will let you "deflect" an attack, if you press block with the correct timing (just before an attack would hit you).

Backtrack to area 3, and take the last exit in this section.  Your path will diverge once again (4), but continue heading north to the very first fork in the road that you encountered at area 1.  These next couple of areas will pit you against a group of Zombies, Skeletons and Orcs.  Try out the Perfect Guard skill on the Skeletons to master its timing.  If done correctly, a white glow will appear, and the enemy will be dazed momentarily.  (Perfect Guarding an attack with an I.D. equipped, will restore some Hearts to your I.D.).

When you reach area 1, this entire segment of your auto map will be completed.  Journey back to area 4, and head west to the Central Region.  As you enter this area, a cinema will introduce a beautiful and strangely familiar character.
Central Region
To the west is a Warp Room, but this place will not become active until you reach the next one.  To the south is a heavy iron door that cannot be opened until your Battle I.D. learns the Brute Force ability.  Go north to the next area, and use the Save Room on the right.  On the opposite side is Julia's shop.  After making her acquaintance, you will be able to buy and sell items, as well as store and retrieve Innocent Devils.  You probably won't have enough money to buy much, but make sure you have a Magical and Memorial Ticket.  When used together, these tickets will allow you to teleport to Julia's shop and back to any Save Room to provide a quick method to stock up on items or manage your I.D.s.  When you are done shopping, be sure to grab the Baljhet Mountains Map in the corner of her store.  Before a hasty retreat be sure to try out the Rocking Chair near the door...!

When you head north to the next doorway you will find a very important pick up.  Just to the right of the exit is the Steal Skill.  As its name suggests it will allow you to steal items from enemies when the lock-on cursor turns purple.  This is a very important feature of the game that will allow you to acquire numerous materials and create loads of weapons and armor.  Always attempt to steal from an enemy before destroying it.  Try out your new skill on the Armor Knights and Wizards in the next area to collect several Magical and Memorial Tickets respectively.  Ascend the large staircase to rech the top of this plateau.

Upon entering the next area you will notice a cannon off in the distance, as you run towards it you will notice a cursor will appear on the ground as a Skeleton that operates this big gun tries to lock in on your position.

Continue running in a zigzagging fashion to avoid being an easy target and Quick Step out of the way if the cursor is underneath you when it turns pink.  You need to take over that cannon in order to clear out this area.  Jump up to the Gunnery Seat and get rid of the Skeleton using your new toy.  Once you take a seat you view will switch to first person.  The primary threats you must deal with are the two cannons on the castle wall.  Target them and continue firing at them, one at a time, until they are destroyed.

If any Orcs remain in the vicinity use the large weapons to shoot them and then focus your firepower on the barricade on the bridge.  It will take several shots to crumble this fortified blockade so be patient.  When it has finally fallen turn your weapon on the remaining enemies on the bridge.  This shooting mode is great fun but when you run out of targets cross the bridge and exit through the wooden door.

More Orcs and Armor Knights await you in the large open courtyard.  The exit will be barred until you defeat them so be sure to take out the Orcs first and then clean up the Armor Knights.  The road will slop upwards but before you proceed to the archway at the end, use the Save Room on the right.  Race up the incline and defeat the Orcs and Skeleton Blaze.  Note that if you steal from this Skeleton you will receive a life-giving Potion.

The next long incling segment contains more Skeleton Blazes but a lot more Orc archers are guarding the exit  Let your Battle I.D. take out the Skeletons while you dispatch the Orcs.

You will find another detour on your path (5) that leads to the North.  Unfortunately at the very end you will be unable to defeat the final enemy at this point in the game.  If you are curious, you can fight through the Cyclops and Skeleton Blazes to follow the U shaped road.  At the end of this path you will encounter a strange enemy that will reform after you "destroy" it.  The Blood Skeletons cannot be destroyed by conventional means and you must return here later to access that they are guarding.

From area 5 continue south to complete the rest of the Central Region on the mountains.  As you make your way to the bottom of this region you will encounter numerous Ghosts and Skeleton Blazes.  When you arrive at the end of the outcropping, there will be a small wooden bridge with a waterfall.  In this area is a pair of Spirits.  These are small nuisance enemies that are not very powerful, but they can charge and stun you when they turn red.  Avoid them until they return to their "harmless" blue state and finish them off.

Across the bridge is a locked chest that will require your Fairy I.D. Open the chest to find the I.D. Chart Skill.  Now you will be able to track and evolve your Innocent Devils.  Keep in mind that the weapon you use will determine the Evo Crystals that it's fed, and subsequently its path of evolution.  From your auto map you will notice that you can't complete all of this "room".  You will have to return here later to find out what you are missing.
Western Region
The small connecting segment to the area contains a Wizard and a Cockatrice.  The fabled monster may look like a large chicken but this big bird has the ability to petrify you, turning you to stone.  Shake the analog stick to break free of this crippling effect.

Your path will diverge once again (6) and you must of course complete both sides to fully expose the entire map.  The path straight in front of you holds a pair of Cockatrice but it is not that exciting.  Instead, take the path to the left that curves west.  Defeat a slew of Skeletons and continue to the next open area.  Battle a few Wizards and a Cockatrice at the foot of the staircase.  Climb up the stairs and leap to a ledge with one last pesky Wizard and a locked chest.  Use the Fairy I.D to obtain the Boiling Ring that will protect you from fire.  He sure to equip this accessory now because you will need it very shortly.  From this vantage point you will notice an HP Max Up far off in the distance.  To obtain this valuable life extension you will need the Glide ability.

Ascend the long set of stairs to the exit and continue fighting Skeletons to level up your Battle I.D.  Head south back to area 6 to complete this section and gain valuable experience.  Before you can continue north you must defeat two Efreets.  These fiery foes are masters of flame so it's a good thing you got that Boiling Ring.  Use the Quick Step to avoid their long swipes and flame thrower attacks.  Try to assault them from the rear and use your Battle I.D. as a diversion.

When the barrier drops, go through the door and use the Save Room on the left side.  You will need to defeat one more Efreet and a few Lizardmen as you battle to the end of the road, the red Boss Door.
Make sure you have the Boiling Ring equipped or this fight will be a lot more difficult.  The Boss has several attacks from the ground as well as an air strike.  While you are up close there are several attacks that you have to be careful of.  It's fastest strike is its bite move that gives very little warning.  Block or Quick Step this maneuver to avoid damage from this chomping move.

On the contraary, its tail whipping attack is telegraphed rather well.  Right before the tail hits you, simple Quick Step to escape unharmed.

The last initial attack in this part of the fight is a stomp move that could be confused for the Wyvern taking flight.  You can jump straight up and time your leap to perform an air combo while it lands.

When the monster if in front of you, continue your assault on its head and wait for it to rear back and plunge its head straight into the ground.  It will temporarily become stuck in the ground and this is the perfect time for you to use your Battle I.D. to tag team the beast while it is defenseless.

However, once the monster has escaped be sure to send your I.D. back or put it in the Guard stance to avoid taking lots of damage from the previously mentioned attacks.  When the beast has received enough damage, it will take to the sky and shoot a large stream of flames in a straight line.  This is very easy to avoid and it is a great time to use the Fairy I.D. to heal you.

It's final and most devastating attack will occur after the fight has gone on for awhile.  In a fit of rage the Wyvern will rear back on its hindquarters and shoot a continual torrent of flame as it moves it's head from side to side.  Thankfully, the Quick Step skill will allow you to pass through the flames unharmed.  As the fire approaches you, simple Quick Step through hte blaze in the opposite direction.  Be sure your Innocent Devils don't get caught in the blast!

If you relentlessly attack its head and Quick Step through its attacks you should survive this fiery fight.  Recharge in the blue light and exit this room to travel to the Garibaldi Temple.
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