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This page will discuss some of he basics about the game, such as how it works, and some other interesting information for those who have either never played the game before, or have never understood how it worked.
  • Menu Screen
  • Battle System
  • Information Screen
  • Monster Farm
  • Traveler's Gates
  • Arena Battles

  • Menu Screen

    At any time you can bring up the menu screen by pressing the 'A' button, as long as you are not facing any objects that are also activated by the 'A' button. In this screen there are a few options that you will encounter:
    Info - This will open a sub-menu where you can browse the information on your monsters. By pressing 'A' you can bring up more pages of information on your monsters.
    ITEM - This opens up your item list and lets you choose an item to use on one of your monsters.
    SKIL - This opens up a sub-menu where you can see a list of your monsters skills, and by looking further you can see the MP cost of a skill and a short description of what it does.
    OPTN - This brings up an option screen where you can edit the text speed, change the order of your monsters, change the current plan of your monsters, and most importantly, save your game by recording in the journal.
    G - This is the current amount of G that you have on you.

    Battle System

    This is the basic battle screen. At the top will be displayed your team of monsters with their name, current HP and current MP. Then in the middle of the screen will be the opposing team of monsters, which will be displayed by the sprite for that monster. Then at the bottom is the list of commands you can give to your monsters for the battle:
    FIGHT - This command will let your monsters attack as they please.
    ITEM - This opens up your item list and lets you choose an item to use of yourself or your opponents.
    PLAN - This opens a sub-menu where you can plan your monsters methods of attacks.
  • Charge: Your monster will attack and use offensive skills.
  • Mixed: Your monster will use its supportive abilities to help it allies and hinder your opponents.
  • Cautious: Your monster will defend and use defensive and healing abilities.
  • Command: You can pick exactly what you want your monster to do, but this cannot be used in arena battles.

  • RUN - You will attempt to run away from the monsters, although you cannot run away from a battle against a boss or another monster master.

    Information Screen

    This is the first screen that you encounter. It displays the various statistics of you monster. These have various uses for your monster, with one of the most important being that certain skills require you monster to have a minimum level in a certain stat to learn a new skill.
    Top Line - This displays information about your monster, its name, gender, a star if it has reached its max level, and its level.
    ATK - This displays the attack of your monster. It has a maximum of 999. It affects how much damage your monster can do when it attacks physically.
    DEF - This displays the defence of your monster. It has a maximum of 999. It affects how much damage you monster takes when being hit by a physical attack.
    AGL - This displays the agility of your monster. It has a maximum of 511. It affects the chance of your opponents attack hitting you.
    INT - This displays the intelligence of your monster. It has a maximum of 255. It affects how much damage you monster can give with their magical skills.
    WLD - This displays how wild your monster is. It has a maximum of 255. The higher the number, the more wild your monster is, and the less likely that it will obey you if you ask it to do something that is against its personality.
    HP - This shows you monsters current HP / max HP. It has a maximum of 999.
    MP - This shows your monsters currrent MP / max MP. It has a maximum of 999.

    This is the second screen with information about leveling up your monster.
    UNCERTAIN - This is your monsters personality, which affects what moves it likes to do.
    RainHawk - This is the type of monster.
    +24 - This row shows the species of monster, followed by a plus sign to indicate how much stronger the monster is from breeding (A monster that is not a result of breeding will not have any pluses). It also shows a small little picture of what the monster looks like when it follows you around.
    MASTER - This shows the original master of the monster.
    Ex - This shows the current amount of experience that your monster has.
    NEXT LV - This shows how much experience is needed for your monster to reach the next level.

    This screen shows the current skills that your monster knows. If your monster has no skills then it will display an empty box.

    If you did not breed your monster then these two boxes will contain ???. Otherwise it will display the information of the monsters parents. It gives the type of monsters, any pluses that they may have had, and their original trainers.

    Monster Farm

    On the top floor of GreatTree castle you will find the monster farm. This is run by a boy called Pulio who can help you out by keeping monsters and eggs for you. The farm can hold a maximum of 38 monsters, 19 current monsters, and 19 sleeping monsters. Any monsters that you leave in the farm will still get a little experience when you are adventureing, but not as much as the monsters in your party. Any mopnsters that are sleeping in your farm will not get any experience. When you speak to him he gives you a list of options:
    DROP OFF - This enables you to drop off monsters with Pulio, however you cannot drop off a monster if you only have one, or if the storage limit is full, in these cases Pulio will offer to swap a monster.
    PICK UP - This gives you the option of taking a monster out of the farm to put in your party. If your party is full then Pulio will offer to swap one of your monsters.
    CHECK - This lets you check the status of the monsters in the farm.
    SEPERATE - This option wil allow you to seperate a monster from your farm. This will release it from your farm back to the wild. This should only be used if you really need space on your farm and have some monsters that you don't mind losing, as the monster will be lost permently.
    SLEEP - This will put all the current monsters on the farm to sleep, and will wake up any already sleeping monsters. If you choose this option then your game will also be saved.
    EXIT - This will stop talking to Pulio.

    Traveler's Gates

    Around the land there are various traveler's gates. These are mystical portals that transport you to the lands with the monsters in. There are several of these in the castle that are unlocked as you progress through the game, and more are hidden around the land to be found later. These each take you to a random dungeon full of monsters, where there are a set number of floors to progress through, with each floor being randomly generated, and at the end a boss room, with some sort of more powerful enemy monster to fight.

    Arena Battles

    Through the game you progress in ranks as you become a better monster master. But your not just given these ranks, you have to earn them in the arena. This is located on the floor below the castle of GreatTree. Here you will have to fight three battles against other masters in order to raise your rank and open more traveler's gates in the castle. You can fight here to increase yourself all the way up to S rank, and you have to do this to progress through the story. And when you reach S rank you might just be able to fight some other battles in the arena...

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