11/01/07 - Not very much time these days, but I'm determined to finish off the shrine soon enough. Added a direct link to the patches, and finished working on the armor section. Misc items section still in progress. More uploads later today/tonight.

09/07/07 - Getting used to college, finished off and uploaded the last of the weapons section.
Now that I'm acclimated to the workload, I should be able to continue building on a more steady basis.

07/25/07 - Still working on walkthrough, also fixed a few typos and added clarification to the perks page.

07/23/07 - Working on walkthrough, added Modoc and other minor areas.

07/17/07 - Working on walkthrough, completed first three major areas, continuing work.

07/15/07 - Updated weapons page with throwing wepaons, completed framework for the walkthrough, as well as links to patch files.

07/14/07 - Uploaded walkthrough index and started work on the body of it. Started work on weapons page, starting with melee weapons.

07/11/07 - Uploaded the FAQ page, still working on weapons. Started brainstorming layout for the walkthrough, since FO2 isn't linear.

07/09/07 - First update, uploaded skills, statistics, optional traits, and perks pages. Began work on weapons page, but have not yet uploaded it.

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