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Weapon Names

These are all the possible weapon names. The abilities are listed in order of important. A weapon with an ability high on the list and an ability low on the list will take the name of the higher ability. Also, Tidus has one more weapon name seperate from the rest. Brotherhood has Strength +3,5%, Sensor, and Waterstrike.

Complete Remakes of the Celestial Weapons do not get their names, for the Celestial Weapons have some other extra features.

All these names are courtesy of CB!, possibly the best FFX FAQ writer there is
ABILITY Tidus Yuna Auron Lulu
Wakka Kimahri Rikku
Capture Taming Sword Herding Staff Beastmaster Trapper Mog
Catcher Taming Spear Iron Grip
Crystal Sword Arc Arcana Conqueror Moomba Quartet
Four-on-One Quadforce Deus Ex-Machina
Break the Damage Barrier Excalibur Abraxas Heaven's Cloud Soul of Mog
Grand Slam Gungir Kaiser Knuckles
Triple AP
Overdrive -> AP
Triple Overdrive
Ragnarok Heavenly Axis Muramasa Space Soul
Blowout Luin Victorix
Overdrive -> AP
Triple Overdrive
Balmug Judgement Alkaid Space Master
Rout Gae Bolg Unlimited
Double AP
Double Overdrive
Save the Queen Seraphim Rod Peacemaker Space King
Tie Breaker Venus Gospel Warmonger
Triple Overdrive Heartbreaker Rod of Roses Genji Blade Space Force
Winning Streak Highwind Overload
Double Overdrive Lionheart Nimbus Rod Dragon Killer Space Energy
Scoring Spree Berserker Override
Triple AP Durandal Wonder Wing Painkiller Comet Cactuar
Triple Score Horn of the Ronso Golden Arm
Double AP Ascalon Wing Wand Divider Star Cactuar
Double Score Chariot Golden Hand
Overdrive -> AP Ambitious Wonder Wand The Nameless Lord Cactuar
Rookie Star Transmuter Ironside
SOS Overdrive Hrunting Laevatein Ogre Killer Space Power
Buzzerbeater Kain's Lance Battle Freak
One MP Cost Astral Sword Astral Rod Murasame Magical Cactuar
Overtime Astral Spear Infinity
Any 4 of:
Darkstrike Sleepstrike
Deathstrike Slowstrike
Poisonstrike Stonestrike
Silencestrike Zombiestrike
Apocalypse Chaos Rod Riot Blade Chaotic Cait Sith
Penalty Master Chaos Lance Tempest Claw
4 Strength +x% Master Sword Power Staff Master Ogre Space Warrior
Ace Striker Giant Spear Spartan
4 Magic+x% Runemaster Shining Staff Master Djinn Space Mage
Ace Wizard Titan Lance Brunhilde
Magic Booster
3 Magic+x%
Warlock Faerie Rod Matoya's Blade Mana Mog
Over the Top Eldritch Lance Valkyrie
Half MP Cost Arc Sword Magistral Rod Inducer Cactuar Wizard
Halftime Shamanic Spear Magical Rave
Gillionaire Gilventure El Dorado Gilmonger Space Bandit
Free Agent Prospector Stickyfingers
3 Elemental Strikes Tri-Steel Tri-Rod Ichimonji Moomba Trio
Tricolor Trident Rising Sun
Any 3 of:
Darkstrike Sleepstrike
Deathstrike Slowstrike
Poisonstrike Stonestrike
Silencestrike Zombiestrike
Helter-Skelter Wicked Hand Corruptor Abaddon Cait Sith
Triple Penalty Vicious Lance Typhoon Claw
Magic Counter
Counter or Evade & Counter
Vendetta Nemesis Rod Ashura Vengeful Cactuar
Turnover Dragoon Lance Untouchable
Counter or Evade & Counter Avenger Defender Kotetsu Raging Cactuar
Rematch Rebel Lance Tit-for-Tat
Magic Counter Prism Steel Prism Rod Prism Blade Prism Cactuar
Prism Ball Prism Lance Prism Claw
Magic Booster Mirage Sword Mirage Rod Nirage Blade Boster Cactuar
Mirage Ball Mirage Spear Mirage Claw
Alchemy Lifesaver Healing Rod Lifegiver Medical Mog
Comeback Healer Spear Survivor
First Strike Sonic Steel Wind Rod Sonic Blade Swift Cactuar
Breakaway Sonic Lance Vanguard
Initiative Vigilante Conductor Sentry Cactuar Spy
First Goal Detector Sonar
Deathstrike Danse Macabre Punisher Assassin Blade Wicked Cait Sith
Sudden Death Thanatos Lance Executioner
Slowstrike Largamente Impasse Blockade Chronos Cait Sith
Timeout Net Spear Clockwork
Stonestrike Gravestone Calcite Staff Still Blade Stone Cait Sith
Stone Cold Rock Buster Colossus
Poisonstrike Sidewinder Bizarre Staff Venemous Blade Toxic Cait Sith
Violation Venom Spike Manticor Claw
Sleepstrike Nightmare Staff of Thorns Dozing Blade Dreamy Cait Sith
Sleeper Hypno Spear Lights Out
Silcenstrike Mage Masher Reticent Staff Tacit Blade Mute Cait Sith
Muffler Mage Hunter Mage Husher
Darkstrike Nightbringer Darkness Staff Dark Blade Dark Cait Sith
Blackout Darkbringer Jammer
3 Strength+x% Knight Sword Monk Staff Ogre Blade Power Mog
Power Play Knight Lance Iron Claw
3 Magic+x% Wizard Sword Mage's Staff Djinn Blade Magician Mog
Virtuoso Wizard Lance The Ogre
2 Elemental Attacks Double-Edge Dual Rod Dual Blade Moomba Duo
Double Header Twin Lance Dual Claw
2 of:
Darktouch Sleeptouch
Deathtouch Slowtouch
Poisontouch Stonetouch
Silencetouch Zombietouch
Razmatazz Ominous Rod Chaos Blade Ominous Cait Sith
Double Penalty Calamity Spear Hurrican Claw
Deathtouch Deathbringer Death Wand Critical Blade Fatal Cait Sith
Rough Play Matador Spear Ninja Claw
Slowtouch Stunning Steel Entangling Rod Stunner Late Cait Sith
Delay of Game Web Lance Clock Hand
Stonetouch Basilisk Steel Break Rod Gorgon Gaze Fossil Cait Sith
TKO Break Lance Break Knuckles
Poisontouch Poison Steel Belladona Wand Spider's Kiss Noxious Cait Sith
Rulebreaker Snakehead Poison Claw
Sleep Touch Lullaby Steel Lullaby Wand Peaceful Slumber Sleepy Cait Sith
Dream Team Dream Lance Daydreamer
Silencetouch Muted Steel Rod of Silence Soundless Scream Quiet Cait Sith
Noisebreaker Silent Spear Tongue Holder
Darktouch Twilight Steel Rod of Darkness Blurry Moon Blinding Cait Sith
Blind Pass Dusk Lance Eye Poker
Sensor Hunter's Sword Rod of Wisdom Hunter's Blade Cactuar Scope
Scout Hunter's Spear Hawkeye
Firestrike Flametongue Rod of Flame Fire Blade Fire Moomba
Fire Ball Heat Lance Hot Knuckles
Icestrike Ice Brand Rod of Ice Frose Blade Ice Moomba
Ice Ball Ice Lance Ice Claw
Thunderstrike Lightning Steel Rod of Thunder Thunder Blade Thunder Moomba
Thunder Ball Thunder Spear Shocking Fist
Waterstrike Liquid Steel Rod of Water Water Blade Water Moomba
Water Ball Tidal Spear Tidal Knuckles
4 Empty Slots Variable Steel Malleable Staff Shiranui Morphing Mog
All-rounder Shapeshifter Flexible Arm
Force Saber Force Rod Basara Blade Moomba Force
Ovation Force Lance Force Knuckles
2 or 3 Empty Slots. Baroque Sword Ductile Rod Shimmering Blade Variable Mog
Switch Hitter Halberd Devastator
Magic+10/20% Sorcery Sword Sorcery Rod Spritual Blade Moomba Mage
Trickster Magic Lance Magic Knuckles
Strength+10/20% Soldier's Sabre Full Metal Rod Nodachi Moomba Warrior
Striker Full Metal Spear Buster Knuckles
Magic+5% Rune Steel Rune Rod Rune Blade Rune Mog
Rune Ball Rune Lance Magic Claw
Magic+3% Enchanted Sword Enchanted Rod Magic Blade Magical Mog
Magic Ball Enchanted Lance Magic Glove
Strength+5% Fencing Sabre Rod of Striking War Blade Buster Mog
Hyper Ball Striking Spear Buster Claw
Strength+3% Warrior's Sword Rod of Beating Knight Blade Attack Mog
Power Ball heavy Spear Buster Glove
Piercing Slasher Spike Rod Katana Stinger Mog
Center Forward Harpoon Barbed Knuckles
1 Slot (Default Weapon) Longsword Staff Blade Moogle
Official Ball Spear Claw