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The Beginning

After you select to start a new game you'll be prompted to give the hero a name. Pick whichever you like.
Then the game finally begins! You start off at a graveyard. From there walk west and you'll find a town, name is Miliver.
There you're able to purchase items, rest free of charge (restores life points), save your game and talk with NPCs, but they rarely say anything important.
Once you're done, follow the arrows shown in the picture to the right, they'll lead you straight to the first labyrinth. There are some monsters on the way, but pay them no heed.
After having followed these directions, you'll be at the beach. There are some monsters there too. Kill them and a save point will appear.
Climb down the stairs and save your game if you want or follow the next step.
Once again, follow the arrows on the left picture. Disregard the enemies you'll find on the way, killing them is not important at this point.
You'll find another stairs. There's also two bugging globi that may get in your way. If they do, simply kill them, they're easy. Next, climb down the stairs.
You'll find an old man standing there. Talk to him and he'll give you one life point. Go back to the save point at the beach and save your game. With this done, you're ready to enter the first labyrinth and the next section of this walkthrough.

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