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Plate Mail Pond

It's time to get the plate mail which will improve your defense. There are 3 ways of reaching its location. We'll start with the easiest, assuming you're now just returning from the 4th Labyrinth.
Way 1: Walk all the way to [7,2]. Find the plane mountain edge and climb it down.
Way 2: Destroy the bolder behind the trees using the Earth Magic and a stair will appear. Climb it down.
You'll find a girl. Talk to her and in exchange for 10 horns she'll let you pass. The stairs behind her will take you to [7,3].
Way 3: Finally the most arduous way is to cross Death Adder's desert at [8,7]. To get to the swamps by the desert, go Southeast, North, Northeast, South, and back North.
If you followed all steps correctly you'll be at the swamps. From there, go left, and then keep walking north until you reach some mountainous area.
Whichever way you chose, you should now be at [7,3]. From there, walk right. Cross the stream on to the other side.
Climb up the mountain as seen in the picture (left way). When you reach the top, head left.
There are three rockheads on this part. You can kill them or go directly for the plane edge and climb down. Just watch out for the heavy boulders they throw at you.
Kill all monsters, but be careful with the red hog. His shots can't blocked until you get a better shield! A stair will appear at the center of the area.
Climb down the stairs and open the chest. That's it. Now your character looks much more cute in pink!
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