Each castle has it's own unique strengths and weaknesses. This area should help you determine which castles may reflect your our personality or strategic thinking.

To see the statistics of the creatures that can be obtained from these castles, click here.

The Knight's castle is the most tranditional "castle" due to the creatures within - all real history based. This traditional "Knight in Shining Armor" castle is perfect for new players do to the fact that it is necesary to build buildings not normally needed - but quite useful otherwise - to advance the creature producing tect tree. Magic is a secondary here.

The Sorceress' castle is what many might imagine when picturing a "fantasy"-like castle. The creatures here are easy to get and the necesity of certain buildings make this castle ideal for newer players prone towards using magic.

The Wizard's castle. It is the castle "good" mages. Lots of ranged units and built on defense and magic. There are more spells in this castle than any other.

The Warlock's castle. It is castle of "evil" mages. It is similiar to the wizards castle but differs in that it is more prone to offensive creatures and magic - as oppose to the wizards defensive type.

The Barbarian's castle is the ultimate power house. This is a brute force castle with all its creatures both tough and strong. While magic isn't used here often, but it's great for making these brutes even stronger.

The Necromancer's castle is a land of undead. The undead are immune to moral, both good and bad. This castle is a great combination of magic and strength. But however great the combination, neither magic nor strength are the most powerful.