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 Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean


In ancient times, magic masters created the mystic kingdom of Fargasta. It is said that there, the Eldean brothers and a sister were born.

Unfortunately, as they grew, the Black Dragon Vlag sensed the power of the Eldean clan, and sought to destroy the Eldeans and their enchanted kingdom. As the Black Dragon began its murderous assault, the three siblings combined their power, dealing the wicked beast a mortal wound that spewed vile blood upon them.

Once word spread that the dragon was no more, the people of Fargasta rejoiced in their new found heroes, and reveled in thoughts of eternal peace.

However, the revelry was cut short when one of the three claimed Madriker, the foul sword crafted from the very soul of Vlag. Taking the title "Immortal Emperor," he set about destroying all that was pure in the land. Though many fought the black tide valiantly, all were crushed by the insane power of the fiend-sword.

Soon it was clear that each of the Eldean clan had gained imoortality by means of Vlag's blood. Radoria had moved to darkness, while Estan and Cirrus shone brightly in opposition to his advance.

The battle of the immortals spanned days... and Radoria's strength was growing with each passing second.

When it seemed as if there was no way to stop her power-mad brother, Cirrus quietly called upon the one secret power she had hidden from her brothers and transformed herself into the Holy Sword of Eldean. It was a final desperate act to counter the vicious and undeniable power of Madriker.

Surprised but determined, Estan took the Holy Sword, raised it high, and cast a mighty blow towards Radoria. The resulting blast sent tremors through the land for untold distance...

As the bold and curious alike approached the battleground, they found no trace of the Eldean clan. Radoria, Estan, and Cirrus had vanished. Many thought that the tragic Legend of Eldean had thus ended.

Alas,... it had only just begun...

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Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean 1996


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