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Name Image HP Movement Speed Location EXP NeoParts Yield
Bigfoot 30 Slow NW Rabas 10 New Alloy (Endurance+5)
Fargolta 10 Medium NW Rabas 10 Hand Missile, Scope (increases impact weapon accuracy)
Gremlin 10 Fast NW Rabas 5 N/A
Rahksasha 120 Medium S Rabas 50 Mirror Shield
Replahorn 20 Slow NW Rabas 10 Scope (increases heat weapon accuracy), New Chemical (increases heat weapon damage)
Scylla 50 Slow NW Rabas 25 MHD Field

Note: "Momvement Speed" is based on how many squares an enemy can move per turn. The speeds are Immobile (0), Slow (1 square), Medium (2-3 squares), and Fast (more than 3 squares). "Neoparts Yield" shows the item or upgrade you will recieve after researching the enemy's neoparts.

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