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System 1: Rabas

After watching the intro, you need to customize your team before you do anything else. Make sure you check out the Tips page for more info on beginning customization. Once you're done with that, try to you get a feel for your ship by just exploring and reading the Tips page for more info. When you're ready, land and deploy.
First things first, run into town, and talk to everyone outside. Then, go into the big buidling in the middle of town to meet the professor. He'll give you the Star Chart and permission to enter the President's house. Leave here and head over to the President's house on the left side of the map. He'll give you a small mission.
Before moving on, you should probably level a little. I like to stick around the ship and level to at least level 3. Make sure that you use your medic/mechanic to heal/repair so they gain their respective exp. (This'll make the levelling up a lot faster) When you feel confident, heal/save and head up to the northern part of the map. Enter the downed ship.
Once inside, go down out of the small room you entered in, down at the fork, and left into a little room with an old "video deck"; to the left of this room is the bridge, enter it. Exit it from the lower entrance, go right through the first door, and enter the second door leading south. Exit this little room, and head all the way to the right, and up into the last room, with a dirty picture. Go up, and right, and you'll find that the lower coil is broken. Now, head back towards the beginning, but this time enter the first door on the second series of doors (before you get to the bridge), and make your way north, going right at the second double-doors.
Now, go right, up, and down at the first door, then right all the way to the other engine. Go to the arrow and grab the Monopole Coil. Exit this little room, and go up at the first door for an easy way out (even if you have to return to the base to heal/save, make sure you're at least level 4 before you move on). Your ship is now fixed. Get in, take off, and land in the southern area of the planet. Enter the base here. Once you're in, you'll see a "corridor" to your right. If you follow it and go left, Mica will give you the location of the core. But, you can't get to it yet. You've most likely seen the yellow "moving sidewalks", they go only one way and will come in handy later.
Head to the bottom right of the map, and you'll find another corridor, this time made out of sidewalks. Go up the middle of it, and make a big loop around the installation, avoiding all the sidewalks. Go all the way around until you're in the upper left room. Exit left, and use the small sidewalks to go south, and enter the bottom left room where the core is. Heal/fix before you get into the core, because it starts a battle. This is a pretty easy battle, but the boss can do a lot of damage in one turn, so he's your first priority. Move everyone to the back row, and use your strongest options on him, and you should kill him before the Bigfeet even get to you (I normally get him in one turn). Then turn your attention to the Bigfeet. Once the battle's over, you'll get some wreckage from the Rahkshasa. (Note how I didn't heal myself before the battle :)
Head back to the northern part of the planet, and go into town. Talk to everyone here, as they have new things to say now that you're a hero. Talk to the President, and he'll give you a tip, so our next destination is... Worldring-3!

Get into your ship, and Long Jump down to Mepsede, left to Alvin, and down once again to Worldring.

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