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General Game Info

General Knowledge

Character creation is by far the most important part of this game. It decides the direction your game takes. Do you become a stealthy assassin, firing with deadly aim and slicing your opponents to bits when they're close, or do you become a massive wall of flesh with the sole purpose of demolishing anything in your path with a huge, heavy weapon. Be it a screaming minigun, or a 1-ton hammer drenched in gore. All of the parts of the character creation process that effect your character in any way are covered here. As well as a list of every perk, and every skill.

General Info
Base Character Attributes
Character Perks
Character Skills
Character Traits

General Info

This shows the general information about your character. Any negative status effects that may be present within him/her are shown below your Hit Points. This screen also houses your "derived statistics." These, as the manual states, are decided as follows:

"Your primary statistics and your race will determine your derived statistics. You cannot directly adjust a derived statistic."

A list of all derived statistics and how they're made can be found just below this line. Enjoy.

Derived Stat
Hit Points
This is based almost solely on your Endurance, but can be modified by the Strength you have. More strength adds to your hit points. Hit points are how much damage you can take before you die, which is something you don't want.
Armor Class
If you've ever played DnD, you know this little puppy very well. Armor class, AC for short, is a numerical description of how hard it is to hit you. The higher the number, the better. Armors increase this number, which is good.
Melee Damage
Based solely upon your Strength, this is how much damage you do with hand to hand combat.
Bonus Damage
How much damage is added to any attack you successfully hit with. This is modified by your race, traits and/or perks.
Damage Resistance
Shows how much physical damage is reduced. It's in a percentage, and is based on the type of armor you're wearing.
Poison Resistance
Shows how much poison damage is reduced. A percentage, again, and is based on your endurance.
Radiation Resistance
Shows how much radiation damage is reduced. Yet another percentage, can be modified by anti-radiation chemicals/drugs, and is based on your endurance.
Action Points
A very important statistic based on your Agility. It determines how many actions you can make during combat.
Carry Weight
max amount of stuff your character can lug around. It's based on Strength, obviously.
Heal Rate
This is how fast you naturally heal. Also, you get bonuses when you're healed by unnatural means such as a skill. This is based on Endurance
Critical Rate
Just how damn lucky your character gets with bullet trajectories/knife slices. This is your chances of getting a critical hit, which deals much more damage than normal. It's based on Luck.
Skill Rate
How many skill points you get per level. Based on your intelligence.
Perk Rate
How many levels it takes for you to get a new perk to choose.

Base Character Attributes

These are the basics that describe how strong, perceptive, durable, charismatic, intellectual, agile, and lucky your character is. These are all in numerals with a basic assessment of how good or bad your character ranks in each of the 7 categories. They range from 1 to 20, and humans can only get to 10 by natural means. This means your single player characters will be limited to a maximum of 10 of any of the stats in the beginning of the game. Average humans have a 5, which is why 10 is the maximum, and 1 is the minimum. They basically speak for themeselves. The categories are composed of the following:

This attribute effects the maximum weight you can carry, the heaviest weapon that you can possibly use, and how powerful your unarmed attacks are. This is definitely something to beef up if you want to mangle your opponents with nothing more than your brute strength. Come to think of it, this is the most important attribute.
The numerical representation of your senses. This mostly affects ranged weapons and how well you detect enemies around you. Perception is the most important of all the attributes. If you want to blast your enemies to bits with deadly accuracy, beef this skill up as far as you dare.
This is by far the most important of all the attributes. This decides just how durable your character is. It effects your hit points and resistances. Power this up if you want to have a moving wall of bone and sinew.
Charisma could be considered the way you look. It's the most important attribute. Who's going to like you if you look like crap, ie, have a low Charisma score? No one, that's who. Charisma effects your looks, charm, and leadership skills. High Charisma gives you a better chance of your teammates performing better as well. It also effects bartering.
This is how mentally competent your character is. This effects how many skills you can learn. Higher intelligence means more skills. More skills means a better character. A better character means a happier player. That's why this attribute is the most important.
This statistic is most important of them all. It effects the number of Action Points you have, which effect how much you can do in battle. To have a quick, agile character, build this stat up the most. You probably won't regret it.
Luck modifies a whole slew of things. From random encounters, to gambling, to if that one piece of shrapnel lodged in your temple happens to migrate its way outside your skull, or into your brain in the split second it's inside you after an explosion. Due to all the stuff it modifies, it's the most important of everything listed here. (If you haven't noticed by now, they're ALL the most important. You decide what's most important to you.)

Character Perks

You gain these as your character levels up.

Character Skills

These decide exactly what your character is good or bad with. You can raise them a bit every level you gain. When making a character, you're able to make 3 skills a bit better, and skill points spent on them do doubly as well as they would on an untagged skill at the same level. They're given a special color coding on the character screen. When one is said to be 'based on' something, that means the higher that stat, the better you'll be at this skill.

Small Guns
The use of pistols, rifles, shotguns, and any other small firearms. Based on Agility.
Big Guns
Rocket launchers, miniguns, and anything else that would make a grown man wet himself at the sight of it. Based on Agility.
Energy Weapons
High tech weapons that use energy cells as a fuel source. Based on Agility.
Fists and feet, hence the name unarmed. Based on Strength and Agility.
Melee Weapons
Knives, spears, and anything else you have to get up close and personal with. Based on Strength and Agility.
Grenades and anything else you throw. Based on Agility.
First Aid
Healing small wounds. Someone who is Bandaged cannot have first aid performed on them. A First Aid Kit is required for you to use this skill on someone. Based on Perception and Intelligence.
Heals major wounds and cripple limbs. Also can wake someone who's unconcious. A Doctor's Bag is required for you to use this skill on someone. Based on Perception and Intelligence.
The ability to move without people noticing you. Based on Agility.
Opening locked doors and anything else that's not using and electronic lock. Based on Perception and Agility.
The ability to change someone's inventory without them knowing. Works best while sneaking and behind them. Good for planting timed explosives on people. Based on Agility.
Spotting, disarming and setting traps/explosives. Based on Perception and Agility.
Knowledge of chemistry, computers, and anything else scientific. Bansed on Intelligence.
Used for fixing broken things. Can be used to repair vehicles if you have a Repair Kit. Based on Intelligence.
Higher piloting skill means quicker vehicle movement during combat. Based on Perception and Agility
Improves the value of your items. Based on Charisma.
Increases your chance of winning at gambling. Based on Luck.
Drops your chances of getting random encounters. Based on Intelligence and Endurance.

Character Traits

These are the traits you can choose from at the beginning of the game.

Fast Metabolism
You're much less resistant to radiation and poison, but your body heals faster.
Action points drop, but your Strength increases
Small Frame
Carry weight drops, but you gain more agility.
One Hander
Better with one-handed weapons, worse with two-handed ones.
Less overall damage, more higher critical chance.
Lowers your armor class to just what your armor gives, but you do more overall damage.
Heavy Handed
Melee damage is higher, but your critical rate drops.
Fast Shot
Can't do targeted shots, but guns and thrown weapons take one less AP to use.
Bloody Mess
There's always a lot of blood when you kill someone/thing.
Everyone around you, and you, have higher chances for bad luck.
Good Natured
Combat skills start at a lower level, but First Aid, Doctor, and Barter are greatly improved.
Chemical Reliant
More easily addicted to chemicals, twice as likely to be exact, but you recover from their effects quicker.
Chemical Resistant
Half as likely to be addicted to chemicals, but they effects only last half the time.
Night Person
Intelligence and Perception go up by 1 during the night, but drop 1 during the day.
5 additional skill points per level, but it takes 1 more level to gain a perk.
You get +1 to all of your stats (ST through LK), but you get a -10% to all skills to start, and 5 less skill points per level.
Glowing One
(Ghoul only)
Gained resistance to radiation, but you radiate people near you.
Tech Wizard
(Ghoul only)
Bonus to Science, Repair, and Lockpick skills, but a penalty to perception.
Fear the Reaper
(Ghoul Only)
You get perks more quickly, but have better chances of dying randomly.
Vat Skin
(Mutant Only)
Bonus to armor class, but people nearby suffer a perception penalty.
Ham Fisted
(Mutant Only)
Extra tag skill on Unarmed, but a penalty on technical skills.
(Deathclaw Only)
Heightened intelligence, but less unarmed damage.
(Deathclaw Only)
Less problems with crippled limbs and bonus AP after a kill, but chemicals have no effect.
Tight Nuts
(Robot Only)
Double the base damage resistance to any attack, but twice as difficult to repair.
Targeting Comp
(Robot Only)
An extra action point is required to attack, but a +15% chance to hit.
EMP Shielding
(Robot Only)
Agility penalty, but a 30% bonus to EMP resistance.
Beta Software
(Robot Only)
4 tag skills, but has random gun jamming and 'system glitches.'

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