Chapter 2: Into the Depths of Sol Sanctum

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 In this video game series there is many puzzles and this is one of them I like to call Stepping Stones. Basically you need to find the pattern which you can jump from stone to stone and aventually reach the other side.

You should start where Isaac is in the picture or start by the right most "stepping stone" and jump up 3 stones. Then Jump left twice, down twice, left once and finally up three times.

In the next rooms you can encounter monsters, to handle them I reccomend just attacking if there is less then two but, if there is three have Jenna use Blaze once and then attack with the rest. The next room is a long narrow hallway but, it heads directly to the next room after it so, it shouldn't be much trouble to navigate it.
 In the next room after the long hallway we have yet another stepping stone puzzle. This stepping stone puzzle is slightly different from the last one due to the stepping stones themselves lead to 3 seperate sections. I labeled these sections in the picture from left to right as 1, 2 and 3. To get past this room you need to visit the sections in the order of 2, 3 then 1 however; I'll still write how to get past this section below.

Again you should start from where Isaacs is in the picture, or from the stone straight north of the door you entered from.

Then jump up once, right once and up again. You are now at a split where you can jump to two stones so, take a step to the left and then jump up to the next two stones. A third jump up will land you on the other side of the room at section 2.
  • If you continue to head north you will find a chest with a SMALL JEWEL inside.
After obtaining the jewel head back south to the steppings stones, and now you'll want to head over to section 3. The directions you need to jump from section 2 to section 3 is:

Jump down three times, right once and up three times. You kind of make a "U" shape to jump over to section 3.

From Section 3 head north until you see a minotaur statue with a glowing eye sticking out of the wall. You'll have to walk up close to it and push [A]. Afterwards highlight Items and push [A] again. Then choose the character who has the small jewel (by using the movement pad and the [A] button). Finally highlight the Small jewel in thier inventory and choose to use it (again using movement pad and the [A] button).

Then the room will shake alittle indicating something has happened, head back south to where the stepping stones are and you'll have to jump to back to the south proportion of the room room.

Do this by jumping down once, take a step to the right and jump down again. Then jump to your left and stand on the middle square and jump down. Finally jump left and down and you'll be back where Isaac is on the picture.

Luckly jumping up to section 1 is pretty simple. Just stand infront of the stepping stone on the left side of the room and jump up five times and you'll reach the section 1 area. Then you just head straight into the next room.
 In the next room your party engages in a small conversation that isn't important. This room has a lot of statues inside of it however; to the far left and right side of the room is a statue with a doted border around it. The doted border is an indication that it can be pushed around within the border so, you should go to the statue on the far right side, push it and walk into the door behind it. To push a object just stand next to it and hold the movement pad in a direction it can be pushed in.

This door leads to a small room with a staircase, and that staircase leads to the maze room entrance (A), which is in the picture below. The monsters in this room are harder and some groups of monsters in this room come in four so, I reccommend that you start using Jenna's Blaze in every battle.
When you enter this room you will be at point (A) on the map to the left. From that point you should head east then, north until you reach an intersecion of hallways that gives you the choice of going north, east or west. You should go left at this hallway.
  • This hallway will lead you to a chest with a SMALL JEWEL inside. This is labeled (1) on the map.
Once you acquired this shiney small jewel head back to the intersection and head north. The next hallway to the left will take you to the next area, which is labeled (B) on the map. The next area is the map below on the left. You will arrive in this room at (B). When you enter this room Kraden will suggest that perhaps Psyenergy is needed to get past this room and indeed it is.

Both Isaac and Garet have the Psyenergy named "Move," and it can only be used outside of battle. To use this psyenergy there is two methods however;
  • Both methods start with Pressing [Select], which will open the menu. Then Push [A] since Psyenergy should already be highlighted. After that you can do either:
  1. To use "Move" manually highlight either Isaac or Garet by pressing left or right. Then Push [A] and this will take you to thier Psyenergy list. Afterwards you'll want to highlight "Move," from their list and this is done by pushing left or right. Once that is done push [A] and it will bring you back to the area you were in outside of the menu, with "Move," being used.
  2. To set "Move" as a shortcut highlight either Isaac or Garet by pressing left or right. Then depending on if you want to set the shortcut under the [L] or [R] button push either. Then you will be brought to thier Psyenergy list so, highlight "Move," from thier list and push [A]. Now whenever you push the [L] or [R] Button in a Dungeon or Town you will use the Psyenergy it is set to.
To get past this room you need to stand on the left most square infront of the statue and use "Move". Once you use "Move" from here, it will esentially grab the statue and you'll be able to push it to the left or right by holding left or right on the movement pad.

This will reveal a minotaur head behind it. You should be able to jump across and use the small jewel again just like how we did earlier. After this is done just like earlier the room with shake indicating something has changed. Then you should head to the statue on the far right side of the room and move it the same way. Behind that statue will reveal a door labeled (D) on the map and you should jump across the water to enter this room.

You might have noticed Label (C) on the map. For your information, that room doesn't lead you anywhere and is purely meant to distract you.
 Again we are in another maze like room but its alot simplier then the one from before. Inside this new room you'll want to head right and take the first hallway north. This will be a short hallway so, when it ends head left then north around a small corner.
  • This will lead you to a chest with a HERB inside of it.
Afterwards you should head east on the path by the corner and take the next path that leads north. This will lead into a room with statues and a symbol of the sun on the ground. There will be a cutscene with Kraden acting like a giddy school girl and he asks you if we can stay. Regardless of your awnser Kraden won't leave and you won't be able to get progress in the game without doing what you need to here.

Afterwards we should enter the next room to the east and you will get another short cutscene with more pointless questions you have to answer. However, when the cutscene is over you should probably take all the gear off of Jenna and give it to either Garet or Isaac to sell later, because she will be leaving the party soon.
 When thats done you should head south inside the Moon room and there will be a hallway that leads to a staircase. Go up this staircase and take the next hallway south. This will lead to another doorway and inside this room you will find a purple rock otherwise knowned as a Psyenergy Stone. It recharges everyones PP when you try to pick it up so, whenever you find these you should probably use Isaacs Cure psyenergy to get the most you can out of it. On another note, Psyenergy Stones reappear after you completely exited an area.

Just as a comment, Isn't this room super extra Shiney! Why arn't the characters freaked out by this room. It must just be another day walking through Sol Sanctum...
 After your finished with the Psyenergy stone exit the same door you entered from. Then head north in the hallway into the next room. The first part of this room, again has a moon symbol in the center on the ground and has statues that can be pushed onto platforms. Although if you do this now it activates a trap followed by a long cutscene with Kraden yelling at you that Its a trap!! However, this cutscene can be avoided.
 To progress from this point you need to head to the next room over on the left. It has a symbol of the Sun on the ground and 3 statues. What you need to do in this room is push the two smaller statues onto their gray platforms. When this is done they will reflect light causing a hole in the ground to appear. After that jump onto the center platform from the south porportion of the room and get as close as you can to the larger statue. Then use the psyenergy "Move" on the statue. You'll need to pull it towards you and it will drop into the hole.

When thats done, you have offically deactivated the trap and you can proceed with pushing the four statues onto thier gray platforms on the right side of the room. Kraden will run upstairs anyway and tell you whats going on but, your at least avoiding the one cutscene.
 Afterwards go downstairs, and Kraden's mental condition isn't becoming anymore stable. Head west into the next room and you'll see a beam of light being projected on the northern wall. Go up to where the light is being projected to and press [A]. It will open a portal, so everyone jumps in and you are transported to some kind of elemental shiney place and Kraden goes crazy talking about how ridculously shiny the place is.

After you enter you get another long cutscene and your asked to awnser 4 questions. Although the forth question you have to awnser with yes, otherwise Jenna will keep asking you to help Kraden. When you do awnser yes, Kraden gives you four MYTHRIL BAGS and instructs you to collect the stars. In conclusion, Kraden and Jenna stand back while Isaac and Garet go the elemental stars located in this room.
This is a fun puzzle and again it seems to fall under the catagory of a stepping stones puzzle. How it works is as you collect the elemental stars more pillars emerge allowing you to collect the next star. Thus there is a pattern to collect each star.
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