Chapter 2: Journey to visit Kraden.

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 Now you should be ready to visit Kraden. To get to his house you'll want to go back to the same area the boy was asking you if you think he will survive but, the direct route is blocked due to puppies that are in the way. You just need to go up some stairs north of Isaac's house. After that go north and cross the bridge to the left. Then go south, down some stairs and into the new area on the left. Just like at the very begining of the game.
 Apon entering the area your given a cutscene with the mystery people that previously knocked our heroes unconcious however; in this cutscene their names are revealed to be Saturos and Menardi. They also decide to allow you to visit with Kraden, so just continue on your way up the newly built staircase.

Again your given another cutscene in which basically Kraden decides that he needs to make sure the information that Saturos and Menardi gave him is correct. You decisions have no effect on the outcome of these cutscenes other then a slight change in dialog. Before you leave however,
  • an ELIXIR is inside the most north jar that is outside next to Kraden's house.
  • Inside Kraden's house the jar next to the book on the ground has 5 COINS inside of it.
When you are finished collecting these items you can head east out of this area.
 Next we head north, and up one or two staircases depending on where you exited from and across the bridge to the right. After you cross you should head north and pass the building on the left. You'll be stopped by a priest saying that no one can enter Sol Santum! Just wait until he walks around the corner and rush for that temple!! He won't notice if you run as soon as he is on the right side of the building.
 Now we can enter the temple because apparently locks don't exist on anything except on barns down by the plaza. Once inside Kraden asks if you been here before again your awnser only changes his immediate response and has no effect on future events.
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