Chapter 2: Pillage the Village!

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 After your inevitable defeat by the mystery man and woman your shown that 3 years have past since that event. Then your given a very long cutscene with Jenna, Garet and Isaac. Apparently they have plans to visit Kraden so, they can be taught more about Psyenergy. Before you go to Kraden's you have a chance to scavenge peoples belongings for things you might find useful or in another words you can steal peoples stuff because they wont use it!

  • Inside the house next to Isaac's house has a jar with 6 COINS Inside
 To get to the next item keep heading south and walk down two flights of stairs. Continue south then walk down a third stair case which then you'll be right next to the river.
  • Inside the northern most house along this side of the river will be an ANTIDOTE inside an barrel. This house is across the river from Felix's house which is still in ruins.
 From this point you'll want to head south and go up the same staircase you came from. Then head east towards the plaza.
  • Keep heading east and before you reach the plaza, the northern most house in the cluster of houses has 3 COINS inside of a jar next to the bed.
  • From here go south then down a small stair case. The house next to it contains a SMOKE BOMB. Which is inside the first jar you see when you enter.
 Now head south and down two more staircases. You should be inside the plaza.
  • The house to the left of the weapon shop contains a HERB inside a wooden box.
  • On the second floor of the Inn there is a barrel with 1 COIN inside of it.
  • On another note the man on the second floor of the Inn is an important character that you can talk to. However, the dialog he tells you isn't very interesting.
 While your in the area it could be good idea to buy some better armor for Isaac and Garet. Jenna will unfortunately be leaving your party soon so, I wouldn't buy her armor. You should buy Travel Vests, Wooden Shields, and Leather Caps for Isaac and Garet.

The Vendor will ask if you want to sell the armor gear there wearing. That is if you asked him to equip it on to the character. Generally if armor is important I'll let you know that you should be keeping it however; even if it is important anything you sell you can repurchase from either any vendors' artifact section or a vendor somewhere inside the game so, you shouldn't be worried about items that you sell.
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