Chapter 1: The search for help.

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 From the new area, head south and you will pass a bridge on the right. Just keep heading south and eventually you will walk down two staircases which will guide you to your next cutscene.
 Felix is the oldest of the oldest boy in the village, and thanks to everyone wasting there Psyenergy on Isaac no one can save him! Dora asked Felix's sister "Jenna" if she could find someone to help and Jenna quickly ran off. Afterwards Dora finds you and asks you to follow her.
 Now you'll want to head south until you can walk up some stairs. Then head east into the new area. In the new area you'll just want to head in the South eastern direction. Avoid entering all house as they don't have anything of importance inside. Just walk down the three flights of stairs to reach the plaza.
 Head to where the man standing in middle the lake and you'll get a cutscene and basically the man agrees to come with you to save Felix so, then you'll need to head back to where Felix is of course.
 Kyle and Felix's Parents gets squished by the boulder. Is that kind of dark for a childrens game? Theres not much point in talking to anybody, just head south and east towards the Plaza.
 Apon heading east towards the Plaza Isaac over hears a conversation that the destruction wasn't a natural disaster. However Garet blows your cover screaming like a moron, and they notice you and ask if you were listening to them. Regardless of your awnser they knock you unconscious. There is nothing you can do to win this fight, because it's a fight that you are meant to lose.
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