Chapter 1: Childhood friends rush for safety.

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After Dora and Kyle leave we are free to be able to move Isaac. If we move south you’ll find it that a bolder will block your path to the plaza. If you enter the house next to Isaac’s a man will come out and asks if you came to get him and it doesn’t matter what you answer either way he will just run down the stairs towards the plaza, however this event won’t happen if you blocked the stairs directly south of his house with a boulder.

If you go north, up some stairs and past a house. You’ll see a red haired boy off to the right. There are 3 different ways you can go about this event. As far as I know there not any differences between them, except for what he says to you.
From the position you see the picture to your left:
  1. You can go to him and talk to him twice,
  2. you can talk to him once and then walk away,
  3. or you can just walk away from him in the northwestern direction
All three of these methods end up having Garet (the boy) ask you a yes or no question and then he joins your party.

After Garet joins your party head north and cross the bridge to the left. As soon as cross the bridge you'll get a short cut scene regarding the boulder. After this cutscene is over head south and down some stairs. Which will lead into a new area to the left.

In this new area you can encounter weak monsters, and all you can do to fight them is attack so, mash that A button! Keep heading west and soon you'll see a boy lying on the ground and you can tell him if he will survive or not. If you say yes he gets up and says that suddenly he is feeling great, but if you tell him no he will continue laying on the ground in pain.

After you talk to the boy, you'll want to head south down some stairs and then head east until you reach the next area.
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