Crest Magic Explanation

In Lunar 2:EBC, characters can equip a wide assortment of Crests to heighten and expand thier magical abilites in any of the 3 "spheres" (to steal an AD&D term). The 3 spheres are: Elemental, Non-Elemental and Dragon. Here is a chart listing the kinds of magic in each sphere.

Dragon Magic
Elemental Magic
Non-Elemental Magic
White Dragon Protect
Blue Dragon Healing
Black Dragon Grief
Red Dragon Anger
Goddess Enhance
*Note: These do NOT include Healing magics save the Blue Dragon Healing Spell and the Death category cannot be attained by using Crests (that I know of).

Let's start with Dragon Magic. The first 4 in the list are stand alone magics that are attained when a character equips the appropriate crest. I.e.- Equipping the White Dragon Crest earns you the White Dragon Protect Spell. However, the "Goddess Enhance" magic works with any other type of Crest (for the most part). It works by niftily enhancing a set of spells or status figures as the name suggests. The "Other" Magic type, represents status enhancements like increased Attack Power, etc.

Next is Elemental Magic. This is pretty straightforward. Equipping an Earth Crest gives you Earth Magic and so on. The same is true of Non-Elemental Magic. The difference is, that should you equip 2 of the same Elemental Crests (such as 2 Earth Crests), it gives you the same effect as equipping 1 Earth Crest and the Goddess Crest!

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