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Picture This!

Picture This!

VideoMan is your opponent. Man, she needs to shutup... After the intro, jack into the Castillo HP. From there, simply head to Park Area1. Go to the entrance of Park Area2 to meet up with VideoMan.
So all of MegaMan's buttons will be reversed. Up is down, down is up, etc etc. Those of you playing on an emulator can simply change the buttons, but whatever. Fortunately enough, the battles won't be reversed. Volume 1 is in Park Area3, Volume 2 is in Town Area2, and Volume 3 is in ACDC Area2. So, Park Area3 we go.
When you arrive in Park Area3, you'll see these little small panels on the floor. When you touch them, you get sent back to the beginning of the area. In other words, tread carefully. It's best not to run (holding the 'B' button). Volume 1 is towards the end of Park Area3, by the control panel. After grabbing Volume 1, I think it's best to jack out and jack back in.
Town Area2 will have those stupid reverse panels again. This time, you need to head to the lower level, you remember right? Into the warp? Volume 2 is by the second gate to Town Area4, so grab Volume 2.
Just hit a reverse panel, it'll save you some trouble. On to ACDC Area2. More crazy panels in ACDC Area2. This time Volume 3 is right in front of the gate to AquaMan's scenario. In other words, the top right.
After that stupid reversed buttons, jack out and head to the battle. Time to destroy Viddy's film. After erasing VideoMan's film, Lan will receive his trophy for winning the Hawk Tournament. Lan will receive a Trophy KeyItem. This concludes the stupid tournament...or does it?


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