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FF9 OST Disc 4

4-01 - The Airship - Hildagaldy

Grom's review : As with all FF games, the Airhip theme rocks, and FF9 is no exception. This is a great Airship theme, though I prefer the FF7 and FF8 airship tracks, this one is still damn awesome. Excellently written with a good use of a variety of instruments. 8/10

4-02 - The Hermet's Library Daguerreo

Grom's review : To be bluntly honest, this track bores me. Its nothing special in the slightest. 3/10

4-03 - Ipsen's Heritage

Grom's review : Right ... I cant think of two other instruments that sounds as un-harmonious as these two. A high pitched wind instrument, and some very low pitched 'monk-like' vocals. If these were played seperatly, the track would be SOO much better, but as it stands, their combination just ruins this track completely (in my opinion). 1/10

4-04 - The Four Mirrors

Grom's review : Like Ipsen's Castle, this is a remix of 'The Place I'll Return To Someday', sadly, its not a very good one either. 2/10

4-05 - Successive Battles

Grom's review : A very well composed track, which could have easily doubled up as a regular 'tension theme'. 7/10

4-06 - Terra

Grom's review : Once again, keeping up with the references to former FF games, this track plays when you are exploring the world of Terra (also the default name of the main heroine from FF6). A very relaxing theme, and also quite sad at the same time, it kind of reflects the silent, slowly recovering world that has only just survived the brink of destruction. 9/10

4-07 - Bran Bul, The Village Without Souls

Grom's review : Plays when you wander around a village inhabited by Zidane's 'tribe', a sad theme, which reflects the genomes daily lives pretty well. Brilliantly composed, and a pleasure to listen to. 8/10

4-08 - Pandemonium, The Castle Frozen In Time

Grom's review : Superb track. The first 27 seconds are pratically identical to 'Keeper of Time' from disc 3 except its slightly sped up. This track really hits the 'evil' spot, and i'm a sucker for Church organs ;). 9/10

4-09 - You're Not Alone

Grom's review : Plays when Zidane accepts his fate, and what he was designed for. One by one he turns his back on his friends, only Garnet can talk him around. This is my favourite track on the entire OST. A perfect composition, expertly written, and awesome instruments - Nobuo Uematsu at his best, a clear masterpiece and a top 5 best FF track of all time (in my opinion). 10/10

4-10 - Endless Sorrow

Grom's review : Another superb track. Plays when the Genomes are given the chance to live a life of their own on the world of Gaia in the Black Mage Village. A very sad theme, brilliantly written. 9/10

4-11 - The Evil Mist Again

Grom's review : All I can say is ... "You replaced the Airship theme with THIS ?!?!" A horrid track, the percussion really doesnt fit the song, and .... yuk. 2/10

4-12 - Assault Of The Silver Dragons

Grom's review : A track that plays during an FMV, in game sequences, and eventally a battle. Not much to write about though, Im not too keen on this track at all. 2/10

4-13 - Place Of Memory

Grom's review : The first part of the final dungeon. Compared to most final dungeon themes, this one is nothing special (unlike FFMQ ;) ). 5/10

4-14 - Crystal World

Grom's review : The second part of the final dungeon theme, somewhat better than the first, but still nothing major. Interesting 'reverse' effects used in the intro to this track. 6/10

4-15 - Messenger Of Destruction

Grom's review : Essentially, Kuja's battle theme. I think Nobuo over-did some aspects of this track, but its still a good track nonetheless, nicely composed. 6/10

4-16 - Final Battle

Grom's review : The Final Battle theme with Necron (some guy who shows up and has nothing to do with the game in the slightest ..). Firstly, I hate the intro to this song, its far too repetitive, and lame, get it over with already. Once the actual music starts, it gets much better. 6/10

4-17 - Bittersweet Romance

Grom's review : A sad theme .. a very sad theme. Brilliantly written, this track perfectly fits the atmosphere. 7/10

4-18 - The Kiss Of Betrayal

Grom's review : A short piece, very boring. Yuk. 2/10

4-19 - I Want To Be Your Bird

Grom's review : Not much different from the previous track, it merely extends it a little and adds more on the end. You cant improve an already awful song. 2/10

4-20 - Two Hearts That Cant Be captured

Grom's review : A very peacful piece of music, good use of instruments, with a slight sad hint to it. Plays when Zidane reveals his identity on everyone on stage, including Garnet. 7/10

4-21 - Beyond The Door

Grom's review : Garnet, seeing Zidane alive and well, rushes out to meet him. Very nice track, especially when Garnet and Zidane embrace (time index 1:16). 8/10

4-22 - Melodies Of Life

Grom's review : End Credits Theme, with English vocals. The perfect end to a game, excellently planned, and very well composed. Nicely sung too ;). 9/10

4-23 - Prelude

Grom's review : The Final Fantasy Prelude theme, which has been in every single mainstream FF game (with the exception of FF8 - though the game-over theme is similar to it). This is my favourite version of the FF Prelude. 9/10

4-24 - Coca Cola TVCM 1

Grom's review : Why dont the rest of the world get kool adverts like they do in Japan. This music accompanies a TV ad aired on Japanese TV which features Zidane, Garnet, Vivi and Steiner chasing after a Coca Cola Bottle cap (FMV style). 5/10

4-25 - Coca Cola TVCM 2

Grom's review : A longer version of the previous track, for a longer TV AD. 6/10

4-26 - Melodies Of Life (The Layers Of Harmony)

Grom's review : An excellent version of Melodies of Life, which is distinctively more sad than the original. Personally, I dont recall this track playing during the game, and ive heard a few rumours about it originally being made for an alternate 'bad' ending, but theyre just rumours. A great remix. 9/10

Disc 4 Average Score
Grom's average score : 6.04/10

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