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FF9 OST Disc 1

1-01 - The Place I'll Return To Someday

Grom's review : The perfect way to start a game, clips of FMV's fade in and out on the screen and then the title appears. A very strong tune, which is also used later in the game with different instruments. Not the main theme of the game, but a good song to open the game to. 7/10.

1-02 - Memories Lost In The Storm

Grom's review : A tune to a beautiful FMV near the start of the game, in which we seen Garnet, Alexandria and the Prima Vista. This is a short tune, only heard once in the whole game, and should have been placed on the PLUS disc. All that aside however, I consider it an average track, nothing special. 4/10.

1-03 - Battle Strategy Conference

Grom's review : I suppose this could be classed as one of those 'tension' themes, although, its not fast enough in my opinion. It suits its atmosphere pretty well, like 1-07 SeeD from FF8 OST, it plays when you are going over your battle strategy, so it has a certain 'nervous' touch to it. 4/10

1-04 - The Skies Of Alexandria

Grom's review : Another FMV tune, this one is on a much grander scale than the last. The FMV shows the Prima Vista arriving at Alexandria, and we see the title once more, its a powerful tune, similar to the 1-02 Opening Theme / Bombing Mission from FF7 OST in which we see the title over Midgar. 6/10.

1-05 - Vivi's Theme

Grom's review : I think this is one of those tunes that you will either love or hate. It can be a tad tedious, as it plays during Vivi's adventures through Alexandria, and can take a while for those who don't know what they're supposed to do. A brilliantly composed piece of music that fits into Vivi's path pretty well, a bit of a clusmy child (often falling over) full of wonder and awe. 7/10

1-06 - Living By The Blade

Grom's review : Plays during the live act battle with King Leo, perfect for this kind of performance, and has a cool 55 second intro before the main song kicks in (when the battle starts). A good song for the classical story of good vanquishing evil. 7/10

1-07 - Vamo' Alla Flamenco

Grom's review : To some, who were determined to get the Moonstone from Queen Brahne, this track will bring only nightmares of the difficult task that you must complete. The scenario set aside, this is a brilliantly composed track, the tempo and rhythm are perfect for the setting. 8/10

1-08 - Decisive Action ~ Search For The Princess

Grom's review : Plays when you are searching for the princess in Alexandria Castle (bet you did guess that huh ?!). Not exactly a song to write home about, im struggling to find any good words to say for this track, but with that in mind, its not exactly a bad track either. 4/10

1-09 - Jesters Of The Moonless Sky

Grom's review : A comical tune if anything, rather well composed - it accompanies Zorn and Thorn on their often pointless discussions and arguements, some see Zorn and Thorn as the comic relief of the game (for me, Quina is the comic relief) and for others, they just get on your nerves. With my hatred for Zorn and Thorn aside, this track gets my thumbs up. 7/10

1-10 - Steiner's Theme

Grom's review : A great song that takes on a slow, clumsy ambience, which fits Steiners Knights so well. When ordered to assemble, only 2 show up half naked, you get the picture, theyre useless, and this is more their theme than Steiner's really, although you take on the role of Steiner to find them. 6/10

1-11 - Prima Vista Band

Grom's review : The Music played by the band during later scenes of the play. Since we know nothing of the scenes its hard to associate what the music is really for. An average track in my opinion, not much to talk about. 4/10

1-12 - Captivating Eyes

Grom's review : Plays when Zidane finally meets Garnet in person (If I recall correctly, please notify me if im wrong). A pleasant tune, with a good use of instruments. 5/10

1-13 - Tonight

Grom's review : A very very very short piece (should have been place on the OST PLUS disc). Not much to say about this one really, its just a simple fanfare. 3/10

1-14 - Your Warmth

Grom's review : Another short piece, which probably should have been on the OST PLUS disc. Once again, theres not a great deal to say about the track itself. 3/10

1-15 - Mistaken Love

Grom's review : A powerful piece that kicks in during the play, when King Leo tries to stab Marcus, but Leo's daughter steps in the way and is killed, which leads to Marcus killing himself too. Very well composed, a bit of a sad theme, but it fits the scene perfectly. 7/10

1-16 - Queen Of The Abyss

Grom's review : Essentially, Queen Brahne's theme, plays during her plotting and scheming. A simple tune, somewhat repetitive too. 4/10

1-17 - Awakened Forest

Grom's review : The dungeon theme for the forest, plays when Zidane is wandering around looking for Garnet. Not a bad theme, but it never really appealed much to me. 4/10

1-18 - Battle 1

Grom's review : Easily my favourite track on disc 1, the main battle theme for FF9. The music returns to the traditional FF style seen in the first 6 FF games (the first 4 seconds of this track bare a striking resemblence to the start of the battle themes for FF1 to 6), which is something they changed for FF7 and FF8. As far as battle themes go, this is one of my favourites throughout the entire series. It's a theme that you will hear a lot during the game, and thus must be as non-repetitive as possible (a battle theme that gets on your nerves is BAD). Brilliantly composed, perfect for a battle theme, way to go Nobuo ! 9/10

1-19 - Fanfare

Grom's review : The victory fanfare, featuring the traditional 5 second intro, but other than that, its a pretty boring piece. Not much to write about here. 4/10

1-20 - Memories Of That Day

Grom's review : When I hear this, I can't help thinking of the track '1-17 Who Are You' from FF7's OST disc 1, though they are different tunes, they have a similar feel and create a similar ambience. But in all fairness I hate this track. 2/10

1-21 - Battle 2

Grom's review : The boss theme for FF9, not as good as the normal battle theme in my opinion, but it does have that heavy panicing touch to it, which is usually good for such a theme. Doesn't really compare to the boss themes from FF10 and FF7, which are among the best in the series in my opinion. 5/10

1-22 - Game Over

Grom's review : Somewhat more creative than most of FF's game over themes (especially the intro), but I never really heard this track much when playing the game (and im sure most FF9 fans are the same). Essentially, an average theme. 5/10

1-23 - Run!

Grom's review : The first 'tension' theme, typical to FF in which the main character has a limited amount of time to escape from something for whatever reason whilst enduring battle after battle as the clock ticks down. There have been better tension themes in the FF series, and I dont really think much of the main tune used in this one. Could have been a lot better ... 4/10

1-24 - Goodnight

Grom's review : 6 second tune that plays when Zidane goes to sleep, practically nothing to talk about. 3/10

1-25 - Just Over Those Hills

Grom's review : The Mist Continent world map theme, superbly composed, excellent for a map theme. A different (non-vocal) version of 'Melodies of Life', with a brilliant use of instruments. Awesome stuff. 8/10

1-26 - Ice Caverns

Grom's review : The dungeon theme for the Ice Caverns, the music has that, 'crystal/ice/cold' feel to it, which is pretty well done, but other than that, the tune itself is boring. 5/10

1-27 - Frontier Village Dali

Grom's review : A village theme, perfect for the peaceful quiet settlement. Superb use of instruments, and a great composition. 8/10

1-28 - Far Away In Twilight

Grom's review : Not exactly a very memorable tune, somewhat horrid in my opinion. Quite well composed, but the tune itself is a major dissapointment, it could have been a lot better. 3/10

1-29 - Reckless Steiner

Grom's review : A different version of Steiner's Theme, still folling the same clumsy ambience set down in the previous theme. Steiners stubborness is really starting to show, and this music piece really reflects that quite well. 7/10

1-30 - Limited Time

Grom's review : A far too slow theme, absolutely awful, poor use of instruments, average theme, way too slow .. my least liked track on the whole disc. 2/10

1-31 - Zidane's Theme

Grom's review : A complete contrast to the previous track, a fast 'full-of-life' track with a happy sound to it. Sadly it plays only once (to my knowledge) in the entire game =[. A brilliant composition, definatly a highlight of the disc. 8/10

1-32 - Black Waltz

Grom's review : The Black Waltz's theme, which has that general 'evil' sound to it. Nicely composed, and a good use of instruments. The only downside is the repetitive tune ... 5/10

Disc 1 Average Score
Grom's average score : 5.16/10

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