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FF9 OST Disc 3

3-01 - Ambush Attack

Grom's review : Another 'tension theme' with fast playing, and a strong tune, which plays on several occasions throughout the game. 7/10

3-02 - Rose Of May

Grom's review : Awesome Piano solo ! Excellently composed with a really great tune and rhythm. This theme is also known as Beatrix's Theme, as it plays during certain scenes involving her. 8/10

3-03 - Fossil Roo

Grom's review : Another dungeon theme, but with a slight dark touch to it. Quite an interesting tune, but not really my cup of tea. 4/10

3-04 - Conde Petie

Grom's review : Annoying tune that plays in the place where everyone has a comical accent =D. Not much to write about though. 3/10

3-05 - Black Mage Village

Grom's review : Contrary to the previous track on this disc, this track is awesome. Great use of instruments and a good composition, thumbs up. 7/10

3-06 - Where Love Doesnt Reach

Grom's review : A semi-sad tune that plays often during boring parts of the game. A nice tune with kool backing. 6/10

3-07 - Ceremony For The Gods

Grom's review : I'm unable to contain my giggles when I hear this track, as it constantly reminds me of the optional scene in which Quina marries Vivi =]. With that set aside, its not a very good track, it sounds somewhat basic, and the constant note in the background gets REALLY annoying ... 3/10

3-08 - Eiko's Theme

Grom's review : Boyant little Eiko's Theme. A somewhat jolly tune nicely composed, though it only plays once if I recall correctly ... ? 6/10

3-09 - Ruins Of Madain Sari

Grom's review : Yuk. Appalling tune, this could have been so much better. 2/10

3-10 - Walls Of The Sacred Beasts

Grom's review : Plays just once, and not for very long. This track is quite well written, but it just doesnt sound right, its missing something to give it that kick. 5/10

3-11 - Iifa Tree

Grom's review : Quite an evil sounding dungeon theme. Very very well composed and with a good choice of instruments, this track fits the dungeon pretty well. 6/10

3-12 - Amarant's Theme

Grom's review : Now, I like Amarant, he's a kool character and all, but his theme sux. Big time. He could of had a mysterious sounding track, or even a slightly evil sounding one, but Nobuo opted for this crap. Bad move. 3/10

3-13 - Footsteps of Desire

Grom's review : A rather slow version of Kuja's Theme (most wont actually reconise this). This makes an interesting different version of Kuja's song, with very different instruments. 6/10

3-14 - We Are Thieves

Grom's review : A slightly slower version of 'Theme of the Tantalus' from disc 2, which features the same mischievous feel to it as the other version, despite being composed entirely of different instruments. 6/10

3-15 - Slew Of Love Letters

Grom's review : This part of the game just wound me up, and the music to it annoys me too. But I guess it wouldnt be Final Fantasy without a stupid part in it. 4/10

3-16 - Quad Mist

Grom's review : The Tetra Master card game music (i think ... never played that game much in FF9). Can't say I like this tune though, it has a rather basic backing, and a poor use of instruments. 4/10

3-17 - Mogri's Theme

Grom's review : The Moogle theme, which isnt much to really talk about, although it is rather well composed. 5/10

3-18 - Those Whom I Must Protect

Grom's review : Now you're talking. This track rulz, it plays during the consecutive battles (and scenes) in which Steiner and Beatrix valiantly battle hoards of monsters to stop then overrunning Alexandria. A different version of 'Rose Of May' near the start of this disc. Very well composed. 8/10

3-19 - The Summoned Ones

Grom's review : Quite a contrast to most of the songs featured in FF9, and it was a good attempt by Nobuo, but it really didnt strike much in my opinion. Masterfully written, but thats all the praise I can give it. 5/10

3-20 - Keeper Of Time

Grom's review : Awesome church organ solo, brilliantly composed, and fits the atmosphere perfectly. 8/10

3-21 - Oeilvert

Grom's review : French for Green Eye(s). A remix of the first track on the first disc, and it sounds appaling. Big mistake .... 1/10

3-22 - A Transient Past

Grom's review : Excellent remix of 'The Place I'll Return To Someday' from disc 1. It features nothing but vocals, and has a rather haunting touch to it. It plays once during the whole game, when strange mechanical faces come to life and recount the downfall of an alien civilisation. Awesome stuff. 8/10

3-23 - Turn Around, And The Frog Is There

Grom's review : As much as I wanted to say I hate this song (mainly cos i kept fudging up the mini game in which u have to sneak across the room - and thus heard this track loop MANY times) its actually very well written and composed. 7/10

3-24 - Sacred Grounds - Esto Gaza

Grom's review : A bland tune which somewhat lacks in characteristics. Not really much to write about. 3/10

3-25 - Gurugu Volcano

Grom's review : In keeping up with the numerous references to previous Final Fantasy games, This track is actually a remake of 'Gurgu Volcano' from Final Fantasy (1), and a good remake at that. Pretty well composed with a good choice of instruments. 7/10

3-26 - Dissipating Magic

Grom's review : This track sounds like 'Cornelia Castle' from FF1 PSX remake, though the tunes are completely different, the instruments and their roles are identical (although FF9 came before the remake). Im not too keen on this track to be honest, it doesnt appeal to me. 3/10

Disc 3 Average Score
Grom's average score : 5.2/10

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