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FF9 OST Disc 2

2-01 - Cid's Theme

Grom's review : I consider this to be the Lindblum castle theme more than anything else. An excellent track none-the-less, awesome composition, and kool drums =D. 7/10

2-02 - One Danger Put Behind Us...

Grom's review : Another track that only plays once during the whole game =[. Very very good use of instruments, and a catchy tune. 6/10

2-03 - Lindblum

Grom's review : This plays during your adventures in the city of Lindblum. A bit of a strange tune with a varety of instruments used, but sadly nothing special. 3/10

2-04 - Song Of Memories

Grom's review : A tranquil theme, featuring Garnets voice. Another version of 'melodies of life', with a nice composition. 6/10

2-05 - Hunter's Chance

Grom's review : Plays only once during the Lindblum Festival of the Hunt, in which Zidane alone must face numerous enemies in an attempt to get the highest score (unless u wannna lose). Quite a catchy tune with a good composition. 7/10

2-06 - Marsh Of The Qu Tribe

Grom's review : A brilliantly composed piece of music, featuring only drums and vocals for the main 'verse' if you will. The vocals are muffled 1-sylable words and are hard to make out. 7/10

2-07 - Quina's Theme

Grom's review : Quina's Theme, plays when Quina decides to catch some frogs to eat. Quina being one of the most bizarre creatures to feature in a FF game has a rather unique theme, which fits perfectly to the character. Another great track ! 7/10

2-08 - Aloha De Chocobo

Grom's review : My all-time favourite Choboco theme in the entire FF series (if you can even call the FFX-2 one a chocobo theme ...). A very relaxed piece, excellently written. 8/10

2-09 - Ukule De Chocobo

Grom's review : In comparison to Aloha De Chocobo, this one sucks. Granted it resembles some of the earlier Chocobo themes in the series more-so than Aloha De Chocobo does, but the general feel and sound of this one just doesnt appeal to me. 4/10

2-10 - Freya's Theme

Grom's review : A great track, brilliantly written with a good use of instruments. Has a touch of a 'sad theme' in there, but comes across more as a 'woe and strife' kinda song. Masterfully composed. 8/10

2-11 - At The South Gate Boarder

Grom's review : Yet another version of Melodies of Life, yet somewhat more pants than the previous ones, this version never really appealed to me much, it has a rather ... duller sound to it. 4/10

2-12 - Fairy Battle

Grom's review : Like everyone else who played FF9, the first time I heard this I was thinking "WTF !!?". It plays during the rare random encounters in which you dont actually have to fight a monster. Although im not too keen on the tune itself, I must give credit where its due, and this track is excellently composed. 6/10

2-13 - Burmecian Kingdom

Grom's review : Welcome to the war-torn lands of Burmecia, a city lies in ruins in the land where it never ceases to rain. A somewhat depressing part of the game, with a well written sad theme to accompany it. The tune itself sound similar to the backing featured in Freya's Theme, though played with different instruments at a slower speed. 7/10

2-14 - An Unforgettable Face

Grom's review : An even sadder version of Freya's Theme, plays during some flashbacks of her past and her lost love Sir Fratley. Not that different to Freya's theme except its played with calmer instruments and a more relaxed tone. 8/10

2-15 - Kuja's Theme

Grom's review : A piano solo, with an evil 'corrupt' touch to it. Quite a well written piece, with some excellent backing. 7/10

2-16 - Sword Of Doubt

Grom's review : The Battle theme for Beatrix, a general of Alexandria. This track has that certain 'doomed' feel to it (considering its impossible to win this battle, if fits pretty damn well). A nice piece, with a good use of instruments. 7/10

2-17 - Sleepless City Treno

Grom's review : Another Piano solo, this time for a town theme. It has a jolly sound, for a city thats always busy. Well written, wish I could play the piano this well =P. 7/10

2-18 - Theme Of The Tantalus

Grom's review : I find it difficult to put this track into words, its a very well composed song, that has a little 'mischevious' feel to it. 7/10

2-19 - Melody Of Corruption

Grom's review : A kool 'evil' sounding intro, followed by what can only be described as 'We will rock you' drumming accompanied by a sinister stringed instrument. Gotta be the first time ive ever heard such an odd mixture. Doesn't sound that bad though. 6/10

2-20 - Garnet's Theme

Grom's review : Its hard to give this track a fair review considering how much I hate it. Too slow, horrible use of instruments and a bad composition. Yuk. 2/10

2-21 - Ancient Passageway Gargan Roo

Grom's review : Very VERY strange track, with some odd sound effects used, strangely catchy tune though. Not really much to talk about, plays during the Gargan Roo scenes. 5/10

2-22 - Cleyra's Trunk

Grom's review : Probably the worst dungeon theme in the entire game. I absolutely despise this track, it sounds horrible and the instruments used are crap. MEGA YUK 1/10

2-23 - Cleyra Settlement

Grom's review : Thankfully much better than the previous track. A merry little tune that doesnt, quite fit the environment very well, greets you when u reach the Cleyran settlement. 5/10

2-24 - Eternal Harvest

Grom's review : I think im the only person who cringes during that damned 'river dance rip-off' sequence. Too fast, too many notes, yuk. 2/10

2-25 - Heavens Distress

Grom's review : A somewhat sad theme, mainly drowned out by the deep strings though. Not very well composed. 3/10

2-26 - Extraction

Grom's review : Awesome stuff. This track has the potential to be used for so much more. (anyone seen the FF9 bits on the DVD FF:Adventure bible ?) - This track fits that better than the scenes seen in the game, but anyways. Plays when Zorn and Thorn are conduction a ritual to extract the Eidolons from Garnet. Excellently written and composed. 7/10

Disc 2 Average Score
Grom's average score : 5.66/10

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