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Armed Skeleton     Attack Animation
36 0 62 33 5 32 None
Coins: 2120
When using a regular melee attack, this enemy is rather weak, but it also has a long-ranged attack that causes around 10-15 points of magic damage. Take them out as quickly as possible.
Artillery     Attack Animation
14 0 25 15 4 14 None
Coins: 180 or 450
If you corner them, they can't attack you, and even if they can they'll fall quickly. Don't let this enemy worry you too much.
Belial     Attack Animation
21 35 26 20 6 22 Bolt 1, Muddle 1
Coins: 680
Belial has a high amount of MP and can cast Bolt 1, which targets up to 5 members of your party. You'll face this enemy in battles where your movement is limited, so have any flying characters dispatch them quickly before they get the chance to annhiliate you.
Blue Dragon     Attack Animation
50 0 63 32 5 42 None
Coins: 2500
Regular attacks aren't much of a threat, but when this enemy uses an attack similar to Freeze, be prepared to heal.
Bowrider     Attack Animation
18 0 40 11 7 14 None
Coins: 900
Not much of a threat if surrounded by your units and dispatched quickly, but if they're far away they can harm even your weakest members when protected by the strongest.
Cerberus     Attack Animation
27 0 42 26 7 38 None
Coins: 1700
The normal attack causes little damage, but when it does an attack similar to Blaze, it can cause serious magical damage to your party members.
Chimera     Attack Animation
56 0 65 30 6 40 None
Coins: 2300
This enemy uses an attack that can cause up to 15 points of magical damage, so take them out quickly. Usually they travel in groups, making it easy to defeat them easily with the Freeze 2 or Freeze 3 spell.
Dark Dwarf     Attack Animation
12 0 12 8 4 5 None
Coins: 25
In the first battle of the game, Dark Dwarves have the potential to cause some serious damage to your weaker party members. They soon become replaced by even harder enemies and can be easily defeated when ocassionally encountered in later battles.
Dark Elf     Attack Animation
16 0 26 9 6 10 None
Coins: 160
These enemies usually travel in groups, so hit them with a spell that attacks multiple enemies at once. They aren't much of a challenge to defeat.
Dark Mage     Attack Animation
13 26 10 6 5 9 Blaze 2
Coins: 92
Don't approach this enemy with your party in the + formation; otherwise, you will be attacked by its Blaze 2 spell and easily devastated.
Dark Priest     Attack Animation
16 25 21 9 5 10 Heal 1
Coins: 125
When with other enemies, you'll want to defeat these enemies first to avoid their healing of other enemy party members. Alone, they pose little threat to your fighting characters.
Demon Master     Attack Animation
27 46 43 24 6 45 Freeze 3
Coins: 1520 or 1850
Deadly if your characters are not in scatter formation. Surround them and concentrate attacks on them to eliminate them as quickly as possible.
Dire Clown     Attack Animation
15 0 18 11 5 7 None
Coins: 130
You won't find many of these enemies, but those you do won't be as much of a threat as their cohorts.
Durahan     Attack Animation
22 0 39 28 5 13 None
Coins: 700 or 840
Their high DEF and ATT ratings make them difficult to defeat at times, but they're very vulnerable to spells.
Evil Puppet     Attack Animation
14 15 14 10 5 7 Freeze 1
Coins: 100
While appearing weak at first, these enemies can cause magical damage, and at the stage in the game where you fight them, that can be easily fatal to your characters.
Gargoyle     Attack Animation
18 20 26 15 6 20 Muddle 1
Coins: 440
They often try to cast Muddle, but that often fails, so just hit them hard and fast.
Giant Bat     Attack Animation
14 0 11 6 7 9 None
Coins: 60
Be wary of its ability to induce sleep through its regular physical attacks. Otherwise, you shouldn't have too much of a problem swarming and destroying the Giant Bat.
Goblin     Attack Animation
12 0 9 6 5 5 None
Coins: 12
Whenever encountering this enemy it will be in large numbers, and if not careful, one of your characters could be swarmed and defeated. If you counter their group with a large one of your own, however, these enemies will fall extremely quickly.
Golem     Attack Animation
17 0 28 28 4 16 None
Coins: 380
In the battles in which you'll find these, it will be easy to cast spells on them in groups. Regular attacks won't do much damage.
Hellhound     Attack Animation
19 0 10 13 7 13 None
Coins: 200
Regular attacks won't do as much damage, but this enemy's fire attack will. Be cautious of it.
High Priest     Attack Animation
20 33 13 14 6 13 Heal 4
Coins: 750 or 1340
Either get this enemy to consume all of its MP or take it out before it has the chance. Regular attacks aren't a thing to worry about, but if this enemy heals other enemies it can be fatal to your party.
Horseman     Attack Animation
24 0 53 16 7 17 None
Coins: 1550
This is an upgraded version of the other long-ranged characters in the game, only this one causes far more damage. Don't let your weaker character become exposed.
Ice Worm     Attack Animation
30 12 40 25 5 26 Sleep 1
Coins: 1030
Both regular attacks and this enemy's magical attack can cause a lot of damage. Attack it from far away using flying characters (particularly Domingo) or spells (particularly Blaze).
Jet     Attack Animation
28 0 45 32 7 33 None
Coins: 1430
When you face these enemies, they will be in large groups, and together they can take out a party member of yours easily.
Lizardman     Attack Animation
20 0 24 12 6 12 None
Coins: 150
Considering the stage at which you fight them, they can be deadly, but they quickly become easy to defeat.
Mannequin     Attack Animation
16 0 16 10 5 8 None
Coins: 125
These enemies appear weak, but can actually do quite a bit of damage to you if you're not prepared.
Master Mage     Attack Animation
22 32 33 13 5 26 Freeze 2, Sleep
Coins: 850
Approach this enemy in a scattered formation to avoid being brutalized by the Freeze 2 spell.
Minotaur     Attack Animation
31 0 46 30 5 31 None
Coins: 1500
This is like an upgraded version of the Lizardman; they don't pose much of a threat, but can deliver the final blow that other enemies have weakened you to cause.
Pegasus Knight     Attack Animation
18 0 21 16 7 12 None
Coins: 180
These enemies are surprisingly easy to beat, but in large groups they might be able to take out one of your party members.
Rune Knight     Attack Animation
14 0 16 7 7 7 None
Coins: 45
When facing this enemy, you'll most likely have weaker characters likely to fall if forced to fight one-on-one. Always have a few units ganging up on the Rune Knight to prevent fatalities of your own party.
Seabat     Attack Animation
22 0 20 14 7 14 None
Coins: 350
These enemies are very annoying; they can fly a great distance and induce sleep when they finally do attack, and usually the attacks come from the side against your weaker party members. They approach your party, so get ready for them, then attack once they arrive.
Shellfish     Attack Animation
25 0 23 16 6 23 None
Coins: 270
You can take these enemies out before they even get close to your party, normally. Their only threatening course of action is poisoning your party members with their regular attacks.
Silver Knight     Attack Animation
16 0 18 12 7 11 None
Coins: 75
Surprisingly easy for the location in which you fight them, so don't worry too much about them.
Skeleton     Attack Animation
15 0 21 16 6 7 None
Coins: 140 or 320
Not terribly difficult to defeat; just don't mistake the stronger ones for the weaker ones.
Sniper     Attack Animation
13 0 15 5 5 7 None
Coins: 80
This enemy won't cause a whole lot of damage, but if he retreats far enough to shoot at a party member, catching up to him could be difficult.
Steel Claw     Attack Animation
25 0 43 31 5 31 None
Coins: 1220
When you first fight them, they can hurt you rather badly, but eventually they're really easy to defeat.
Torch Eye     Attack Animation
28 0 42 32 6 27 None
Coins: 1350
They typically shoot a beam that causes magic damage in a considerable amount, so be careful when they approach in groups.
Worm     Attack Animation
17 0 20 16 4 16 None
Coins: 400
Easy, all things considered; just don't let a mage receive damage from one.
Wyvern     Attack Animation
32 0 39 30 7 31 None
Coins: 1350
They can fly, and when you battle them it's in rough terrain, so have some flying characters available.
Zombie     Attack Animation
15 0 18 13 5 7 None
Coins: 100 or 140
They can poison party members and have a high evasion rate, but you should be able to burn them to defeat easily.


Balbazak     Attack Animation
65 0 34 18 5 20 None
This boss isn't one of the more difficult ones if you consider where you are in the game when you fight him. He rarely moves from his spot guarding the ship, so surround him and defeat him quickly. Balbazak recovers 15 HP each round.
Chaos     Attack Animation
65 0 50 35 6 32 None
Eventually, Chaos will come to you, so just be ready when he gets there (mainly with healers). He has a strong laser attack which causes about 25 points in magical damage, so high DEF won't make a difference. Concentrate all of your attacks on him and he should fall quickly. Chaos recovers 15 HP each round.
Colossus     Attack Animation
65 ?? 50 40 4 37 Blaze 3 / Bolt 3 / Freeze 3
To defeat the Colossus with Bolt 3, you're going to have to use ranged attacks, and for the others, melee attacks will work. Lyle and any mages are very useful for this battle, so bring them along and attack him as hard and as often as you can before he gets the chance to defeat you.
Dark Dragon     Attack Animation
250 ?? 65 40 0 60 Blaze 2, Freeze 2, Bolt 4, Desoul 2
This is a pretty pathetic last boss. While his attacks can cause a lot of damage, it's not enough to have your characters just sit around each head and beat it to defeat with your strongest attacks. Don't let anybody's HP fall too low or you won't survive; Aura and Shower of Cure are both very useful courses of action for this battle.
Darksol     Attack Animation
150 ?? 40 35 6 54 None
Darksol isn't much of a threat because of the enemy you'll have to fight just after his death. Just hit him with as many attacks as you can and be cautious of his Demon Breath attack; it does around 30 points of damage to a group of party members. Don't use any items while fighting him as you'll be fully restored after this battle anyway.
Elliot     Attack Animation
60 0 32 17 5 16 None
Compared to other bosses, Elliot's rather easy. You should take out the surrounding units before surrounding him, then just attack him until he falls. One hit from him could easily defeat a weaker character, but that's what healers are for! Elliot recovers 15 HP each round.
Ghoul     Attack Animation
25 0 23 14 6 9
Rather easy, all things considered. It's an upgraded version of a Zombie and can induce sleep with regular attacks, but ultimately, can be easily defeated and is vulnerable to Blaze.
Kane     Attack Animation
70 24 65 30 6 29 None
Kane's high ATT and Sword of Darkness can be extremely deadly to any party member in your team. He can cast Desoul and instantly kill your party members, so hit him as hard and fast as you possibly can.
Laser Eye     Attack Animation
30 0 14 19 0 27 None
This is a very easy and even a helpful boss; while the laser beam can cause a lot of damage, it can be easily avoided by moving to where it won't blast on the bridge. The laser will hit enemies as well and might even destroy them for you, making the rest of the battle easier.
Marionette     Attack Animation
35 ?? 25 13 6 13 Freeze 3
This boss is extremely difficult because it casts Freeze 3; at this point in the game, that can kill up to five characters at once. Approach it in scattered formation to avoid more than one loss at a time, and if anyone survives the attack, heal them immediately. Each turn, the Marionette recovers 7HP.
Mishaela     Attack Animation
65 ?? 42 30 6 35 Bolt 2
This boss is very, very difficult for this part of the game. She can cast Bolt 2 and harm a lot of your party members at once, so have your healers ready to heal and even use a Shower of Cure if necessary. Mishaela recovers 15 HP each round.
Ramladu     Attack Animation
99 ?? 93 40 6 49 Aura 3
Rimladu is annoying for several reasons. First of all, his ATT is higher than any other boss in the game, and second, he can cast Aura 3 as many times as he wants to restore his HP. While this is good for your characters' EXP levels, it's not good if you intend to defeat him some day. Just attack away and heal whenever necessary, keeping characters with the highest DEF closest to him. Rimladu recovers 24 HP each round.

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