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Chapter 3: Secret Weapon of Runefaust

New Force Members: Diane, Zylo
New Items: Sugoi Mizugi, Moon Stone, Lunar Dew

          Travel north up the ladder, then up the ladder to the left, then up the ladder to the left again. Here, enter the house just to the north and speak to the woman walking around. Answer "Yes" to her, then talk to the woman in the bottom-right corner; she's Diane, and she'll join the force. If you need, seek the weapon or items shop on the second level, but to continue the story from Diane's house, return down two of the ladders that you just climbed, then go as far right on that level as possible. Eventually, you will leave the screen and enter Battle 9.

Battle 9: Bustoke's Quarry
Battle Party:Max Tao Lowe Luke Ken Hans Gong Mae Gort Khris Balbaroy Amon
Enemy Party:Skeleton Skeleton Skeleton Skeleton Skeleton Skeleton Dark Mage Dark Mage Dark Elf Dark Elf Dark Priest Dark Priest Dark Priest Dark Priest Lizardman Master Mage
Conditions for Winning: Defeat the Master Mage
         In the beginning, have your strongest melee characters destroy the to skeletons that will approach from the south. Once your party then travels to the east, Balbaroy and Amon should travel to the east and battle with the Evil Elves. Take out the enemies just beneath both Elves, then heal up in preparation for the attackers just below. Slowly make your way around, using the same tactics as heal/attack as always, and when you finally reach the Master Mage, be wary of its Freeze spell: always approach it in a more scattered formation.
          Enter the cave just in front of the Lizardman's starting position, then collect the Moon Stone in the treasure chest inside Before leaving, search the bottom-left corenr if you with to get the Sugoi Mizugi. Exit, then return to the village on the same path you used to get to the Ninth Battlefield. Enter the house you come to first and talk to the man; when he asks about the Moon Stone, say yes, and then receive the Lunar Dew. From here, return to Diane's house, then go through the house to the right of it and out the back door, around the path and down the long ladder to the left. Talk to the woman next to the sealed door and ask her to open it, then enter and approach Zylo. Use the Lunar Dew on him and he will join the Shining Force.
         Return to the entrance of the village, just in front of the little girl with the pink hair recently reunited with her father, then travel as far left as you can go and enter the door. Travel north, then down the stairs in the corner. Examine the machine in front of some old man so that he yells at you, then talk to the old man and, finally, exit to the south. You'll automatically be taken to the left and shown a demonstration by the old man. At this point, you can leave the town, so do so by returning to its entrance, going up the stairs in front of the pink-haired girl, then east and northeast along the path. You'll automatically enter Battle 10 upon your exit.

Battle 10: Bustoke Outskirts
Battle Party:Max Tao Lowe Luke Ken Hans Gong Mae Zylo Khris Balbaroy Amon
Enemy Party:Skeleton Skeleton Skeleton Skeleton Skeleton Skeleton Dark Mage Dark Mage Dark Priest Dark Priest Lizardman Lizardman Pegasus Knight Pegasus Knight Pegasus Knight Pegasus Knight
Conditions for Winning: Reach the Bridge as Max
         If you remain in the spots in which you start, you won't be attacked, but each Evil Elf will travel either left or right and await your party's move. Travel upward and attack the Evil Elf closest to your party, heal, then travel to the left to take out the skeletons. Two of them have Medical Herbs, so try to take them out quickly before they get a chance to use them. Head left a little more and take out the other Evil Elf, heal, then prepare to move northward to encounter the bunch of enemies just above. By this time, two of the Pegasus Knights should have gathered to this spot as well, so be cautious of them. Try to defeat the Dark Priest as soon as possible to avoid his healing of enemy party members, then concentrate on protecting your weaker party members by placing the strongest in the front. After this wave of enemies has been destroyed, heal once more, then continue northward, keeping your stronger party members on the right side to prepare for an attack from the two Pegasus Knights hovering over the mountains. Defeat them, heal once more, then continue northward to battle the Lizardman and Dark Priest, the latter of which you will want to defeat first if possible.
Bridge - End of Chapter 3
New Force Members: Pelle
New Items: None
          If you didn't finish Battle 10 by entering the bridge, return to Bustoke and revive any fallen party members or purchase supplies. If not, Egress works just fine, but it's just cooler to be prepared when you're supposed to be. You want to be cool, right? In either case, immediately after entering this location, you will witness a scene and Battle 11 will occur.

Battle 11: Laser Eye
Battle Party:Max Tao Lowe Luke Ken Hans Gong Mae Zylo Khris Balbaroy Amon
Enemy Party: Dark Elf Dark Elf Dark Elf Dark Priest Dark Priest Pegasus Knight Pegasus Knight <Pegasus Knight Lizardman Lizardman Lizardman Lizardman Lizardman Silver Knight Silver Knight Laser Eye
Conditions for Winning: Defeat the Silver Knight that pushed Pelle off of the cliff
         There's a simple strategy to this battle, but it takes some time, so you may not want to take advantage of it. If you wait for about 10 turns of the Laser Eye, it will have fired twice and killed 3 of the Lizardmans so that you won't have to fight them when you approach the bridge. Be careful, though, because if you're on the bridge when it fires, you're going to be hit, and it's strong enough to take out some of your characters. Just above where the three Evil Elfs start are five safe spots, so unless your characters will be ambushed by remaining enemies, hide there. In the five turns that it takes for the Laser Eye to fire, you should manage to either cross the bridge entirely or hide in the safe spot for a single round. While in your safe spots, any enemies that approach to attack you will be shot by the Laser Eye, so it would give you the upperhand when it's your turn to counter and destroy them. Before you kill the Silver Knight(s), search the area where the Evil Elves begin to find the Kitui Huku.
          Another scene will take place before Pelle joins the party and the chapter ends.
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