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Chapter 7: The Lost Civilization

          If your characters have reached Level 20, now would be a good time to promote them.

New Force Members: Musashi
New Items:

          Just left of your starting location is the Weapons and Items Shops, so stop there if necessary, then continue as far southwest as you can go, then east and southwest some more. You'll find a broken room with stairs. Go down the stairs a few times to enter Prompt's castle. Continue south, then west, then north up the stairs. Talk to the king, and once in prison, search the bars, then talk to Boken, then return to the throneroom.
          After the scene, talk to the king, then exit the throneroom to the north, then go left and down to enter the room that you previously couldn't. Talk to the man in the bed, then watch the next scene, then attempt to exit the room for some more dialogue. Exit the castle through the same way you entered, then head north through the town again until you find a building with two doors and a sign between them. Search the sign to get Musashi to join the force. Once finished, head south back to the castle entrance, then east until you exit the town to Battle 22.

Battle 22: To Tower of the Ancients
Battle Party:Max Domingo Lowe Kokichi Arthur Lyle Tao Mae Zylo Khris Balbaroy Amon
Enemy Party: Durahan Durahan Durahan Durahan Belial Belial Torch Eye Torch Eye Jet Jet Wyvern Wyvern Minotaur
Conditions for Winning: Reach the Tower of the Ancients or Defeat all Enemies
         There's no actual strategy to this battle aside from plowing your way through the enemies. At a few points, they will group together, so use either Freeze 2 or Blaze 2, then with Max the Hero use the Sword of Light to cast Bolt 2. Be wary of the Belials that approach in the beginning since they can cast Bolt and cause some serious damage to your weaker party members, but you could take them out before they can use it too many times. As you creep your way across the field, the enemies should approach you, so take them as they come, healing whenever necessary. Any characters with high DEF should approach the Torch Eye since their ATT ratings are high enough to cause a lot of damage at this point, so be careful.
Tower of the Ancients
New Force Members: Torasu, Alef
New Items: Devil Lance, Turbo Pepper, Valkyrie, Demon Rod, Sword of Darkness

          Assuming you haven't already, enter the Tower of the Ancients and head north through the doorway. Search the treasure chest in the top-left of the first room to obtain the Devil Lance, then proceed up the stairs. Get the treasure in the right chest (a Turbo Pepper). Continue through the doorway at the bottom of the screen for Battle 23.

Battle 23: Tower of the Ancients
Battle Party:Max Domingo Lowe Kokichi Arthur Lyle Tao Mae Zylo Khris Balbaroy Amon
Enemy Party:Ice Worm Ice Worm Ice Worm Ice Worm Ice Worm Jet Jet Jet Wyvern Wyvern Torch Eye Torch Eye Torch Eye Steel Claw Steel Claw Steel Claw Demon Master
Conditions for Winning: Defeat the Demon Master
Warning!: If you somehow manage to reach the exit as Max, the scene that should occur will take place. However, nothing in Prompt will have changed afterwards and you will NOT be able to progress with the story. Defeat the Demon Master

         This battle is going to require a lot of time and caution. You will need to make your way up and around a few stairways, facing a few enemies at a time, but ones that pack quite a punch. By this time you should have Quick and you may have Boost, both of which would be useful; if you don't have the Boost spell, use the Power Ring. Travel slowly and concentrate all of your attacks on a single enemy unit at a time, something you should be able to do because of the large amount of flying characters currently in your party. When you reach the Demon Master, it is best to lure the Wyverns out and defeat them first, as you're going to have to fight the Demon Master one-on-one with a single character and from the sides with your flying characters. Before doing so, however, open the treasure chest that's guarded in the beginning by the Steel Claw (just down the stairs and to the right in this battle). It contains the Valkyrie, an item you can ONLY get during this battle. The scattered formation works nicely here since having high-level spells cast upon you generally isn't good at this point, but the Demon Master should fall quickly with the help of Amon, Domingo, Balbaroy, Max, and Kokichi. When he falls, the character who delivered the final blow will receive the Demon Rod.
          Another rather long scene will occur, then Torasu and Alef will automatically join the party. Your business in the tower is finished, so exit through the same way you came back onto the world map. Return northwest to Prompt, then back into the castle to talk to the King. After the scene, exit the throneroom to the south, then head left and north to the back of the castle. Continue north until going down the stairs, then further north until you reach the wall with the large eye. Use the Orb of Light on it, then the path will open for you to proceed. Continue north, then step on the symbol.

New Force Members: Adam
New Items:

          Continue north until you can head to the east and do so until reaching the pool once more. Step on the eye and use the Orb of Light. Once you can, talk to the ...thing standing to the left of you. You'll learn it's a Cyborg, and the Cyborg will bring you to Battle 24.

Battle 24: Metapha
Battle Party:Max Domingo Lowe Kokichi Arthur Lyle Tao Mae Zylo Khris Balbaroy Amon
Enemy Party:Ice Worm Ice Worm Ice Worm Ice Worm Jet Jet Jet Jet Torch Eye Torch Eye Torch Eye Torch Eye Minotaur Minotaur Demon Master Demon Master Demon Master Chaos
Conditions for Winning: Defeat Chaos
         Now we face yet another difficult battle. In the beginning, your party will be surrounded by a Demon Master, a few Jets, an Ice Worm, and a Torch Eye, so arrange your party accordingly if you have enough time. Otherwise, be prepared to heal immediately! Attack with your strongest spells to fight them off from all sides. Eventually, once they're gone, the rest of the monsters will attack; be wary of the Demon Masters' Freeze spells that could take out up to 5 units at once and of Chaos' strong attacks! To do this, push your fighters out to either side and keep your weaker characters in the middle; for the first part of the battle, keep everyone pressed together, but then spread them out once the Demon Masters approach. This battle will be rather frustrating, but not impossible if you're leveled properly. As always, Boost and Shield will be very helpful in this battle.
          Continue north after the battle until you reach an altar with a white floor. Use the Sword of Light on it, then go around to the other side to the altar with the black floor and place the Sword of Darkness. The Chaos Breaker will appear between them on an altar, so approach and search it to obtain it. Proceed north now that the wall has opened for you and you will automatically talk to the Spirit once more. Once finished, head east and step on the symbol once more. You'll return to Prompt, and once there, speak with the King, then exit the castle and the town entirely for Battle 25.

Battle 25: To Runefaust
Battle Party:Max Domingo Lowe Kokichi Arthur Lyle Tao Mae Zylo Khris Balbaroy Amon
Enemy Party:Cerberus Cerberus Cerberus Cerberus Armed Skeleton Armed Skeleton Armed Skeleton Armed Skeleton Armed Skeleton High Priest Minotaur Minotaur Minotaur Demon Master Demon Master
Conditions for Winning: Defeat the Armed Skeleton in front of the gate
         Thankfully, this battle is easier than the last couple that have been fought. Start my moving your party slowly towards the southeast towards the hardly threatening Demon Masters. It's best to approach them in a scattered formation, as usual, to avoid the amount of damage a spell targeting five party members is likely to cause, so do so by surrounding them with your flying and high-ranged characters. Domingo is very helpful in this battle because he can hover over mountains and cast spells on enemies that are nearby without being threatened himself. Don't travel too far from your healers this time, for if you do, a few attacks from the enemy units could knock out some of your flying units. Also, be wary of the Cerberus enemy here that will do about 15 points of damage per attack; if they gang up on one party member it could be fatal, even at full health.
          Pass through the gate and the chapter will end.
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