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Fleeing Obel




(* = one of a kind)

Stars of Destiny:

Lino En Kuldes

New Enemies:



(If you have 16 or more SoD, you'll see a missible scene when you approach the Saloon)

Chapter 7 begins as you try to return to Obel from the HQ.  You'll be stopped by Obel soldiers.
Return to the HQ and head into the War Room (2nd deck) for the next event.

At this point, Lino En Kuldes will enter and announce his secret plan.
He wants the Hero to go to town and scout for people willing to leave with them. Flare will go too.

Head into town and talk to the following people:
     Yu in his normal spot and he will join the SoD.
     Adrienne in front of the trading post and she will join the SoD.
     A man in the middle of town will go (non-SoD)
     The two women in front of the well (non-SoD)
     A man on the docks (non SoD)

Once those people are all onboard, Flare will tell you that they should return now.
Head back to the HQ, and along the way Flare will decide to stay in Obel.
Head back to the War Room and tell Lino this, and Setsu will rush off to be with her.

While talking to Lino, choose the option "Lets go," to begin the next event.
At this point your HQ becomes Mobile and fully accessable. 
This is also the point that Pablo, Nico and Haruto join the SoD.
You will find yourself atop the deck of you new ship. 
Before you can go in to investigate it, however, Kika pulls alongside and tells you to follow her.





Ocean Rune Piece
Chinchilla Stand*
Treasure Map*
Ocean Rune Piece
Treasure Map*
Old Book Vol. 7*
Treasure Map*
Simple Wallpaper*

(* = one of a kind)

Stars of Destiny:


New Enemies:

Kooluk Archers
Kooluk Soldiers
Kooluk Captains
Savage Root
Stun Lizard
Maxine (boss)



Its time to do some recruiting before you go to the Nest of Pirates to talk to Kika.
This begins inside your new ship.  Anchor your ship and sleep in your bed.
When you wake up, Tov should stop you at the door and complain about
a secret room, he doesn't remember building.
Head to the 5th floor, knock on the first door to the left. 
Here you will meet Mao.  He joins easily.
Repeat this process and Nao will join the same way.

The next recruits are on Na-Nal Island, so make that long journey one last time.
When you reach Na-Nal, you will see your next recruit, Ugetsu, on the dock.
Talk to him and find that he's lost his ship to a Kooluk attack.
Offer for him to fish from your ship.  He will join.

If you havent already, you should pick up the Treasure map.
Its behind the sailboat in a guarded treasure chest.

Next head to the Inn.  Inside, you will find Manu.
Manu was the man working the elevator near the cave HQ earlier.
Talk to him and allow him to come aboard and build an elevator.

Finally, talk to the men around Na-Nal to hear rumors of a beautiful rune master.
Specifically the man by the weapons shop and the Hot Spring.
Then go to the rune shop and ask to speak to her.
The salesman will reluctantly call Jeane out for you.
She joins the SoD, if you only ask her.

Before you leave Na-Nal, head to the square where you found Mitsuba.
There should be a tall lady there named Maxine.
Upon talking to her, you will be thrown into a battle without a reason.
Defeat her.  This is one of three steps to recruiting her later on.

 Maxine-first fight (Boss Fight)

Magic Defense
Physical Defense
Not an very hard fight, this time around.  Hit her with your hardest magic and physial attacks.  As long as you keep an eye on your HP, you'll be fine.

Set sail out of Na-Nal.
Before sailing anywhere, however, anchor and find Ugetsu on the rear deck.
Ugetsu runs the pole fishing mini-game, and his first catch is Shiramine.
Shiramine is the net fishing master.  Tell Shiramine to drop his nets, then sail to Nay Island.

Before landing in Nay Island harbor, anchor again, and go back to Shiramine.
Have him pull up his nets, and you should find Lilan in your nets.  
Also make sure you have read the first issue (not the teaser) of Perrault's magazine.

Now land at Nay Island.
First thing to do is pick up a message bottle on the beach.
You'll need it to recruit Rene in a couple minutes.

*Note:  If you see Maxine in Stonecutters field, ignore her.
    She is a very tough fight, save her until you are at least level 40!
     If Maxine doesn't appear her, you need to go fight her in Na-Nal.

All recruits are in the Nay-Kabold settlement. 
Along the way there, you should have a scene at the bridge where Viki appears.
Once she disappears, head on into the settlement. 
Talk to Bang at the lottery kiosk.  Allow him to join.
(at anytime now, you can try to win the pirate king helm from him on your ship).
Talk to Bartholomew at his house, if you've read Perraults newpaper, he'll join.
Stop by the trading post and pick up one flower seed.  You will need it soon.

Now leave the settlement.
Viki will be at the same place you saw her earlier, by the bridge.
Talk to her and she'll ask for your protection.
Grant it and she'll join the SoD.
She is the best SoD, as she rids you of all that sailing around time.
Talk to her on the 2nd deck and she'll blink you to any town, you've been to already.
This sometimes doesn't work, as she wont take you to somewhere an event is scheduled.

The rest of the recruits are on island that you havent encountered yet.
I recommend using the World Map to find them.
They are Iluya Island, Donut Island and a return to the Deserted Island.
I also suggest noting the location of Moro Island.

First off, set sail from Nay Island north to Iluya Island. 
Have Mizuki in your party as well as some leveled up characters.
Iluya's enemies are a little tougher.

Once you land, You'll find two chests on the dock area.
Open them to get an Ocean Rune Piece, Treasure map and Chinchilla stand.
Head north to the next busy area.
*note that there is a chest her that is guarded by a monster you cant defeat yet.
    Leave it alone for now.   If you open it by mistake flee or pay your way out of the fight.
There should be a stack of boxes on the left like a triangle.
Click on them for a treasure map.
Directly across from that is a building you can enter.
Inside is a chest with a Treasure Map and an Ocean Rune Piece.
In the back-right corner of that room is a simple carpet.

Exit that room and head north again.  Continue until you reach a large open area.
You should see lots of debris.
To the hero's left is another guarded chest, leave it for now.
To his right is Nataly.  Talk to her and she will join.

Continue on until you reach a large round circle with lots of debris.
In the center of the circle is Izak.
If you have a flower seed, he will join you after you talk enough.
If you dont have one, simply have Viki blink you to Nay to get one.
Either way, once you give him the seed, he will join.

Now find Kate on the outskirts of that circle. 
Use the map if you need too.  Iluya map

If you have Mizuki in your party, she will talk her into joining.
Also look for a treasure chest in the area with an old book in it.

The next place to go is a revisit to the Deserted Island.
Its in the center of the world map.
Sail there from Nay Island.
When you get there, go to the back of the cave.
Where you kept finding the mermaid, you will find Taisuke.
He will ask you to leave and bring his clothes to him.
Leave the cave, and his clothes will be by the entrance to the cave.
Take them back to him, and he will ask for some privacy.
Exit the cave once more and return.
When you talk to him this time, he will ask to join.

When Taisuke joins, go to the back of the cave once more.
This time you will find Lilen there.  She will join to be with Lilin.

Now its time to head to Donut Island.
I suggest stopping by Mordo Island, since you will be so close.
That way when you need to go there later on, Viki can blink you there.

Exit Mordo, and keep heading to Donut Island.
When you reach Donut Island,  you'll see Rene.
If she's not there, you didn't pick up the message bottle in Nay.

Talk to her and she will suggest that the two of you hunt treasure together.
Allow her to join, so that you can make use of all those Treasure maps.
There is no treasure on Donut Island.


Nest of Pirates



Pirate Bracers
Treasure Map*
Ocean Rune Piece
Treasure Map*

(* = one of a kind)

Stars of Destiny:


New Enemies:



When you are done recruiting, head SW of Obel to the Nest of Pirates.
When you land, the pirate Kika will tell you to come inside.
First, talk to the pirates on the beach.
One of them sells items and has desent bargain items if you can find them.
There is a blacksmith that will level your weapons up to 9.
One man will tell you he has seen a mermaid in the water lately.
This last step is important to finding a SoD.

Search the boxes sitting around the Item shop.
You should find a treasure map.
Follow the beach all the way west and you'll find some pirate bracers.

Now head into the cave/bar.
Before talking to the pirates sittind down, talk to Phil by the innkeeper.
If you have enough SoD recruited, He'll join you as your tailor.
If not, come back after you have 40 SoD.

Now keep heading up to the next room.  Kika's Room.
Check the chest for an Ocean Rune Piece and Treasure Map.

Now, its time to talk to Kika.
Talking to her or any of her underlings, starts the next event.
When prompted, choose "Ms. Kika, Lets work together!"

After that event Kika, Sigurd, Hervey, Dario and Nalleo all join.
Yeah!!! You now have pirates!

The next thing to do in this chapter is to leave.
But dont go anywhere, just get on your ship and depart.
Immediatly sail back into the Pirates Nest.

When you land, you will be informed that a "friend" has washed ashore.
Go to Kika's room to find an old friend.
She will not join your SoD until she fully recovers.

Walk out of Kika's room and another scene will show.
During that scene, Elenor's name comes up.
Elenor is a famous tactician.  Kika sets up a meeting.

When you try to leave, you will run into another old friend.
You will be attacked by the Kooluk Anti-Pirate Brigade.
At the helm is your old friend Snowe.

Former Friend (naval-battle)

Enemies Rune Configuration...
Your Rune Configuration...
Earth, Lightning (Snowe)
Fire, Wind
Fire, Earth
Fire, Earth
You will notice that your new larger ship opens you up to more attacks.  Use that to your advantage and let the other ships attack from the distance.  Kika has great firing range on her ship.  Use Earth on Snowe's ship, and Fire on the Gaien ship.

Once you have defeated Snowe's fleet,
Follow him back to Razril.
You cant go anywhere else until you reach Razril.
Upon reaching Razril, an event occurs.

During this event, Snowe finds himself under your judgement.
You can choose to exile him or behead him.
You can ask him to join, but he wont.
If you want to collect all 108 SoD, dont behead him.
He is #108.
Its best to just exile him.

After that event, Chapter seven ends.

Go to Chapter Eight

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