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Rules:      The goal is to have the last Top standing.   Both you and Basil have three Tops to spin.  The first one is already wound up.  So you begin by releasing it.  To do that you want to stop the meter in the red or yellow.  That meter determines the speed your top spins at.  Red is best, yellow is okay, green is slow.  Immediatly after dropping the first Top, start winding the second one.  You do this by spinning the left analog stick as fast as you can.  When it's fully wound (you can send it off before its fully wound, but thats not a good idea), The green, yellow and red meter will come back up.  Just repeat the process Until all three tops are played.

Tricks:      The trick to this one is timing.  Make sure you're tops all have plenty speed:  aim for the red part of the meter.   But most importantly, dont drop your second or third top until right after Basil drops his.  Dont go before or wait more than a second or two after he him.   Good luck.

Prizes:  Tops is a game that is played mostly for the rare items he gives you.  Its also a way to get some mixed herbs, if you're good at it.

# of wins
First Time
Subsequent Times
Window Set #3
Cough Drop
Old Book #2
Escape Talisman
Simple Sofa
Jizo Clock
Treasure Map
Mixed Herbs

Down To One

Rules:      You and Gunter will take turns rolling a dice.  The first one to hit a "one" wins.  

Tricks:      None. Good luck.

Prizes:      You can wage between 20 and 2000 Potch.  Gunter matches the initial bet plus the amount of his rolls. 

Triple Toss

Rules:      You and Gunter will take turns rolling three dice.  What you are trying to do is get a double (two twos, two fours, etc...).  The third dice is your score.  If you roll a two, a five and a two... you're score is five. 

Tricks:      None. Good luck.

Prizes:    You get what you bet.  There are a couple of exceptions though...  If you roll a 1, 2 and 3, loses you double your bet.   If you roll a 4,5 and 6 you win double your bet.   If you get a triple (three of the same number) you win triple your bet.

Noah's Card Game

Rules:      There is a lot of math involved in this game.  Too much for my taste, but anyways....
Each player is dealt five cards.  Each card has a number value between 1 and 5.  Each card also has an element. 
There is a number in the middle screen.  The game ends when this number gets to 51 or above.  You will take turns laying a card down on the pile.  Basically the number you lay down is how many points you get.  You also get bonus', and this is how they break down.
If you put a card of a certain element (we'll say water for instance) on top of another like card, (in this case water) you' get a combo. and you get to play another card.  If you see that that you're opponent has 3 lightning cards, you dont want to play a lightning card, or you're feeding them a good combo. 
If you lay a cards that makes the number in the center of the game end in 0 (10,20,30,40 or 50), you get a bonus of 10 points.  If you play a card that makes that card equal 51, you get 20 bonus points.  If, however, you're card sends it over 51, you get deducted the amount of points over 51 times 10.

Tricks:      Unfortunately, my bad math skills made this game impossible for me.  I couldn't win for nothing.  I wanted to kick this girl off my boat after a while.   Good luck.

Prizes:      If you win you get what you wagered.  You will also get prizes depending on how bad you beat her.

Potch played....
Close win...
Moderate win...
Big win...
Cough Drop


Rules:      You and Rita are each dealt eight tiles (there are 41 total).  The tiles can be either red, blue, green, yellow or rune. If it is a colored rune, it will have either one, two or three dots on it.  There are 5 different rune tiles.  The object of the game is basically to come up with 3 sets of 3 faster than Rita.  Either 3 same colored tiles with sequential numbers on them (ie. red-one dot, red-two dot, red-three dot), Three same colored tiles with the matching numbers on them (ie. three blue 2-dots), or three (any) rune tiles.
    Each round you and Rita will take turns drawing one card and discarding one.  If she discards a card that will complete a three of  a kind set, you may pick it up.  This is called "PON."
    When you only need one tile to have 3 complete sets, you can announce "REACH."  After you announce reach, you will have to discard (or use if its a rune) every tile you pick up until you get the one that you need.  If you get you're tile, Its called "TSUMO."  If Rita throws down the tile you're looking for, you may pick it up and use it.  This is called "RON."
    If you and Rita tie its called "RYUKYOKU."
    The rune tiles have abilities that can be used.  The lightning tile allows you to card and discard 3 tiles in a row.  The Fire tile destroys 1 or more of the opponents tiles.  The water tile allows you to pick up a discarded tile from either your pile or Ritas.  The Wind tile flips some of your opponents tiles over so they cant see them (but you can).  And the earth tile protects your tiles from the fire and wind tiles. 
    If you bring her points all the way to zero, Thats called a "HAKOTEN."  She gives you an extra 1000, 5000 or 10000 Potch for these.  She also throws in a antitoxin, mega-medicine or mushroom for doing really good. 
Game Stakes
Potch is worth...
Bonus for won games...
Low Stakes
Potch is 1/10 value
100 Per Game
Medium Stakes
Potch is 1/2 value
500 Per Game
High Stakes
Potch is full value
1000 Per game
    Also note that the tiles can be switched around.  You can put a different person's face on each elemental tile.  The reason to switch these the points value.  You can put some higher value tiles up to increase the points you win and lose with each hand.  You can put lower value tiles on to try to get a higher hands won bonus.

   For Higher points, use Hero, Ted, Snowe and Keneth as your elemental tiles with one dot...
                            ...use Tal, Gunter, Champo and Reinhold as your elemental tiles with two dots...
                            ...use Lino, Cheipoo, Chadli and Nalkul as your elemental tiles with three dots...

   For lower points, use Selma, Aldo, Ramada and Tanya as your elemental tiles with one dot...
                            ...use Setsu, Trishtan, Rene and Eugene as your elemental tiles with two dots...
                            ...use Gau, Ornan, Agnes and Deborah as your elemental tiles with three dots...


As you purchase equipment and armor throughout the game, you will receive complimentary lottery tickets.  Take these to the local lottery booth (or to bang if you've recruited him).  One ticket gets you 1 free spin.   It all comes down to luck.  Spin the wheel, and hope a good color comes out when you stop.  Your chances of winning a good prize are increased by using a lucky lottery ticket instead of a normal one.    To get a lucky lottery ticket, equip a lottery ticket as your head equipment and go recieve a critical hit in a fight.  This should have changed the ticket to lucky.  If you unequip it, you should see that it shows in a different list than the other lottery ticket, even though the name doesn't change.   Go back to the lottery booth, and the lucky ticket will automatically be the first one used.

Color of Ball
*Pirate King Crown
Sunbeam Orb
Jizo Clock
Mega Medicine
*The Pirate King Crown can only be won once.  Any subsequent first place prizes will be replaced with Diamonds.   Also at the beginning of the game, you will receive 10,000 Potch instead.  You'll get the Pirate King Crown playing with Bang on your headquarters.

Coin Game #1

He flips the coin, you guess if its heads or tails.  Not too difficult.  You will receive prizes for the number of consecutive correct answers.
Watch Carefully when the coin is stopping.

Minced Bonito
Fine Quality Wool
Cough Drop
Escape Talisman
Lottery Ticket
Lightning Amulet

Coin Game #2

Rules:      You and Igor will each flip 3 coins.  The one with the most "heads" will win.  Also if you get all "tails," and Igor has at least one "tails" you win. 

Prizes:      You win what you bet. 

Mouse Catch

Rules:         In the Nay Kabold settlement is a warehouse with a Kabold standing outside of it.  He will ask you to catch some mice for him.
You will get to pick how many mice and how slippery you want the floor to be.   If you say there are a normal amount of mice, you will have to catch 3 mice.  If you say there are a large amount of mice, you will have to catch 6.  If you say there are a extra large amount of mice, you will have to catch 10.
If you say the floor is normal, you will not slip or slide.  The other two options make the floor kinda slippery and very slippery.  
You will have 99 seconds, regardless of the conditions you set.

The R1 button will make you move faster, but if you run into anything he will fall down and eat up nearly 10 seconds.
The R2 button will make you move quietly and slowly to sneak up on a mouse.

Prizes:   Each set of conditions has a unique prize the first win and a smaller prize each time therafter.  (the subsequent prizes are affected only by the amount of mice, not the condition of the floor)

3 mice
6 mice
10 mice
Fire Orb
Sheepskin Sofa
Mindow Set 7
Treasure Map
Natural Wood Book Table
Mystical Circlet
Old Book 5
Old Book 10
Hero Boots
Subsequent wins...
Mega Medicine
Jizo Clock

Mushroom Vs. Mint War

There are 2 parts to this strange mini-game.  The first consists of making either a mint with Nao or a Mushroom with Mao.
     There are three phases to growing:  Seeds, development and just prior to harvesting.  In each phase you are asked five questions.  The way you answer each question determines what kind of mint or mushroom you get.  Essentially you start with 0, and each answer imposes a cumulative modifier on which the final result is based.  When its' over, the item appears in the little box on the table in the center of the room.
     There are 7 possible types of mushrooms/mints:  Poisonous, Mysterious, Gloomy, Normal, Sleepy, Confusion and Bucket.  Each one of those inflicts a bad status ailment when used except for the normal ones.  The idea is to make a normal mint or mushroom.   To do so, follow this chart.

How Humid?
A little dry
A little dry
A little dry
Temperature? Really, really cold
Stuffy and humid
Slightly warm
How Bright? Blindingly bright
Blindingly bright
Ventilation? None
Maybe a little bit of air
We dont need fertalizer
We dont need fertalizer
Just a bit will do

How Humid?
A little dry Very dry
A little dry
Temperature? Stuffy and humid Slightly warm Slightly warm
How Bright? Blindingly bright Pitch-black
Blindingly bright
Ventilation? None None Maybe a little bit of air
We dont need fertalizer We dont need fertalizer Just a bit will do

     The second part of this mini-games will turn your prize mushroom or mint into rare mixed herbs.
You have to have all 108 stars before it is available.   If you have them, talk to one of the boys and make 3 straight mushrooms or mints.  When you go to pick up your 3rd herb, the second part should start. 

In this part of the mini-game, you take sides with either mushrooms or mints in their epic struggle for dominance.  You have a list of options to choose from in each turn.   These choices are charge, where your soldiers run in and attack their foes, Ranged, where your soldiers shoot dozens of tiny arrows, Magic, where your soldiers perform a rune attack and otherOther covers such actions as spying and changing formations.    The goal is to reduce your opponent to 0 soldiers while remaining one for yourself.

Note:  I cannot give any tips on this particular mini-quest as I never bother to play it.  I've never seen the second part.  I'm too impatient to wait for the mushrooms or mints.  Sorry.

Treasure Hunting

    Occasionally you will find treasure maps.  Until you recruit Rene on Donut island, you cant use them.   Once Rene is recruited, you can have her analyze the maps for usage.  With the maps analyzed, head to one of four islands to hunt for treasure.  Mordo island has a small treasure hunting path on the back side.  Donut island is the easiest to hunt in because of its small simple map.  Limestone shelf island (SW corner of map) and Mass Mountain Island (NW corner of map) is generally where the harder searches are. 

   Hold the (triangle) button to walk, and rotate the camera angle till youre looking down on Rene's head.  This will make it easier to tell which way the rods are pointing.  When a beeping begins, the rods will point in the direction of the treasure.   Follow the rods until the beeping speeds up.  At this point, the rods will stop working, but if you followed the rods straight, then the treasure should be directly in front of you.  Walk until the beeping stops completely.  That is where your treasure is.  If the beeping slows down again, you have missed or passed up your treasure, follow the rods back.

Here is a list of the treasure maps and their treasures.

Treasure Maps
Map Locations
Possible locations
Map 1
Rage Orb
Donut Island, Rene
Donut Island
Map 2 Old Book Vol. 1
Middleport underground
Donut Island, Mordo Island
Map 3 Log Bench
Illuya Kooluk base (indoor)
Limestone Shelf Island
Map 4 Flowing Orb
Elenors house (Hermitage)
Donut Island, Limestone Shelf Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 5 Simple Carpet
Cat and mouse mini-game
Mass Mountain Island
Map 6 Ninja Garb
Nay Island chiefs house
Donut Island, Mordo Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 7 Window Set 5
Nay- Stonecutters field
Mass Mountain Island
Map 8 Coral Console
Pirates nest
Limestone Shelf Island
Map 9 Shell Shield
Lime shelf Island
Donut Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 10 Thief Shoes
Razril back streets
Donut Island
Map 11 Fancy Table
Na-Nal harbor
Limestone Shelf Island
Map 12 Ancient Vestment
Colton's merchant ship
Mordo Island, Limestone Shelf Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 13 Thunder Orb
Kingdom of Obel
Mass Mountain Island
Map 14 Magic Canceller
Tops: 20 wins
Donut Island, Mordo Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 15 Canvas 3
Pirates nest
Donut Island
Map 16 Champions Orb
Illuya island
Mass Mountain Island
Map 17 Diamond, 5000 Potch
Nay-Kabold area (tree)
Donut Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 18 Cyclone Orb
Na-Nal armor shop
Mass Mountain Island
Map 19 Slash Orb, 1000 Potch
Middleport inn
Donut Island, Limestone Shelf Island
Map 20
Nay-Kobold Hat, 2000 Potch
Kooluk base (illuya)
Donut Island, Mordo Island
Map 21 Tatami Mat
Nay Island
Mass Mountain Island
Map 22 Thunder Amulet, 5000 Potch
Hermitage Island cave
Limestone Shelf Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 23 Wool Robe, 2000 Potch
Obel patrol ship
Donut Island, Mordo Island, Limestone Shelf Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 24 Wing Boots, 1000 Potch
Na-Nal harbor (boat)
Donut Island, Mordo Island, Limestone Shelf Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 25 God Hand
Razril inn
Limestone Shelf Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 26 Dragon Head Piece
Mordo Island hot spring
Donut Island
Map 27 Forest Wallpaper
Nay island inn
Donut Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 28 Kite Shield
Na-Nal Rune shop
Mass Mountain Island
Map 29 Mother Earth Orb
Ruins of Obel (tree)
Mordo Island, Mass Mountain Island
Map 30
Guardian Circlet
Razril hall of knights
Limestone Shelf Island, Mass Mountain Island

Net Fishing

     Fishing with Shiramine is very rewarding since you can do it while accomplishing other tasks.  Simply tell him to drop the net, then later have him pull it up with fishes and prizes in it.   Prizes vary depending on where you're fishing.    Also note that you dont have to be moving for this game to work.  If you are looking for something in particular, you can tell Shiramine to drop the net, depart, then just let the ship sit there for 5 to 8 minutes.   It also helps to have people with high luck stats in your party.  I recommend Reinbach III, Cheipoo and Rita.

Seas around Razril
Sardine, Crab, Pot of Failure, Pot of Razril, Window Set 6, Snowe's Clothes, Crimson Cape, Ocean Rune, Wind Rune, Stone of Evasion
Seas around Middleport
Sardine, Crab, Grafitti, Abstract Art, Tiger Carpet, Mink Wallpaper, Gorgeous Wallpaper, Stone of Strength, Stone of Magic Defense, Ocean Rune
Seas around Deserted Island
Shell, Pearl, Ocean Floor Carpet, Coral Table, Lightning Rune, Stone of Skill, Stone of Defense
Seas around Pirate's Nest
Mackerel, Knight Statue, Graffiti, Noble Painting, Pirate King Boots, Snowe's Noble Garb, Ocean Rune
Seas around Mordo Island
Sardine, Shell, Shell Bench, Blue Fox Desk, Good Luck Cat
Seas around Obel
Sardine, Makerel, Bonito, Pot of Failure, Pot of Obel, Window Set 1, Window Set 8, Forest Carpet, Stone of Strength, Wind Rune, Water Rune, Ocean Rune
Seas around Nay Island
Sardine, Mackerel, Red Snapper, Graffiti, Landscape Painting, Pot of Failure, Pot of Nay, Ocean Rune, Lilan
Seas around Na-Nal Island
Sardine, Mackerel, Puffer Fish, Pot of Failure, Pot of Na-Nal, Flower Painting, Log Table, Fire Rune, Ocean Rune, Stone of Speed
Seas around Illuya
Sardine, Voodoo Doll, Snowe's Pirate Clothes, Log Display Stand, Gorgeous Sofa, Ocean Rune
Seas around Donut Island
Sardine, Mackerel, Red Snapper
Seas around Limestone Shelf Island
Sardine, Mackerel, Red Snapper, Natural Wood Couch, Lightning Rune, Ocean Rune
Seas around Mass Mountain Island
Sardine, Mackerel, Red Snapper, Fire Rune, Ocean Rune
Northern Ocean
Sardine, Bonito, Simple Table, Stone of Magic, Ocean Rune
Central Ocean
Sardine, Bonito, Natural Wood Display, Pot of Failure, Gold Pot
Southern Ocean
Sardine, Bonito, Simple Display Stand, Georgeous Carpet, Pot of Failure, Celadon Pot, Earth Rune

Pole Fishing

     Find Ugetsu on the rear deck and pay him 100 potch and  he'll let you fish with him.  This mini-game is pointless because it cost money but doesn't give you anything in return.  It does give you the fish you catch, but you do better having Shiramine catch them in his net for free.  

    The idea is rhythm.  Keep the bar inside the yellow bar until you catch your fish.  the bigger and stronger the fish, the smaller the yellow rectangle.  The bar at the top tells you how far out the fish is.  Have fun with this one, because thats all its good for.

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